In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Jeffrey Allen
Secret of Singing - Female Voice

Part One: Unleashing Your Vocal Power
The Basics of Breathing: Less Is More
Mastering Breathing
The pathway of Singing
Elevating the Voice
Focusing the Voice
The Focused Mouth Position
Anchoring Tone
The Five Basic Vowels
The Initiation of Tone
Vocal Exercises: Endurance Group
Blending Vocal Colors
The Ultimate Vocal Workout (Messa Di Voce)
Part Two: The Upper Voice
Counterbalancing and the Singer's Point of View
Vowel Modifications
Exercise: The Great Scale
Endurance Exercises: Group 2
Part Three: The Power of an Open Throat
Advanced Exercises: Endurance Group 3
Part Four: Phrasing - The Mark of the Professional
The Elements of Phrasing
Compound Vowels
Exercise: Singing on Vowels Only
Maintaining Intensity
Breathing for Phrasing
Part Five: General Reference
Voice Types
Practice Guide
Voice maintenance
Questions and Answers
Troubleshooting Guide
Part Six: Appendices 1-5: The Anatomy of Singing
Appendix 1: The Breathing System
Appendix 2: The Vocal Apparatus
Appendix 3: The Resonators
Appendix 4: The Articulators
Appendix 5: List of Exercises
Common Vocal Terms

A complete step-by-step guide, "Secrets of Singing" provides everything needed to gain technical and musical vocal mastery. Some of the highlights include: Basic principles of singing, mastery of the upper voice, achieving the power of an open throat, and phrasing and diction on a professional level. Jeff has developed a hard-hitting vocal method designed to bring out the unique qualities in any singer's voice. Through his process of technique and performance analysis, he has fine-tuned the voices of thousands of solo artists and bands now performing and/or recording throughout the musical world. Jeff's experience as a coach, band consultant, and producer allows him special insights into the problems of singers at all levels. Whether you're singing for pleasure or for profit, "Secrets of Singing" will give you the know-how to practice, audition, perform and record professionally.The package contains two CDs (one for high voice and one for low voice) and an almost 400-page information-packed book.

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