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Cappella Nova
Miracles of St Kentiger

from First Vesers for the Feast of St Kentigern
-Responsorium In septentrionali
from Matins for the Feast of St Kentigern
-Invitatorium Celestis regem patrie & Venite
-Collect for St Kentigern
-Lectio I Preclarus Dei confessor Kentegernus
-Responsorium I Christi miles Kentegernus
-Lectio II Nam a primeva
-Responsorium II Mirantes pavent emuli
-Lectio III Erat igitur
-Responsorium III Qui elixas condiebat
-Lectio IV Supradicti vero refectorii
-Responsorium IV Olim fete archam Dei
-Lectio V Illi autem excitati
-Responsorium V Cultro lupi exaratus
-Lectio VI Nec mirum, dilectissimi fratres
-Responsorium VI Crudi moris rex infaustas
-Lectio VII Cocum autem Sancti Servani
-Responsorium VII Aporia ingruente
-Lectio VIII Sanctus igitur Servanus
-Responsorium VIII Cudenti in ferugine
-Lectio IX Redivivus autem cocus
-Responsorium IX Jubente Petrus Domino & Prosa Gens Cambrina
from First Vespers for the Feast of St Kentigern
-Antiphona Alme presul Kentigerne & Maginificat
from Second Vespers for the Feast of St Kentigern
-Antiphona O paradoxe pontifex

The seventh recording from Cappella Nova, this disc of Scottish Medieval plainsong celebrates Glasgow's 6th-century patron saint, Kentigern (or Mungo), in wonderful music and poetry from the 13th-century Sprouston Breviary. This material was clearly centuries old before the monks wrote it down in the 1200s, and it is full of Celtic romance and colour. The most important part is the sequence of nine lectiones which relate to the miracles of St Kentigern. Cappella Nova has used singers, bells and clarsach (Celtic harp) to weave a magical tapestry of sound for the telling of these, literally, fabulous tales.

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Early Music | Scotland
ASV 169

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