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Richard J. Faber: You Can Sing in a Choir or Chorus

You Already Can Sing
Some Music Basics
Learn Music By Listening
Musical Nourishment
The Music Sheet
Personal Notations
Why "Matching" Is Important
Learning To "Match"
Outside Help
To Learn A New Piece Of Music
Another Kind Of Outside Help
Separate The Notes From The Words
Sing Words As We Speak Them
To "Attack" Music
Add Heart To Sing A Phrase
Non Singing Considerations
Seen But Not Singing
Your Voice
The Best Place To Be
Before A Performance
Stage Fright
When Not To Sing
A Sensitive Responsibility
Reacting To Criticism
In Summary
A Little Help In Vocal Production And Learning How To Sight Read A Vocal Score

This book is not intended to teach you to sing or read music. It is intended to encourage and convince you, who dream about singing in an amateur chorus or church choir, how to make that dream come true. The text is for you who believe you are tone-deaf and non-musical, but want to sing with a choral group or church choir. Read this book and you'll learn how easy it is to do and how to get started. Also recommended for use by choir and chorus directors and music educators as a "how to" text for their inexperienced singers. It is purposely non-technical.

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Choral  | 68 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9

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