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Fleur-de-Lisa: Willow Songs

Song NameArranger
atop the feederStewart
credit card billsFreeman
slow dayFreeman
slow steadyFleur-de-Lisa
family reunionStewart
indigo buntingShunk
summer rainShunk
pick upFreeman
sunny side upStewart
cicadasFreeman/ Shunk
harborside mallFreeman
commencement Fleur-de-Lisa
ShikiFreeman/ Shunk
so coldFreeman
spinning topsStewart
summer gossip Shunk
leaf to leafFreeman
vintage airshowShunk
great green roomFreeman
willow treeShunk
butterfly face Shunk
windows downShunk

Sarah, Deborah, Andie and Sylvie of North Carolina-based Fleur-de-Lisa, have been writing music based on poetry since 2008. In "Willow Songs" the poems are from the non-rhyming verse genre Haiku, a Japanese word meaning "Light Verse," which consists of one 5-syllable sentence, a 7-syllable one, and then a final 5-syllable sentence. There are 27 poems here, with names like "atop the feeder," "credit card bills," "drifting," "family reunion," "summer rain," "sunny side up," "cicadas," "harborside mall," "so cold," "spinning tops," "summer gossip," "green green room," "willow tree," "butterfly face" and "windows down;" all put to a cappella music by the group members. Each song is a little gem, a musical gift that makes us see and consider things through other eyes, and enjoy.

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