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Kenneth H. Phillips: Basic Techniques of Conducting

The Study of Conducting
Posture and Position
The Four Pattern
Varying the Articulation
Videotaping #1
The Three Pattern
Selecting a Baton
Baton Grip
Videotaping #2
The One Pattern
Release on Beat Two
Videotaping #3
Videotaping #4
Midterm Conducting Exam Part 1
Midterm Conducting Exam Part 2
Functions of the Left Hand
Left Hand Sustaining Gestures
Left Hand Strenthening
Videotaping #5
Composer's Intent
Entrances on Incomplete Beats
Videotaping #6
Asymmetric Meters
Videotaping #7
Conducting Synthesis 1
Conducting Synthesis 2
Videotaping #8

Systematic, practical, and thorough, Basic Techniques of Conducting offers a clear instructional strategy and a basic methodology for teaching the physical gestures and concepts essential for the development of a convincing conducting technique. Taking a competency-based approach, this text provides a clear, step-by-step system for mastering the physical gestures required for good conducting. Paying special attention to the psychomotor skills needed for clear and expressive conducting, it establishes a solid foundation on which to build an advanced and personal conducting style. Based on ten years of teaching and class-testing, the text is carefully organized to establish essential conducting skills over a one-semester period. Each of the thirty lessons introduces basic conducting techniques in a developmental sequence, and includes a review of previous techniques, "guided practice" segments for group practice of new techniques, and "assignment" sections for independent study and practice. The text is fully illustrated with many conducting diagrams, photographs of hand and body movements, and numerous musical examples for directed conducting practice. Emphasizing complete musical examples rather than short excerpts, it features both choral and instrumental exercises for drill and practice. Engaging and accessible, Basic Techniques of Conducting offers all of the content necessary to build a solid foundation of conducting skills for all vocal and instrumental music education majors

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