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Jeffrey P. Fisher: Cash Tracks

Intro: You Can Do This!
What You Need to Begin Today
How This Business Works
Building Your Project Studio
Demo Success Secrets
Finding the People Who Buy Original Music
Turning Prospects into Paying Music Clients
Inside Secrets to Moneymaking Promotions
Promotional Potpourri
Taking Care of Business
Money Matters
Rights Right
Set and Get Your Fee
Diversify and Thrive
Final Words

The traditional music industry can be a tough business for a composer to break into. Fortunately, the opportunities to write music for other avenues, such as movie soundtracks and commercial jingles, are plentiful. But how do you tap into them? This book can help you build a career selling commercial music for movies, radio, RV, games, multimedia, the Web, and more. With this guide, you'll learn everything from how to build your project studio to how to find portential customers and turn those prospects into paying clients. Promotion is the key to making it in the music business, and Cash Tracks forcuses on doing just that. Along the way, you'll also pick up some creative and technical advice about the ins and outs of the music industry. This book is more than a simple "what to do" guide--it's a complete "how to" guide, full of useful information from the author's personal experience and insightful interviews with professionals working in the industry. If you're dedicated to building a career in the commercial music industry, this book will help you reach your goal and maintaqin a successful business. Jeffrey Fisher works from his project studio providing music, sound, writing, video, tarining, and media production services for corporate, cable, and commercial clients. He writes about music, sound, and video for print and the Web, including nine books. He also teaches audio and vido production and post-production at the College of DuPage Motion Picture/Television department.

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