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Vocal Pedagogy - How To Teach Singing

We’ve all had that music teacher or choir director who made music fun for us. We’ve admired these people, and their knowledge. They had that spark we wanted to share… and here, we can. Some of the most important things for a healthy singer to know about producing a clear, strong and reliable voice are here in these books – and more importantly, they will teach you how to teach it to others. Whether you’re teaching adult sopranos or kids, teaching sight-singing or Jazz, take a wander through this section and enjoy.

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Eric Ericson : Teachingnew

Review: The tenaciously active superstar Eric Ericson celebrated his 90th birthday on October 26 2008. His international celebrity status is exceptional, and people everywhere talk with reverence of the "Swedish Choral Miracle" - an expression that is very much synonymous with his life work. In this unique 14-part documentary film "Teaching", Birgitta Ohman and Swedish Television have captured Eric Ericson's playful yet inspirational style of teaching at the Royal College of Music. Caprice Records in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music presents this TV series on one DVD along with a bonus interview with Ericson from 2008. Experience for yourself the process of interpreting and performing choral music from all eras. Appearing is Eric Ericson, Anne Sofie von Otter, Marianne Eklof, Thomas Jennefeldt, Stefan Parkman, among others.

Songlist: Conducting lesson with a. o. Anne Sofie von Otter, Conducting lesson: J.S. Bach & Sven-Erik Back, Conducting lesson: Arne Mellnas & Thomas Morley, Conducting lesson: David Wikander, Karl-Erik Welin & Bela Bartok, Thomas Morley & Orlando di Lasso, Lars Edlund, Kurt Lindgren & Bela Bartok, Warming up with Stefan Parkman, August Soderman, Alf Cranner, A.F. Lindblad & H.L Hassler, "Samtalssinfonietta": Georg Riedel, Sven-Erik Johanson & Johannes Brahms, En visa: Sven-Erik Back, No bird soars to high: Lars-Erik Larsson, Scherzo: Lars Edlund, Scherzo & "Femton finnar" arr. Lars Edlund, Bonus: Eric Ericson interview 2008

6451 DVD $24.95 Choral Conducting

James Jordan : Conducting Technique Etudesnew

Review: In this volume of etudes for conductors, James Jordan details a ground-breaking pedagogy for the development of conducting skills. This method is based on a sequential harmonic process to inform and define conducting gesture. This book is revolutionary because it employs a process of score study to develop what Dr. Jordan calls "kinesthetic/harmonic audiation." Conductors of all skill levels will profoundly benefit from these new ideas. While instrumentalists and keyboardists for decades have had books of daily "etudes" for the development of technique, conducting pedagogy has not had the benefit of such a rigorous technical course of study. This book teaches conductors to make gestural decisions based upon harmonic rhythm and uses the gestural vocabulary of Rudolf Laban as the beginning "vocabulary" from which a conductor can make decisions. This book of etudes differs from other approaches because it views harmonic progression as the primary vehicle by which to learn conducting technique.

Songlist: Knowledge and Awareness of your Architecture, Patterning, Respond Intuitively, Breathing within the Envelope, Root Analyis, Density Analysis, Developing Harmonic / Kinesthetic Audiation, Spatial Audiation, Audiational Assimilation, Breath as an Etude, Pedagogical Path of these Etudes, Foundation of Harmonic Rhythm, Does Gesture Influence Sound?, Use and Study of the Harmonic Etudes, Body mapping, The Labian Rudiments, Practices

6893 01 Book & 1 CD $34.95

Christy Elsner : Gadgets for Great Singingnew

Review: Need a fresh approach to teaching dynamics, facial expression, phrasing, and musicality? Use a gadget! Unleash your creative beast with clever everyday "gadgets" redesigned for use in the choral classroom by music educator and choral conductor Christy Elsner. These inexpensive learning tools provide endless inventive ideas for introducing and reinforcing all elements of vocal pedagogy including breath, resonant tone, vowel formation, tongue placement, and diction. They also promote kinesthetic awareness and physical memory, empowering the individual singers and the entire class as a whole to be great singers.

Songlist: Cookie, Food and the Five Basic Vowels, Kitchen Utensils, The Marshmellow, Straws, Toothpicks, Candy, Bowls, Paintbrushes, Rubber Bands, Sponges, Stickers, Flashlights, Clothes Pins, Twinkle Lights, Ladder, Candles, Face Paint, Bubbles and Feathers, Balls, Mirrors

8778 01 Book $19.95

Karen Bauer : The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approachnew

Review: Voice research has revealed much about the singing voice, but this valuable information does not necessarily transfer into fine singing. In The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach, performer and scholar Karen Tillotson Bauer bridges this gap by reframing the complexities of voice science with a cultivated simplicity of style and terminology that speaks directly to the singer's experience of singing. With her three-step approach, Bauer integrates fact and application in a logical order, step by step. With clarity and immediate relevancy, this work takes the mystery out of singing by approaching it as a kinesthetic experience. Through the use of short verbal prompts and guided exercises, The Essentials of Beautiful Singing helps the singer discover good breath management, realize good resonance, and achieve clear enunciation. The focus throughout is on the skillful use of the body as a musical instrument, the source of fine singing. For the experienced voice teacher, choral director and singer at any level, Bauer's three-step approach offers a fresh perspective on the familiar principles of vocal function. Clear explanations of the singing processes replace vague notions, and a relevant terminology makes refined singing more accessible. The Essentials of Beautiful Singing cuts to the heart of vocal technique and challenges some common pedagogical assumptions while defining a dependable foundation for fine singing.

Songlist: Setting the Stage for the Three-Step Approach, A Precondition to Beautiful Singing, "Open Body" and Breath Management, Exhalation: Controlled Release of Air, "Open Throat" and Resonance, The Kinesthetic Experience, Resonanting on Sung Tones, Posture Preparartion, The Chiaroscuro Balance, Forward Articulation and Enunciation, Refinements toward Greater Skill, Chest Register, Head Register, Messa di Voce, Developing the Upper Range, Legato and Misicality

8210 01 Book $39.95

Marilee David : The New Voice Pedagogy - Second Editionnew

Review: The simple but vital premise behind this important book is that a healthy voice is a beautiful voice, and a clear tone and pleasant sound will arise from a healthy vocal technique. Based on the concepts of voice therapy, laryngology, and voice science, The New Voice Pedagogy presents a no-nonsense look at the ways knowledge gained through modern science can be applied to teaching voice. Marilee David, an experienced teacher and performer, first explains the physiology of the voice, then examines individual aspects of singing, such as breathing, mouth position, phrasing, tone quality, pitch, resonance, and registration, and offers instruction and exercises appropriate to each component. David also considers the effects of different lifestyle factors and situations on the voice, such as singing with a cold or illness, common medications, obesity, hormones, and aging. She describes symptoms and treatments of common voice problems, including hoarseness, laryngitis, types of dysphonias, and examples of abuse and misuse, giving an overview of voice therapy and diagnostic tools. An important chapter on ethics, unique to this book, uses case studies to examine ethical questions that arise in the voice studio. New to this second edition are expanded sections on posture and kyphosis, HIV and AIDS, and the aging voice, and a helpful glossary of terms used in voice therapy, laryngology, and voice science is included. The bibliography of over three hundred books and articles provides a supplemental reading list for those interested in learning more, and a new final chapter summarizes the pedagogical concepts explored.

