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Various Arrangers: Folk Songs of the Philippines

Ilay Gandangan
Leron, Leron Sinta
Mamayog Akun

Chua-ay is based on a popular folksong in the Philippines that depicts the Igorot tribes at work, pounding rice by means of a huge mortar and heavily weighted posts in order to separate the rice grains from their outer shells or husks. The piece begins with bird-calls serenely chanted by two sopranos and followed by a set of rhythmic vari- ations on the repetitive three-note theme of Chua-ay. Foot stomps suggest the mortar and pestle action that also enhances the earthy character of this northern folksong. Leron, Leron sinta or "My Dear, Little Leron," is a popular Filipino folk song from the Tagalog region. It is traditionally a work song, reprsenting those who work in the fields harvesting fruits, though the origin is unclear due to the lack of scholarly literature that examines Philippine folk music. Because of its catchy tune, it is often presented as a children's song, though some parts of the text may have been meant for a more mature audience. Some sources also refer to it as a courtship song. "Ilay Gandangan" is a popular piece among Filipino choirs. Derived from a sun chant of the Maguindanao tribe, the people call on the sun god, Ilay, to end the rain that is covering the land.

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