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Kitka: The Vine

Subrali Sa Se Subrali
Leskoviq Benet Pazar
I Mori Makja Jano / Lepa Jano
Zhuralyky Odletily
Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek Kataetsja
Prehvrukna Ptichka
Cantec De Leagane
De Szeretnek Az Egen Csillag Lenni
Zaspo Janko
Zaplakala E Gorata
Shen Khar Venakhi
Tjeraj, Mala, Ovce Preko Brega
Kak Ivan-to Hodit-Brodit
Hubava Milka
Kak Po Morju
Dor Tri Mi Pushki Puknaa
Metskhvaris Simghera "rim-Ti-Tairi"
Po Polju

Oakland-based 8-woman World/Folk group Kitka, founded in 1979, performs stunning, emotion-filled songs from the Eastern European folk tradition. Occasional accompaniment, in the form of harp, rebec & vielle, and percussion draws little attention from the voices of these women or their strong material. 19 songs, with text and explanations in the beautiful full-color liner notes, from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Georgia and Bosnia. Kitka's first two releases, "Nectar" and "Voices on the Eastern Wind" are hard acts to follow, but "The Vine" is the group's best yet. Listen to powerful rhythms of the opening cut, the Bulgarian folk tune "Subrali Sa Se Subrali" or have your heart broken by the Croatian lament "Zaspo Janko"--it's all amazing. We loved Kitka's performance at the West Coast Summit, and their recordings are as bell-like and pure as any choral group we've heard. Recommended!

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World | A Cappella | Female | United States
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