Songlist: The Larynx: Structure and Functions, Posture and Relaxation, Mouth Position and Breath, Physiology of Respiration, The Sound, Method of Attack, Constriction and Tone Quality, Tongue Position, Volume or Intensity, Vibrato, Registration, Placement and Resonance Extremes, The Use of Falseto, Resonance and Tone Focus, The Singer Outside the Studio, Programs of Vocal Hygiene, When The Voice Is Sick, Therapy and Dysphonias, Pulling It All Together, The Road to Technical Freedom

8215 01 Book $49.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Henry Leck : The Boy's Changing Voice (Take The High Road)

Review: Join Henry Leck and a choir made up of young male singers from the Indianapolis Children's Choir and the Indianapolis Youth Chorale. They explore the historical, physical, emotional, and individual musical perspective of the boy's changing voice as well as how the process affects the choral ensemble as a whole. This video offers choir directors, studio voice teachers and young singers the opportunity to examine the process of vocal maturation and how that process might be approached within the choral ensemble. Includes warmups and vocal exercises, ranges and guidelines for vocal classification, technical data, interviews with several young singers, and several excerpts of solo and choral repertoire in performance.

Songlist: The Boy's Changing Voice (Take The High Road)

6228 DVD $29.95 Choral Instructional DVDs

James Jordan : The Musician's Breath

Review: James Jordan examines why and how the breath is the "delivery system" for human and musical ideas in performance. "The breath," Dr. Jordan writes, "is the most magical and human thing we can engage as artists." This companion DVD guides viewers through yoga practices that can provide access points to understanding breath, free points of tension, and "holding" in the breathing process. The DVD aids viewers in understanding their own bodies and breath, and helps them identify individual strengths and weaknesses. It is suitable for individual study or group use. Portions of the DVD can be extracted for use in classes and rehearsals.

Songlist: Yoga Philosophy of the role of breath in the creative process, Yoga postures and breathing practices, Demonstration of the breath impulse gesture, The role of breath

5601 DVD $24.95

Jeff Johnson : Ready, Set, Sing!

Review: Popular choral clinician Jeff Johnson, Director of Choral Activities University of Kentucky, activates the mind, spirit and singing voice using visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. Movement is used to alleviate tension and energize the body; motion is used to create emotion. Includes rehearsal techniques for posture, breath management, tone, expression, blend, intonation, articulation and rhythmic awareness.

Songlist: Activating the Mind, Posture and Breathing, Learning Styles, Activating the Voice, Tone, Resonance and Placement, Expression: Dynamics and Phrase Shaping, Intonation, Articulation, Rhythm

6052 DVD $29.95 Choral Instructional DVDs

King's Singers : A Workshop

Review: Experience the insights, the expertise, the inspiration and the fun of the King's Singers in concert at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas, Texas, in rehearsal, in informal interviews and in workshops. The group uses various high school choirs, in a workshop setting, to demonstrate their philosophy and approach. The King's Singers, wearing casual apparel, gently and humorously coach their charges on important but subtle details of phrasing, dynamics and most importantly, interpretation, as on Bob Chilcott's arrangement of "Shenandoah." The group, in spite of their daunting technical know-how, make the point that fun while singing is the purpose; the obviously warm rapport they have amongst themselves is ample evidence that this is so!


6130 DVD $24.95 Choral Instructional DVDs

Linda Spevacek : The Choral Director as Voice Teacher

Review: Choral singing is an extension of proper phonation from each individual singer, and this 2 -hour master class on DVD is a gold mine of techniques, concepts and practical exercises to improve singing at every stage of vocal development. Singers and conductors will appreciate master-teacher Linda Spevacek's expertise in harnessing the entire body to achieve a focused tone production. Enjoy Linda's infectious enthusiasm as she introduces and works with a room full of choral directors just like you. Watch Linda put her ideas into practice by leading the assembled group through three octavos (included in the kit) and see firsthand how she incorporates the powerful techniques she has developed and has just shared with you. More than an idea bank for proven vocal techniques, "The Choral Director as Voice Teacher" is a comprehensive and practical approach to achieving choral and musical excellence - an invaluable resource for every choral director.


6377 DVD $59.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Phil Mattson : Vocal Jazz: The Art & Technique

Review: Phil Mattson, director of the School For Music Vocations, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on this information-rich video. With the aid of the mixed sextet, VoicesIowa, who perform selections such as "Embraceable You," "Body And Soul" and "Dancing In The Dark," Phil gives an overview of harmony, melody and phrasing. Also, he expounds on the importance of quality literature, and gives the viewer a brief introduction to the chief contributors to the development of the jazz idiom. Phil also dispenses his philosophy throughout, and his integrity and insight into the process of musical performance - a process requiring the body and the soul - shows remarkable wisdom and clarity.

Songlist: The Rehearsal As Sacred Time, Choral Tone, The Architecture of Performance, Quality Literature, Time/Rhythm, Vocal Technique, Complete Performances, Melody/Harmony Balance, Building Group Musicianship, Text/Word Stress, Phrasing , Harmonic Skill-Building Exercises

6001 DVD $29.95 Vocal Jazz Instructional

Russell Robinson : Middle School Singers - Turning Their Energy Into Wonderful Choirs!

Review: This extraordinary DVD is packed with ideas and techniques especially for middle school and junior high choral directors, or for choral music education students. Filmed both during a convention appearance and in a classroom, Dr. Russell Robinson (along with a demonstration choir from Eisenhower Middle School, FL) shows us new and tried-and-true ways to make young and developing singers look and sound better. Learn how to take your singers' energy and put it to great use!

Songlist: Introduction, Teaching Middle School Choirs, Uniqueness of This Age Group, Middle School Boys and "Uncertain" Singers, Appropriate Literature and Voicings, Attention Spans, Discipline and Accurare Reinforcement, Rehearsal Techniques with Demonstration Choir, Warm-Ups, "Sing We and Chant It", "Shenandoah", Five Parts to a Warm-Up, Warming Down with the "oo" Vowel, Warming Up with Other Vowels, Diction Exercise, Chordal Warm-Up, Thoughts on the Pre-Performance Warm-Up, Pre-Performance Warm-Up for "Sing We and Chant It", Performance of "Sing We and Chant It", Closing Comments

6510 DVD $39.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

Sandra Snow : Choral Conducting / Teaching

Review: On this extraordinary DVD, master conductor Sandra Snow outlines a new paradigm for choral teaching and rehearsing within performance-based classes. Through emphasizing how to develop teaching strategies from the podium, Dr. Snow presents a systematic, pragmatic approach. The heart of this DVD features 38 mini-rehearsal segments of Dr. Snow, Jonathan Reed, and colleagues teaching and leading a variety of mixed, women's, and men's choirs at the high school and college levels. These segments model how to continually analyze and respond to the sounds being produced by an ensemble. Extensive, full-color animated graphics support the score study and analysis sections of this DVD, as well as the helpful, step-by-step demonstrations of the process of improving keyboard and perceptive listening skills. For any practitioner of the choral arts, this DVD takes a groundbreaking approach to the role of the conductor/teacher, helping to bring true growth to the musicianship of choral singers. Sandra Snow is Associate Professor of Music Education and Choral Conducting at the Michigan State University College of Music. She is a nationally known choral clinician, conductor, and music

Songlist: Developing diagnostic rehearsal strategies , Capitalizing on teachable moments in rehearsal, Productive score study , Unlocking imagination in teaching , Formulating a personal yet authentic interpretation of a piece , Planning rehearsals based on one's individual musical interpretation, Increasing keyboard skills for rehearsal, Learning how to listen to one's choir with discriminating ears , Empowering a student's full musical potential , The Role of the Conductor, An Organic Approach to Musical Understanding, Unlocking Imagination, The Productive Rehearsal, Vocal Warm Ups, Rehearsal Techniques

6666 DVD $29.95 Choral Conducting

Tim Lautzenheiser / James Jordan : The School Choral Program: Student Motivation

Review: To build a successful high school music program is to empower student leaders. But what does it really mean to be a student leader? How can they make a difference? In this brilliant DVD, master clinician Tim Lautzenheiser speaks to the students of the Central Bucks West High School choir and band about how to bring leadership thinking into their everyday lives and music making. He offers a clear perspective of what is possible when young leaders choose excellence as the foundation of their leadership mission. James Jordan encourages these same students to keep focus on why they connect through music, and on the rewards that come from those connections. And together, James and Tim discuss the risk-taking that is needed by both conductor and ensemble when true music happens. This DVD is a companion to the definitive choral methods text The School Choral Program, which breaks new ground in choral music education and provides choral directors with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and at the podium.


