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Roger Kain
The Complete Vocal Workout

The Range
Making A Start On High Notes
Learning To Control Breath
An Easy Way To Open Up The Low Notes
Improving Tone
Crying and Screaming
Smoothing Over the Joins in the Female Voice
Joining Up The Male Voices
Coordinating The Power Muscles On The High Notes
The Chest Voice
The Power Muscles and the Chest Voice
Bringing The Chest Voice Up To The High Notes
Magical Sounds In The Male Mixed Head Voice
The Female Mixed Voice
The Extreme Mixed Voice
Joining Up The Loud Voices
Ultra-Low Sounds
Solving Problems
Exercises In Minor Keys (Male & Female)
Using The Major Modes To Enhance The Male Mixed Head Voice
Using The Major Modes To Enhance The Female Mixed Voice

Rock singing is an art. It's a simple job to go onstage, pick up a mic and howl like a banshee until your and the audiences heads are spinning, but what about tone? Inflection? Sustain? How to hit those really high notes? These days, the requirements of a singer are so demanding and far-reaching that more and more would-be Plant and Mercury's are seeking guidance from fully trained professionals. The Complete Vocal Workout is exactly this. Adapted from a syllabus originally developed for the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, here at last is a thorough guide to training the voice to perform under the duress of modern live and studio conditions. With a full spread of exercises fro both male and female voices, and with two accompanying demonstration CD's, The Complete Vocal Workout is the perfect guide for all those Pop Idol wannabes who wish to train without paying a fortune.

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Contemporary  | 149 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
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