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John Glenn Paton
Gateway to German Diction

Phonetic Concepts
Germanic languages and German dialects
Characteristic Patterns and Sounds in German
What makes German sound German?
How German words are formed - Grammatical ending
How German words are formed - Compound words
Syllabication for singers.
Syllabication of simple words
Syllable separation before vowels
Do you have to make a glottal stop?
Long and Short Vowels
How vowel length works in German
Why must singers understand vowel length.
Vowel quality, vowel length and syllabic stress
German Diction in Musical Context
The role of stress and unstress
Practicing words with mixed vowels
Adjusting consonants for singing
Singing doubled consonants
A final checklist

Initiating a new series of coordinated diction manuals and anthologies, this book helps students to move beyond diction to clear understanding and authentic style. Thomas Hampson says, "This guide not only achieves an excellent study of the tools for proper translation and diction, it goes much deeper and more importantly to the teaching of musical and poetic expression from the inner side of the language." Every German example word or phrase is translated into English and is also spoken perfectly on the included CD by trained actress Dr. Nora Henry, from Hanover, Germany.

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Classical  | Voice and Piano | Solo | 128 Pages | Germany
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