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Klaus Heizmann: Vocal Warm-ups

Physical warm-up exercises

The right posture

Model warm-up routines

Breathing exercises

Exercises for deliberate diaphragmatic breathing

Exercises for relaxing and opening the vocal tract

Vocal warm-up exercises

Exercises for vowel formation and modification

Register transition exercises

Resonance exercises

Exercises for relaxing and activating the lips

Exercises in Dynamics

Warm-up exercises combined with ear training

Suggestions for accompaniment and performance

Klaus Heizmann, choral conductor, composer, producer and music editor, has written a great resource of ideas and techniques to warm-up the voice. Using this book, singers can not only review and learn 200 new ideas for warming up their voice, but they also learn creative exercises to relax the body, train the ear, and develop an awareness of dynamics and rhythm.

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Choral | 67 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
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