6660 DVD $24.95

Dr. Patrick Freer : Success for Adolescent Singers (3 DVD Set)

Review: Conductor, teacher, and researcher Dr. Patrick K. Freer explores practical solutions to common problems while focusing on an impromptu ensemble of everyday kids. These three fast-paced DVDs demonstrate familiar challenges and Freer's sensitive, real-time solutions to them. You will see the process unfold as it actually happened and how Dr. Freer incorporates research on adolescent learning into the process of teaching choral music. When working with these young adolescents, Dr. Freer clearly demonstrates how challenges associated with male and female changing voices can be handled successfully. Interviews with the students present valuable perspectives on being an adolescent singer, and a special segment on DVD 3 is designed to be shown to students in classrooms and choirs. The manual contains additional materials, including printed instructions for the exercises demonstrated throughout.

Songlist: Video Series Outline, Group Voice Building For Young Adolescents, The Individual Relaxtion, Posture, Breathing, Sound Ball, Whoosh, Whoa, Jazz Circles, Adolescent Vocal Development And Choir Rehearsals, Flow Experience, Learning Differences And Teaching Strategies, Motivation And Choral Instruction, Optimal Classroom Environments, Teacher Language In The Choral Rehearsal, Vocal/Choral Instruction And Choral Conducting

3034 3 DVDs $49.95 Children's Choir Development

Peter Hunt : A Handbook for Singing

Review: Voiceworks is a magnificent resource for promoting good singing in pre-schools, schools, community choirs, adult choirs and everywhere that people sing. The Voiceworks books (complete with CDs) are packed with songs and ideas which are practical, motivating, and accessible. Voiceworks is a complete guide and support for anyone who encourages or teaches other people to sing well. Confidence and ability in singing are not age-related but experience-related, and the songs in this book have been sung by nine-year olds in school, and seventy-nine year olds at a village community Senior Citizens Club. This book will help your singers build the necessary skills to become more comfortable with their singing voice, thus, sounding worlds better.

Songlist: Section I: Unison, Two Welcome Songs, Abeeyo, Hey Ungua, Baby One, My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean, My Hat it Has Three Corners, Hepa Hepa Nay Nay, Green Trees Rocky Road, Oo a Lay Lay, Kye Kye Kule, Hill an' Gully Rider, Bring me Half a Hoe, Late a Come, Allunde, Section II: Into Parts, Drumkit, Train Rhythms, Vocal Graphics , Long and Short Loud and Quiet, Echo , Doubletalk, Vocalise, Drunken Sailor, Saints Go Marching in, Three Native American Chants, The Factory Girl, Glowing Candle Light, Old Molly Hare, Oh Won't You Sit Down?, Good News!, Water Come a me Eye, This Old Hammer, In the Bleak Midwinter, Sailing, Away in a Manger, Hear the Wind, Adio Mama, Father Father Goodbye, Azikatale, Siyahamba, Section III: Harmony, Didn't my Lord Deliver Danuel?, Elijah Rock, Three Spirituals, Chan Mali Chan, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Cotton Needs a Picking, Certainly Lord, I'll Fly Away, Over My Head, Amazing Grace, Steal Away, Good News!, Vocalizing over Harmony, Step Harmony, Pachelbel, Song of Farewell, Leaving of Liverpool, John Kanaka, Shto mi e Milo, Summer Holiday, Da Doo Ron Ron, Stand by Me, Halle Halle Halle, Amen Siakudumisa, Silent Night, Gaudete

9553 01 Songbook & 2 CDs $69.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

James Morgan Thurmond : Note Grouping: A Method for Achieving Expression and Syle in Musical Performance

Review: Fully explains through musical example, the concept of expressive musicianship as taught by Anton Horner, William Kincaid and Marcel Tabuteau. This book clearly illustrates how to teach students to sing with expression, musicianship and style and will help to make your performances "come alive". Foreword by Weston H. Noble.

Songlist: Rhythmic Backgrounds, Motive and Accent, Arsis and Thesis, Motion in Music, Movement and Rhythm, Motion and Expression, Note Grouping, Fundamental Theory, Even Note Values, Uneven Note Values, Musical Phenomena , Application and Use, Pedagogy and Performance, Teaching the Method, The Role of the Barline, Rhythmic Figures

6585 01 Songbook $34.95 Choral Methods

Nancy Jorgensen / Catherine Pfeiler-Bielawski : From The Trenches

Review: So you've gotten your first choral directing job. You've assembled your rehearsal plans, beautified the choir room, and are now ready to greet your students with wide-eyed enthusiasm. The first day has begun. You wish you had a pause button. While we obviously can't help you alter the time-space continuum, From the Trenches does offer a plethora of insightful and practical information perfect for the new teacher. Written by choral educators for choral educators, this "easy read" is also a welcome resource for experienced teachers who are looking for ways to refresh and rejuvenate their choral programs.

Songlist: Great Expectations, Round And Round, I Hear America Singing, So Many Notes - So Little Time, To Everything There is A Season...And A Reason, Give My Regards to Broadway, Law And Order, Extra! Extra!, Sample Letters And Forms, Round Repertoire Recommendations, Musical Theatre Licensing Agents, Publisher Information, Index, Biographies

7089 01 Songbook $19.95 Beginning Choral Educators

Debra Spurgeon : Conducting Women's Choirs

Review: Conducting Women's Choirs: Strategies for Success is a pioneering yet practical book and DVD devoted to all aspects of the women's choir - a groundbreaking contribution and a true collaborative effort from top professionals in the field. For the first time in a book, choral leaders bring together historical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, pedagogical, and real-world considerations to the women's choir - information missing from most choral methods and conducting texts. Sections also focus on mentoring, auditions, seating arrangements, historical women's repertoire, healthy vocal development, gender issues, history, status of the women's choir, and much more. This book features research, practical insights, and round-table discussions. The included DVD demonstrates choral techniques and teaching ideas with two women's choirs: Aurora, from Luther College, conducted by Sandra Peter; and The University of Kentucky Women's Choir, conducted by Lori Hetzel. Conducting Women's Choirs is, quite simply, essential for anyone who is involved in the women's choir movement and the culmination of decades of experience and wisdom by leaders in the profession.

