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Listen Up!
Al Hanisim

Tov L'Hodot
Ner Li
Maoz Tzur
Shabbos Nap Shir
Mizmor L'David
Utzu Etza
Vashti's Song
U-Mordechai Yatza
Chag Purim
Al Hanisim

When the world's only pop,klezmer,jazz,Yiddish,Hebrew,country,western band (with no instruments) has too much time on their hands, there is cause for concern. True!! They wrote that on the back of this, their second CD. Vocal inventions are of increasing importance such as the vocal calliope and violin with hand clap metronome on Ner Li. Then there's the four-square gospel version of "Maoz Tzur" which has you wondering just what in the world is going on just before the medley transition into "Rock of Ages." Unusual juxtapositions of musical styles and forms are the delight of Listen Up.

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Contemporary | A Cappella | Male | United States

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