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Gerald Hotchkiss
Music Makers - A Guide For Singing in a Chorus or Choir

A History Of Choral Music
Early History/ 32,000 BC - 500 AD
Gregorian Chants
The Motet
Secular Singing
The Choral
The Madrigal
The Baroque Period
Music Today for Chorus or Choir
Folk Songs
Broadway and American Pop
The Blues
Rock (and Roll)
"New" Music
The Great Choral Music
A Guide To Singing In A Chorus or Choir
Some Basics of Singing
The Physiology of Singing
Round Sound
Vowels and Consonants
The "Whole"
Your Voice
The Passage
Taking Breaths
Singing Softly
Reading Music
Words and Music-or-Music and Words
The Aging Voice
Your Fellow Singers
Finding a Vocal Coach
Singing Groups
The Barbershop Quartet
The Octet
Chamber Music'
Large Choruses
Opera Choruses
Gilbert and Sullivan
Broadway Musical
Other Groups
The Author and Singing
Books for Further Study
About the Author

In the film "De-Lovely," Cole Porter admonishes the chorus of "Kiss Me Kate" to snap out their consonants. This book is not only about consonants, but also about vowels, breathing, round sounds and head tones--just a few of the many techniques discussed that will improve your singing in a choir or chorus or any group. It is written with the amateur in mind, but it is just as valuable for the professional. A brief history of choral singing from prehistory to the 21st Century is included. Gerald Hotchkiss has sung in Christian and Jewish choirs, choruses, in octets, quartets, duets, barbershop, madrigals and Broadway reviews under many of the finest conductors in the United States as an amateur for more than sixty years.

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Choral  | 108 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9

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