Songlist: The Status of Women's Choirs, The History of Women Singing in Groups, The Sacred Choral Works of the Venetian Ospedali, Brahms and his Work with Women's Choruses, Canadian Repertoire for Women's Choruses, We Sing Ourselves - An Essay about Teaching and Learning with Women, Building Community in the Women's Choir, The Y Factor in an X Chromsome World, Choral Works for Women's Voices, Writing for Women's Voices, Mentoring the Women's Choir thru Voicing, Labeling and Seating, Warm-Ups for Women's Choir, Working with the Women's Community Choir, Understanding the Young Female Singer, Healthy Development of the Beginning Women's Choir, Improving the Sound, Working with Sopranos and Altos, Formations, Acoustics and Singer Preferences, Building Excellence in a Women's Choir

7822 01 Book & DVD $42.95

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Choral Workbook

Review: In his third book for Shawnee Press, following the two best-sellers "The Perfect Blend" and "The Perfect Rehearsal," Timothy Seelig (former longtime director of the Turtle Creek Chorale in Dallas, professor at SMU, and current Director of Art at the Hope for Peace and Justice Center,) presents invaluable tools to organizing your choral program - whether you are a church choral conductor, or a school director. The Perfect Choral Workbook is organized into several chapters (reviewing your situation, planning ahead, rehearsing, communicating, vocal resources, post-concert tasks, etc.) with 48 'forms' to help you get organized. The book includes descriptions, practical uses, and samples of the form, and the CD-ROM includes blank versions of each (in Word and as PDFs) for you to print and use. Seelig covers every aspect of choral conducting, from the most exciting to the most mundane yet necessary tasks. Get yourself organized with this great new resource!

Songlist: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Looking Around, Looking Inside...The Music, It's Time to Rehearse, Communication, After The Concert, Kitchen Sink, Lists, Vocal Resources, Additional Resources

6855 01 Book & CD-ROM $34.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Debbie Daniel / Janice Killian / Linda Rann : Essential Elements for Choir Teacher Resource Kit

Review: Includes lesson plans, activities and reproducible student pages for music theory, history, listening, assessment, cross-cultural activities and more and is compatible with any volume or level of EE for Choir. The professional Listening CD included in the kit is designed for use with many of the lessons.


1809 01 Book & 1 CD $29.95

Henry Leck : Creating Artistry Through Choral Excellence

Review: Henry Leck, Founder and Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Children's Choir and Director of Choral Activities at Butler University, has influenced thousands of young musicians and teachers through his dedication to choral excellence and the idea that children can perform music with artistry and understanding. This comprehensive text, written with Dr. Flossie Jordan, is an insightful guide for choral directors in the field and in training to help develop the teaching skills, leadership abilities, conducting technique, knowledge of repertoire and organizational skills necessary for success. As an added bonus, the book includes a CD-ROM with dozens of helpful forms and documents from the Indianapolis Children's Choir covering organizing a children's choir, auditions, governing documents, managing volunteers, fundraising, grant writing and much more!

Songlist: Going Beyond the Craft of Music Making, Vocal Techniques for the Young Singe, Director Preparation, Musical Expression through Visualization, Dalcroze Techniques in the Choral Rehearsal, Creating Artistry Through a Kodaly Curriculum, The Boy's Expanding Voice: Take the High Road, Leadership Style, Organization, Epilogue

6664 01 Book & 1 CD $34.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Stan McGill : Beyond Singing - Blueprint for the Exceptional Choral Program

Review: Excellence is not something stumbled upon by accident. You won't achieve great things while flailing about in paperwork nor partake of true musical artistry by folly. Success requires a concrete plan of action: a big-picture plan followed by all the little details that, together, create a complex mosaic that forms a beautiful and intricxate picture of choral excellence. This practical text offers a wealth of information for running a choral program. The two successful veteran teachers offer advice for dozens of solutions to issues facing the choral director. Includes a CD-ROM of bonus material, an introduction by Paul Salamunovich.

Songlist: The Choir Handbook, Rehearsal Structure and Techniques, Selecting Literature, Blueprint for Teaching Choral Literature, Effective Classroom Management, Conducting, Concert Dos and Donts, Memorization, Contests and Festivals, Programming Themes and Variations, Identifying Prospective Audiences, Teachign Sight-Reading and Music Literacy, Copyright Law for the Choral Director, Professional Resources, Building Your Support System, The Recruitment and Retention of Choir Students, Effective Publicity and Public Relations, Fund-Raising, Uniforms, Show, Pop, Jazz and Swing Choirs, Chamber Singers and Madrigal Groups, Choir Traditions, Fun and Games, Trips, Tours, Parties and Banquets, Topics Sometimes Overlooked in MusEd 101, VIPs of the Profession

9001 01 Book & 1 CD $24.95 Choral Methods

Alan Gumm : Making More Sense of How to Sing

Review: This book reveals how anybody can learn to sing and how any voice teacher or choral conductor can get anybody to sing, and keep making breakthroughs in singing. With multi-sensory techniques to match and build learning strengths, this book is for any singer from the rank beginner - including those thought to lack the ability - to the experienced and mature singer. Whether for self-guided, teacher-guided, or conductor-guided learning situations, this unique collection of exercises wakes up the senses for amazing results.

Songlist: Table and Figures, Preface, Acknowledgments, Introduction, Breath Energy that Supports the Vocal Tone, Posture, Abdominal Breathing, Accurate, Relaxed, and Vibrant Vocal Tone, Acoustics: Frequency, Pitch Accuracy, Lower Larynx, Vocal Registers, Focused, Lifted, and Resonant Tone, Acoustics: Timbre and Harmonics, Raised and Open Soft Palate, Projection and Release of Sound, Acoustics: Amplitude, Moving Sound Beyond the Resonators, Freedom of Articulators from Other Functions, Clear and Distinct Vowels, Putting it All Together, References

5481 01 Book $34.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Alan Gumm : The Choral Director's Cookbook

Review: This valuable collection of quick-to-read yet deeply insightful strategies is like finding expert trade secrets from around the world all placed in one easy source. With outstanding records of performance, workshop clinics, recordings, research, composition, leadership, and teaching, the 57 authors provide their favorite "recipes" that range from overviews of successful programs to specific topics that will inspire all levels and types of choirs. The directors include Ronald Boender, Simon Carrington, Rollo A. Dilworth, Mary Goetz, Henry Leck, Diane Loomer, Weston Noble, Paris Rutherford, Z. Randall Stroope and many, many others.

