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George Howard
Getting Signed! - An Insiders Guide to the Record Industry

The Demo - Breaking Through: History, Attitude, and Your Demo
What Is A Label?
Three Case Studies In Breaking Through: Nirvana Def Jam, And Bob Dylan
Demo Track Selection And Sequencing: Start With The Songs
Recording Your Demo: Getting It Down
Packaging And Presenting Your Demo: Al Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go
The Team: Agents, Managers, And Lawyers
Performances And Booking Agents: The Live Life
Management: Finding It And Making It Work For You
Lawyers: Protecting And Serving
Additional Players - Giant Steps: Publicity And Promotion
Publicity And Promotion: Getting The Word Out
Publishing: Rights And Wrongs
Distribution: Moving Product
Contracts: Getting The Best Deal
You've Got A Deal!

For unsigned musicians, it is vital to long-term success to sign a contract with a record label. However, preparing your music, targeting a label, and getting your demo into the hands of someone who will listen is challenging, if you don't know where to start. Getting Signed!, by record industry veteran George Howard, guides you through the maze of today's music industry, and will help you move your demo to the top of the stack. Even if you are not yet ready for a record deal, it will help you assemble a team that will make sure your music gets heard by as many people as possible. "The next time an aspiring recording artist comes to us for advice, we'll advise them to read this book first. George Howard really knows what he's talking about." - Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth, members of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club

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Instructional | 223 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9

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