In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Sweet Honey In The Rock
Still The Same Me

Tuwe Tuwe

Nature Song

I Love To Laugh

Oh My Goodness, Look at This Mess

We're Almost Home

We Shall Not Be Moved

Way Down Deep

Still The Same Me

Still Gotta Get Up In The Morning



Though directed to children, "Still The Same Me" is a delight at any age. The celebratory mood begins with the calls of "Tuwe Tuwe," a children's clapping song, arranged by Ysaye Maria Barnwell. Aisha Kahlil's own "Nature Song," a 3/4 tempo revelry for the earth that speeds up faster and faster at the end, Carole Maillard's infectious "I Love To Laugh," Nitanju Bolade Casel's "Oh My Goodness, Look At This Mess!" are among the 17 tracks that will inspire kids with joyful rhythms and melodies. Ever positive and encouraging, the liner notes include interviews with each of the six women of Sweet Honey, describing their own experiences as children and answering questions such as "What was your earliest music memory" and "do you remember a favorite song/poem/speech." Sweet Honey's "Still The Same Me" is a testimonial to the relentless power of "Yes! I can do it," and the difference we can all make in the world.

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