Songlist: Foreword, Acknowledgments , About the Authors, The Choral Gourmet: Music Selection and Presentation , A Cappella Vocal Jazz in Eight-Part Harmony, Pedagogical Pie , Does Your Verbal Feedback Nurture or Starve Your Students? Food for Thought, Increased Individual Learning in the Ensemble Setting through Problem Solving, It's All in the Ingredients: Considerations for Choosing Repertoire , Tasting the Text: The Missing Ingredient, Putting the Zest Back Into Intonation: Alternatives to Simmering or Stewing in the Choral Rehearsal , Invitation Etiquette: The Do's of Building Choral Participation , Kinesthetics and Movement in the Choral Rehearsal, Diction al Dente: Preparing Texts "To Taste", Learning About Music While Learning the Music, Vowel Modification for a Resonant and Healthy Tone, Enhancement of Choir Sound through Ensemble Spacing , A Recipe for Sight-Singing Success, How to Get Your Ensemble to Make M.U.S.I.C., Soup & Salad: Improving Sight-Singing in Two Directions, Table of Acceptable Substitutes: Turning Score Terminology into Expressions, Eight Essential Ingredients for Preparing Choirs for Performance , Stocking the Shelves for a Full Cupboard of Vowels, Spice Up Your Warm-Ups, Old-Fashioned Learning-Tree Stew: Good for Building Honor, Respect, and Self-Esteem, Leaven to Counteract Loafing: Developing a Self-Responsible and Collaborative Choir, Turning Thoughts Into Words: Writing to and with Your Choir, Superior Stew: How to Achieve Top Ratings at Choral Festivals , Preparing the Mind, Preparing the Ear: Developing Subvocalization Skill to Improve Intonation, Choir Curry: Seasoning for Success, The Wonderful World of Rounds: Incorporating Rounds into the Choral Rehearsal , A Smorgasboard of Choral Color and Sound through Artistic Visualization , Creating a Men's Choir in an SATB Town, Using a Modified Music Staff to Decode Pitch Notation , How to Saute a Fugue, Score Study: A Recipe for Success, Podium Freedom, Voix Inspiree Souffle: Developing the Individual Voice Within the Ensemble , Add More Cooks to the Kitchen: Exploring Critical Analysis and Aesthetic Perception through Expressive Listening , Singers in Motion, or Stirring Up Your Rehearsals , Salsa Musica: Solo and Ensemble Latin-Style Improvisation , Breath, Space, Focus: Choral Tone Supreme, Tasty Morsels: Using the Internet to Spice Up Your Programs, Build a Great Arch of Unimagined Bridges: Programming to Make Connections, Bringing the Lyric to Life in Vocal Jazz, Tapas: Balanced Vocal and Musical Nourishment for Young Singers, A Well-Balanced Meal: Thoughts for Healthy Programming , Rehearsal Appetizers: Three Musical Skills to Tempt Your Rehearsal Tastebuds, Teacher Behaviors that Stimulate Student Motivation , It Only Takes a Spark... To Get a "Choi-r" Go-ing, A Children's Choir Recipe for Success, The Perfect Blend: Every Choir Director's Dream and Goal, First Rehearsal: Setting the Tone of an Expressive "Ensemble", Do Not Be Deflected From Your Course, The Oochy-Goo Express: A Recipe for Relaxed Breathing, Growing Pains: The Trials, Tribulations, and Eventual Success of a Recovering Perfectionist , Savories, Spices, and Sweets: Programming Considerations in an Increasingly Diverse Culture , Making a Section Rehearsal Successful, Serving Up the Text, Easy-Bake Score Study: A Simple Recipe for All Occasions

6616 01 Book $24.95 Choral Conducting

Barham & Nelson : The Boy's Changing Voice

Review: For the middle school/junior high choral teacher. This text takes out much of the guesswork of teaching boys whose voices are changing . Includes testing methods, extensive warm-up and voice development exercises, self-image concepts, an extensive list of appropriate choral works, and other welcome information.

Songlist: Voice Placement, Recognizing Change, Testing Prodecures, Time-Savers, Variables With Change, Good Strokes For Your Singing Folks, Putting The Pieces Together - The Puzzle of Selecting, Life With Chameleons, Tips for Training The Tigers, Teacher Prescriptions For Sanity, Scores That Don't Bore, Breathing and Posture, Tone Quality, Range Development and Flexibilty, Ear Training

6244 01 Book $9.98 Children's Choir Development

David Hill : Training Your Choir

Review: Whatever kind of choir you direct, whether it is a large professional body or small ad hoc group, this book will be invaluable in developing your own training skills, giving you the confidence to bring out the very best in your singers. Many aspects of choir training are covered, including: warm-ups and vocal exercises, the physiology of singing, an illustrated section on beating patterns, conducting techniques, group dynamics and psychology, preparation of rehearsals and music.

Songlist: Introduction, The Approach, The Singers and the Singing, The Voice, The Alchemy of Singing, Mechanics of the Voice, The Registers within the larynx, The Psychology of Singing, The Choir Director, Conducting: Role and Techniques, Use of the Body, Conducting Language, The Rehearsal, Warming-up, Warming-up Exercises, Voice Production and Projection Excercises

6791 01 Book $18.95 Choral Warm-Ups

Dennis Shrock : Music for Beginning Conductor

Review: Music for Beginning Conductors is an anthology of music designed to include all repertoire necessary for beginning choral conducting classes. Organized from simple to complex, the 103 pieces in the anthology address all the basic techniques, including entrances on and off beats, phrasings and articulations, fixed and changing dynamic levels, varied tempos and meters, fermatas, extended beat patterns, and mixed meters. In addition, each of these categories is explained at the beginning of the anthology. The pieces are scored so students gain experience with unison, canonic, independent two-part, homophonic four-part, independent four-part, a cappella, and simple keyboard-accompanied textures. Much of the music consists of folk songs and other familiar melodies that have been arranged with a simple harmonic bass part that can be played, if desired, on a keyboard instrument. All of the music is accessible in terms of melody, rhythm, and harmony, thus allowing it to be read with relative ease and to be adaptable to classes of varying sizes and resources.


6917 01 Book $28.95

Doreen Rao : Choral Music Experience - Volume 5: The Young Singing Voice


Songlist: Vocal Technique and Musical Experience, Vocal Technique, Diction Principles, International Phonetic Alphabet, Becoming More Musical Through Singing, References

6281 01 Book $7.50 Children's Choir Development

Doreen Rao : Circle of Sound - Voice Education

Review: Circle of Sound Voice Education is a contemplative approach to singing that blends Eastern breathing meditation and martial art movement forms with Western bel canto vocalization exercises as an inspiring and healthful way of enriching traditional approaches to studio, classroom, and rehearsal pedagogy. Renowned choral conductor and master teacher Doreen Rao, together with taijiquan teacher Bill Perison developed this inspiring cross-cultural vocalization practice after years of observing and conducting vocal groups around the world. Their conscious-breathing, international-movement and informed-vocalization exercises are a powerful and proven practice for all singers and conductors. This book connects the power of singing to the wholeness of body, mind and spirit. The book invites you to make a personal connection to its renewing approach, and bring its healing power to the singers that you guide and inspire.

Songlist: Opening the Circle, Foundations and Reflections, The First Foundation - Awareness, From the Past, To the Future, Learning to Breathe Again, The Second Foundation - Mindfulness, Core Practice Exercises, Conscious Breathing Exercises, Intentional Movement Exercises, In-formed Vocalization Exercises, The Third Foundation - Deep Listening, The Fourth Foundation - Well-Being, Closing the Circle, Preparing the Body to Sing, Stretching Exercises, Posture for Singing

6576 01 Book $14.95 Children's Choir Development

Dr. Brenda Smith : Choral Pedagogy

Review: With new chapters, fully updated and revised, Choral Pedagogy is intended to aid the voice teacher, choral conductor, church musician, and professional or amateur singer develop strategies for lifelong singing. It concisely and clearly presents the principles of voice pedagogy from the perspective of both conducting and voice science in a very user-friendly fashion with helpful charts and simple anatomic diagrams. It offers teaching methods from history and philosophy, medical and voice science, and pedagogical concepts from active musical experts. Special attention is given to the needs of amateur singers and conductors. Topics covered include choral diction, posture and seating, rehearsal practices, and matters of vocal health. This text is a valuable resource for students of choral conducting, music education, church music or choral singing. Brenda Smith, D.M.A. teaches studio voice, diction and vocal pedagogy at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She has been widely recognized for her contributions to the concept of lifelong singing through proper voice care.

