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Green Fields

Stormy Winds
Sedgefield Fair
Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter
The Wensleydale Lad
Young Banker
While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping
The Prickle-Holly Bush
We'll All Go A-Hunting Today
The Unfortunate Lass
The Brisk Lad
Hares In the Old Plantation
Rosebuds In June
The Furze Field
I Went to Market
Three Pretty Maiden
The Lincolnshire Shepherd
The Brave Ploughboy

The Watersons, Mike, Martin, Lal and Norma, appear on the cover of this CD in the wools, tweeds and herringbones of the English country worker. They sing traditional songs, many dating back 150 years or more, of rosebuds, shepherds, ploughboys, maidens, hares, sheepstealers fox hunting and draught horses being replaced by machines. Most of these are story songs, songs with morals, heroes and villians, laments, workingman's blues songs - country hymns passed along from generation to generation. A sampling of the 17 song titles tells the story: "Stormy Winds," "Sedgefield Fair," "Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter," "The Wensleydale Lad," "While Gameskeepers Lie Sleeping," "The Unfortunate Lass," "The Brisk Lad," "Hares in the Old Plantation," and "The Brave Ploughboy." The Watersons have been doing this for a long time and they are as authentic as they come. A tasty slice of English country pie from a very old recipe!

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