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M. William Krasilovsky & Sidney Shemel: This Business of Music

The Music Industry In The 1990's
Recording Artists Contracts
Contracts With Minors
Independent Record Producers
Foreign Distribution Agreements
Labor Agreements
Copyright In Sound Recordings
Bootlegging, Piracy, And Counterfeiting
Copyright Law In The United States
The Duration Of Copyright Protection
The Uses Of Public Domain
Arrangements And Adaptations
Performing Rights Organizations
Mechanical Rights 153
Songwriter Contracts And Royalty Statements
Works For Hire
Co-Ownership And Joint Administration
Copyright Infringment
International Copyright Protection
Foreign Publishing
The Writer As Publisher
Music For Motion Pictures
Licensing Recordings
Music For The Theatre
Commercial Jingles
Buying And Selling Music Publishing Companies
Loans To Music Publishers
Printed Music
Privacy And Publicity Rights
The Protection Of Ideas And Titles
Names And Trademarks
Agents And Managers
Taxation In The Music Business
Record Clubs And Premium
Music Videos
Demonstration Records In The Electronic Age
Trade Practice Regulations
Work Permits For Foreign Artists
Technology Of Music

A perennial bestseller, this definitive guide to all legal, economic, and financial aspects of the music business is better than ever in this revised, thoroughly updated new edition. This edition addresses the implications of MP3, the Copyright Term Extension Act, union treatment of digital music, and more. As this "bible of the music business" moves into its 40th year, the book's expanded scope addresses challenges and opportunities of a new century, including: MP3 record duplication, Internet sales, and cybercasting, digital record performance rights for artists and record companies, new markets emerging from WIPO and GATT treaty enforcement of copyright protection against counterfeiters and bootleggers, greater reliance on major labels, further merging of powerful companies, and reduced record distribution by independents, revised markets opened by the European Economic Union and other consolidations, and the impact, both positive and negative, of growing motion picture and theater investments in the music business.

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