Songlist: Preface, Amateur and Professional Choral Singers, The Rehearsal Process, Introduction, Vocal Health and Pedagogy, The Vocal Approach to Choral Music, Anatomy and Physiology of the Voice, Medical Care of Voice Disorders, Performing Arts Medicine and the Professional Voice User, Seating Problems of Vocalists, Historical Overview of Vocal Pedagogy, Voice Building for Choirs, The Singing Voice and the Choral Tone, Choral Singing Techniques, Choral Diction, Rehearsal Techniques, Children's Choirs

5283 01 Book $54.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Dr. Terry Barham : Strategies for Teaching Junior High & Middle School Male Singers

Review: In this practical, research-based book, you will find creative and proven techniques for testing and classifying boys' voices provided by 41 master teachers, 235 annotated and recommended choral works, recruiting suggestions, methods for maintaining boys' interest in singing, plans for successful performances, vocalises for the healthy development of boys' voices and much more.

Songlist: Testing Boy's Voices, Vocal Ranges and Categories, Recruiting Ideas that Work, Establish and Maintain Interest, Vocalises for Healthy Voice Building, Choral Literature - A Balancing Act, Performance Success, Appendix I, Appendix II, Prelude to Appendix III, Appendix III

6413 01 Book $16.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Duane Richard Karna : The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal

Review: "The fusion of text with music is one of the most powerful methods by which a composer can express emotion to an audience, yet, all too often, the diction of choral groups is lacking to such a degree as to make the text unintelligible." So argues Duane R. Karna, who in The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal brings together 30 essays by experts from around the world to describe how the character symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) can be used by singers in the choral rehearsal. In an effort to conquer one of the greatest challenges facing choral directors and their choirs, contributors explore the use of the IPA system in a vast range of languages. Readers will find essays devoted to the use of IPA on matters of lyric diction for the following tongues: Baltic Languages, Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Ecclesiastical Latin, English, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Germanic Latin, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish. Holding firmly to the belief that basic instruction in IPA character is part of a choir's training, Karna and his contributors see enormous potential for choirs to expand considerably their foreign-language repertoire and save considerable rehearsal time. The Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet in the Choral Rehearsal is the ideal primer for choral directors and choirmasters as well as choir members.


8216 01 Book $59.95

Ed Lisk : The Creative Director - Intangibles of Music Performance

Review: With a foreword by Mark Camphouse, with the instructional techniques of teaching expression, ensemble interpretation, characteristic performance, musical identity, and the decision making process surrounding the subtle details of artistic response.

Songlist: Foreword, by Composer Mark Camphouse, Acknowledgments , Introduction , Chapter 1: The Mystery of Musical Expression, The Search for Meaning, Communication , Mind and Body Connection , The 'Eye' Has No Intelligence , Release Student Potential , Practicing , Other Factors for Consideration , Chapter 2: The Meaning of Ensemble, Inter- and Intra-personal Development, Listening and Hearing , Making Musical Decisions , To Answer or Not to Answer, Chapter 3: The Natural Laws of Musical Expression, Low Searches for High, High Searches for Low, Short Looks for Long, Style ... Characteristic ... Interpretation , 5 Steps for 'Feeling' and 'Style', Language of Articulation, Intensity , Teaching Intensity , Chapter 4: Free Form Expression, Memorization , The Grand Master Scale, The 'Key' to Improvisation , Building Chords through Scale Tones, Scale Modes and Improvisation, Chapter 5: The Space of Silence, Silence, Release or the Beginning of Silence?, Sound Moving into Infinity , Room Resonance and Decay, Tuning and Aligning Overtones , Chapter 6: Pulse, Time and Rhythm , Naturals and Hidden Pulse of Music, 3 Levels of Ensemble Pulse, Chapter 7: Conducting , Free Form Movement , Conductor's Vocabulary , Chapter 8:Coda, Sources and References , About the Author, Other Publications

8736 01 Book $24.95 Performance Tips

Ed Lisk : The Musical Mind of the Creative Director

Review: Chapters that address the connection of nuance and inflections with language and music and that expand the meaning of the words "ensemble and entrainment" are but a few of the insightful topics covered by this award-winning author. Ed Lisk's extensive professional career has enabled him to train many of today's leading music educators and provide materials used in schools and universities both here and abroad. The Musical Mind of the Creative Director expands his previous publications creating a greater awareness of the many components that surround the beauty of musical expression.

Songlist: Preface , Introduction , How This Book Is Organized, Chapter 1: The Immersed Musical Mind, Metacognition , The Conductor's Responsibility , Chapter 2: Designing Effective Rehearsals , Questioning Traditional Rehearsal Techniques, Designing A Rehearsal, Importance of the Warm-Up, Infusing Variety, Establishing Mental and Physical Readiness: The Warm-Up, Exercise 2.1. Teaching from the Circle of 4ths, More Thoughts on Removing the Notation, Chapter 3: Entrainment: The Invisible Communication System , Exercise 3.1. Aligning Ensemble Pulse, Exercise 3.2., Exercise 3.3. Making a Mind-Body Connection , Exercise 3.4. Apply Chord Qualities , Exercise 3.5. Breath Support , Chapter 4: Teaching Musical Artistry and Expression, Chapter 5: Connecting The Nuance and Inflections of Language With Music, Exercise 5.1. The Energy of Rhythm , Chapter 6: Connecting Feeling To Rhythm, Exercise 6.1. Expression Through Rhythm , Chapter 7: Developing and Exercising Musical Expression, Exercise 7.1. Discovering the Soul of Musical Expression , Exercise 7.2. Dynamics: Reading With True Expression, Why Practice Expression, Three Natural Laws of Musical Expression , Exercise 7.3. Expanding and Contracting Sound: Dynamics , Chapter 8: Shaping Ensemble Tone Quality and Sonority , Seating Arrangements , Shaping Ensemble Tone Quality , Step 1. Dynamic Balance, Step 2. Blend, Step 3. Intonation , Tone Quality , Exercise 8.1. Balance, Blend, and Intonation, The Problem With Tuning, Tuning By The Law of Sound: Overtone Series, Tuning an Instrument, Tuning With the Circle of 4ths, Full-Ensemble Tuning, Exercise 8.2. Full-Ensemble Tuning, Scales: Developing Ensemble Skills , The Problem With Scale Teaching, The Grand Master Scale, Coda, Appendix A. Circle of 4ths, Appendix B. Warm-Up Exercises, Appendix C. Spontaneous Reaction to Scales, Appendix D. Other Scale Variations, Appendix E. Dynamic Variations, Appendix F. Tuning Exercises, Appendix G. Scale Mastery, Appendix H. Articulation Exercises , Bibliography , About the Author

8737 01 Book $24.95 Choral Methods

Elizabeth Blades-Zeller : A Spectrum of Voices - Prominent American Voice Teachers Discuss the Teaching of Singing

Review: Teaching voice and vocal performance is by nature a subjective pursuit. This is the first book in the field of vocal pedagogy that draws on the brilliance and combined experience represented by an elite group of exemplary voice teachers. This research study and resulting book does not promote one teacher's perspective, nor does it promote one particular approach, but instead distills the best from the best, presenting nearly 30 quoted interviews from teachers of note. "How do the nation's most outstanding voice teachers teach?" The end result is the first book of its kind, based on solid qualitative research design and methodology, written in a lively, understandable and user-friendly way that provides a fascinating survey of comparative pedagogy. Each chapter is arranged in a question and answer format, presenting the question first, then listing the response of each vocal instructor interviewed. Voice teachers offer valuable insight into their teaching philosophies, the kinds of auxiliary training they recommend to their students, and how they structure their lessons. Astute quotes and strategies about posture, breathing, tonal resonance, diction, registration and tension are based on years of professional teaching. A glossary containing definitions, voice performance and pedagogy terminology, and idioms characteristic of the profession is also included. A quick and handy reference for the studio teacher, this book would also serve as a text for vocal pedagogy courses or a supplement for physiology and vocal mechanics. For teachers and students of singing, music educators, musical theatre performers and anyone who aspires to be an outstanding teacher.


