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Geoffrey Forward and Elisabeth Howard: American Diction

Introduction to Diction
Exercises for the Articulators
Speech Sounds
Tongue Vowels
Lip Vowels
Other Vowels
Fricative Consonants
Plosive Consonants
Affricative Consonants
Glide Consonants
Semi-Vowel Consonants
Nasal Consonants
Pop Pronunciation
Inflections and Intonations
Expressive Singing

Geoffrey G. Forward, acting coach and leading expert in American diction, clearly illustrates for the singer how to gain control by eliminating vocal tension and poor diction and replacing it with clear pronunciation. Put the finishing touches on your singing not only with the excellent diction you will gain by using this text, but also through the concepts of phrasing, identifying key words and singing with emotion, which are brought to life in this book. Learn how to pronounce all vowels, dipthongs and constanants clearly and how to link sounds together to form easily understood words and phrases.This 270-page book is an essential addition to the library of every singer, voice teacher and vocal coach.

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Instructional | 272 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 11

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