In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Pam Wedgwood and Heidi Pegler
It's Never Too Late to Sing

Reading Music
Posture and Alignment
Warming Up
Relaxing the Jaw
Dipthongs and Triphthongs
Singing Consonants
Major and Minor
Singing with an Open Throat
Practicing the Songs
Expression and Interpretation
Sound Quality
Singing High Notes
Longer Phrases
Vocal Agility
Vocal Health

Have you always wanted to be able to sing? Then this book is for you -- because it's never too late! It's Never Too Late To Sing is an all-in-one tutor book that covers approximately two years of singing lessons, and includes essential music theory and technical skills for beginners. The learning process is broken down into bite-sized, manageable chunks with two CDs containing a wealth of music from classical and folk to pop and jazz to sing along to. Packed with information, teaching advice and top tips from the experts, this beginner singer's method is perfect for those keen to begin singing, but not sure where to start!

Item code: 5684B | Book & 2 CDs | $18.95 add item to cart
Instructional | 80 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
9780571534326 | 12-0571534325

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