8214 01 Book $39.95

Gerald Eskelin : Lies My Music Teacher Told Me

Review: A number of musical misconceptions are explored and exploded in this humorous and lucid disussion of the relation between the human perception of music and traditional systems of music education. Drawing on his extensive background in the music world, the author marshals an informal yet rigorous logic to guide the reader through the practical experiences and careful thinking that led him to his conclusions. Updated and refined in the light of reader feedback and more recent thinking, nagging questions such as "why does formal musical training often seem irrrelevant to musical success?" are readdressed. Seekers of musical truth stand to profit from this light-hearted assault on some of the more nebulous assumptions of the musical community.

Songlist: Overture, Scales, chords and other things having to do with pitch, Rhythmn, meter and other ideas you can count on, Coda

6397 01 Book $16.95 Choral Methods

Guy Webb : Up Front! Becoming the Complete Choral Conductor

Review: While many fine volumes have already been written on Training to be a choir director it is evident that singing in a college choir, taking one or two courses in conducting and a choral techniques class is all too frequently the extent of a choral conductor's training. Also, the path to conducting a choir is often approached from different areas of expertise - from one's keyboard skills or instrumental background, leaving many conductors without a concept of diction or choral tone. So much is involved in the learning process to become an effective choral director. A publication which would articulate basic concepts would be an invaluable research tool in the training of choral musicians. The learning process is the sum total of many things - courses taken, books read, conventions attended, and most importantly, on-the-job training. Though this book is written for the student, it is written for every choral director who is still striving to grow in the profession. It is not limited to those who have yet to find their first choral position.

Songlist: The Challenge of Choral Leadership in the Twentieth-First Century, Choral Literature: Research References, Current Sources, and Future Directions, Score Selection, Study, and Interpretation, Coming to Terms with Historical Performance Practices, Mastery of Choral Ensemble, Conducting, Choral Tone, Diction, Rehearsal Technique: A Guide for Planning the Choral Rehearsal, The Tools of a Choral Musician, Effective Choral Programming, Resources for the Choral Conductor

6334 01 Book $31.98 Beginning Choral Educators

James Jordan : The Conductor's Gesture

Review: The culmination of almost thirty years of research, writing, and teaching, this important book by James Jordan presents a vision of conducting gesture and technique as a movement language. In this comprehensive resource, Jordan applies the theories of movement education icon Rudolf Laban, as inspired by the pedagogical insights of Jordan's mentor and teacher Gail B. Poch. Each section is detailed through research, extensive discussion, and suggestions for study. Dr. Jordan's pioneering research and writing on this subject will make this seminal volume an indispensible resource for the development of conducting technique and the foundation of many approaches to conducting pedagogy. Also in this volume are contributions by Giselle Wyers and Meade Andrews. Dr. Wyers explores in depth the application of States and Drives, and makes direct applications to specific works in the choral literature. Dr. Andrews details a sequential curriculum for the practice and development of expressive conducting technique, all demonstrated on the DVD included with this book.

Songlist: An Examination of the Perception of Movement, Laban as a Gestural Morphology, The Consequences of Gesture, A New Pedagogy and Theory for Conducting, An Overview of Psychological Research, Behaviorism, The Importance of the Body Map, How Movement and Conducting Affects Ensembles, Explanation of Morphology, Toward an Understanding of Effort, Overview of the Importance of Breath, Dimensional Architectures of Movement, Rhythm Impulse and Conducting, Teaching Architecture of Sound, The Sound Membrane, The Impulse to Move: Harmonic Rhythm, Harmonic Progression, States and Drives, Effort Elements, Movement Signatures, Modes of Shape Change, Developing a Kinesthetic Vocabulary, Acquiring Conducting Technique Using the Principles of Laban

6734 01 Book $44.95 Choral Conducting

James Jordan : The Musician's Breath

Review: In this provocative book, James Jordan examines why and how the breath is the "delivery system" for human and musical ideas in performance. "The breath," Dr. Jordan writes, "is the most magical and human thing we can engage as artists." This book makes a compelling case for the power of the breath and the power of submitting oneself to its miracles. The Musician's Breath is divided into two sections: The first discusses the "why" of breathing, while the second provides the "how" with practical applications for singers, instrumentalists, and conductors. Co-authors and Westminster Choir College colleagues, voice teachers Mark Moliterno and Nova Thomas, add their unique perspectives through chapters on yoga and other paradigms that reveal the power of the breath. A companion DVD (available separately) guides viewers through yoga practices that can provide access points to understanding breath, free points of tension, and "holding" in the breathing process. With The Musician's Breath, all musicians-from choral directors to solo instrumentalists-will deepen their understanding of the miracle of human expression through breath. This pioneering book is also a passionate and compelling call for the use of the breath as a pedagogical tool for performers of all ages and levels.

Songlist: The Hear The Inaudible, The Ignorance of Breath, The Clairvoyant Breath, The Moment of Silence, Intention and Revelation, The Audiational Breath, Understanding the Mechanics of Breathing, Breath Defines Our Interiority, The Idea Informs the Body, The Power Within the Rest, Breathing into the Idea, Breath as Initator, Action-Reaction, What is "In The Moment"?, Toward a Deeper Artistry, The Conductors Intimate Connection to Breath, Empathatic Constant Exhalation, The Troughed Beat, Breath and Body Movement, Inhalation, Insipration, Qigong Practice, Basic Qigond Exercise Sequence

7454 01 Book $26.95

Joan Conlon : Wisdom, Wit and Will - Women Choral Conductors on Their Art

Review: Women have had a profound impact on the choral arts. This groundbreaking volume is a celebration and affirmation of this critical role, both through history and looking into the future, written by thirteen of the most significant voices in the choral profession. Wisdom, Wit, and Will is a refreshing perspective on the choral field, rebutting conventional attitudes toward conducting and gender, and including distinctive biographies of some of the pioneering female choral conductors. But even more importantly, this book is of tremendous value to anyone seeking fresh insights into the choral conducting profession. Divided into three sections-Our Music, Our Teaching, and Our Lives-this book is about creating the best possible experiences for choral conducting students and choral singe rs. Among just a few examples, Ann Howard Jones discusses "Analyzing the Choral-Orchestral Score," Doreen Rao focuses on "Feminine Perspectives on Conducting and Teaching Choral Music," and Hilary Apfelstadt enlightens us about "Finding Balance: Professional and Personal." This book also includes concise presentations of the score preparation techniques of Robert Shaw, Margaret Hillis, Nadia Boulanger, and many others. What do women want? They want the same things men want, or should want: exciting musical performances, sensitivity to text, attention to sound learning strategies in rehearsal, solid vocal technique, knowledge of the score, and more. Wisdom, Wit, and Will is a wonderful resource for anyone who aspires to develop his or her role as a professional and artistic choral conductor and teacher.

