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Lee Wilson
The Copyright Guide

Copyright Protection
Copyright Ownership
Copyright Duration
Determining Copyright Status
Copyright Registration
Copyright Infringement
Other People's Copyrights
Getting Permissions
If You Want to Sue
Licensing and Selling Copyrights
Protecting Your Ideas
Recapture of Copyrights
Copyright and the Internet
Appendix A: Copyright Office Services and Publications
Appendix B: Form Permission Request Letter
Appendix C: Form Nonexclusive License of Copyright
Appendix D: Form Exclusive License of Copyright
Appendix E: Form Assignment of Copyright
Appendix F: Form Work-for-Hire Agreement

This prized legal companion is a necessary handbook for anyone looking to understand and benefit from copyrights in the Information Age, from artists to musicians, software designers to writers, craftsmakers to photographers. Updated to reflect important changes in US copyright law, this revised edition covers what can and cannot be protected under current law, duration and scope of protection, notice and registration, infringement and how to avoid it, and how copyrights are exploited in the marketplace. Lee Wilson teaches the ins and outs of copyrights in a logical, progressive fashion, making a complex subject easy to understand for hobbyists and professionals alike. Lee Wilson is a practicing attorney who specialized in intellectual property law since 1983. She is the author of several legal guides for artists, entertainers, and the general public, including Making It In The Music Business. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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