Songlist: Introduction, Analyzing the Choral-Orchestral Score, Must We Sing of Women Only as Men Have Sung?, Building Bridges: Choruses Engaging Communities, Conducting the Choral-Orchestral Work, Passion and Authenticity: A Conversation With Marin Alsop, Women Conductors as Leaders and Mentors, Women, Conductors, and the Tenure Process: What's Up In the Academy, Feminine Perspectives on Conducting and Teaching Choral Music, Teaching Graduate Conductors, Artistry Through Improvisation in the Choral Rehearsal, Finding Balance, Nadia and Me, Biographies of Selected American Women Choral Conductors, Charlene Archibeque, Tamara Brooks, Elaine Brown, Fiora Contino, Margaret Hawkins, Iva Dee Hiatt, Margaret Hillis, Eva Jessye, Colleen Kirk, Alice Parker, Lorna Cooke DeVaron, Jane Hardester

5301 01 Book $39.95 Choral Conducting

Joan Frey Boytim : The Private Voice Studio Handbook

Review: A nationally recognized expert in teaching private voice, Joan Boytim has compiled some of the most widely used vocal collections in the US. Her clinics about various aspects of teaching voice, literature, and running a voice studio have been attended by thousands of teachers. Now that professional wisdom has been put into a new book indispensible for independent instructors, The Private Voice Studio Handbook. Its chapters address, in practical detail, topics such as: starting a private voice studio; equipment and space; recruiting and accepting students; ideas for the very first lesson with a student; studio policies, guidelines and ethics; teaching music reading; recommended syllable drills and vocalises; lesson plans; practice procedures; choosing repertoire suitable to students' abilities; finding appropriate sacred solos; accounting and record-keeping; tax, insurance and retirement advice; techniques for teaching voice to children and adults; planning studio recitals; and many more. An excellent resource for college and university voice faculty.

Songlist: Getting Started, Finding My Space and Who Am I, Anyway?, What Do I Need In My Studio, Just A Few Things Before We Start, Getting Organized, New Students, Let's Start At The Very Beginning, Practice, Practice, Practice, Musical and Vocal Fitness, The Songs We Sing, What's An Octavo?, Anthologies For Adolescent and Novice Singers, Going Public, Vocal Techniques: A Few Tricks of My Trade, Express Yourself: Teaching Styles and Procedures, Should I Major In Music?, Will You Recommend Me?, How Did I Do?, When Your Student Is Your Age Or Older, I Don't Teach Children...But Some Of My Friends Do, Business 101, The Inevitable Uncle Sam, Nuts About Nats, Thou Shalt Not Photocopy and Other Ethical Issues, Pick-Me-Ups and Parting Thoughts

6234 01 Book $14.98 Vocal Coaches

John Bertalot : How To Be A Successful Choir Director

Review: Dr. John Bertalot has drawn on more than forty years' experience as a renowned choir director and organist to share his knowledge and expertise with those who, like himself, are dedicated to the highest standards of choral training and musical expression. His practical guidance is clear and detailed, illumined by his use of apt analogy, personal anecdote and lively humor, and informed throughout by his psychological and spiritual insights and Christian convictions. This is more than a book of instructions; it is a book of passion and inspiration which can be summed up in one word--love: love for music, love for his singers and love for God. It might well have been called 'Love in Practice,' but you need to read the book before you can fully appreciate how fitting that title would be.

Songlist: Encourage Punctuality, Begin Rehearsals Efficiently, Cure Irregular Attendence, Raise Musical Standards, Make Demands On Your Choir, Conduct More Creatively, Train Your Choir To Listen To You, Teach Them how To Breathe, Sing As Well On Sunday As At Rehearsal, An Inspiring Experience, Stop Your Singers Talking, Keep Your Singers In Order, Watch Out For The Second Law Of Thermodynamics, Ten Basic Points For Musical Rehearsal, Create A Positive Atmosphere, Warm-ups, More Tips About Singing In Tune, Some More Advanced Techniques, Some Hints For Organists, Playing Right Notes Confidently And Musically, More Practical Tips, Random Hints For Choir Practice, Rehearsal Hints For Church Choir Practice, Rehearsal Techniques At A Glance, Searching Questions Which Demand Action, Running A Children's Choir, Problems With Clergy, New Music , The New Choir Director, Finding Sufficient Energy, The Christian Element, A Lesson In Dedication, This Is What It's All About, Five Key Words

6303 01 Book $32.95 Beginning Choral Educators

John Bertalot : Immediately Practical Tips for Choral Directors

Review: In this book you'll learn such things as secrets to help fill your choir stalls, advanced choir training techniques, the "ten commandments" for leading successful rehearsals, pastoral concerns, contract information, and much more!.

Songlist: Beginning a New Job, Recruiting New Children, Auditions, Four Immediately Practictal Tips, Two Secrets To Help Fill Your Choirstalls, Choosing Music, A Training For Children's Choirs, Twelve Practical Suggestions, How To Create A Choir, Working With Colleagues, Choir Ceremonies, How To Ensure Good Behavior, Boys' Changing Voice, Choir Meals, Organizing Concert Series, Pastoral Concerns

6438 01 Book $17.95 Vocal Pedagogy

Julia Davids & Stephen LaTour : Vocal Technique - A Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers

Review: Vocal Technique: A Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers is the first book to connect the disciplines of vocal pedagogy, vocal science, and choral technique. It fills a need for accurate, well-researched, and easy-to-read information on how to teach and learn singing in both solo and choral contexts. This concise yet comprehensive guidebook offers numerous, practical voice-building and problem-solving suggestions and exercises, as well as clear photographs and elegant illustrations. The authors thoroughly address important topics such as breathing, onset, resonance, vowel modification, vibrato, register transitions, range extension, intonation, changing voices (both adolescent and aging), and vocal health. They integrate the perspectives of renowned artists, choral professionals, vocal pedagogues, and the latest in vocal science. This is a must-have for conductors, voice teachers, and music educators, and will benefit solo and choral singers of all ages and abilities.

Songlist: Foundations of Vocal Technique, Posture, Breath Control, Initiation, Creation, and Release of Sound, Resonance, Vowels, Consonants, Enhancements of Vocal Technique, Vibrato, Negotiation of the Vocal Registers, Improving Range, Improving Intonation, Legato, Staccato, Accents, Melismas, Dynamic Control, Improving Choral Blend, Changing Voices, Reducing Tension, Guarding Singers' Vocal Health, A Productive Warm-Up

7670 01 Book $32.95 Vocal Technique

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile - A Manual About Beautiful Singing for Singers, Teachers of Singing and Choral Conductors

Review: This vocal pedagogy textbook breaks the mold. Making complex concepts easily understood has been the hallmark of Kathi Rundus' teaching career. Filled with anatomical drawings, pictures, graphs and valuable vocal exercises, this book is wisely and attractively organized. Plus, every chapter includes a section specifically for the choral director! Katharin Rundus is a nationally recognized teacher, conductor and singer. Her most recent performances include: Arianna a Naxos for the inaugural conference of the California Haydn Society, soprano solos for Arvo Paart's Passio, Vaughn Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem, Handel's Dixit Dominus, Mozart's Requiem, Haydn's Creation, Beethovan's Mass in C, and Bach's St. John's Passion and B Minor Mass. In addition to her private studio at CSULB, Dr. Rundus is the coordinator of Vocal Studies at Fullerton College, where she also conducts the Chamber Singes and the Women's Chorale. She received her Bachelors of Music from Coe College, her Masters of Music from Westminster Choir College, and her PhD in Musical Arts from the Claremont Graduate University.

Songlist: Release of Tension, Opening the Vocal Tract, Breathing for Singing, Onsets and Releases, Resonance, Registers of the Voice, Focus of the Tone, Articulation, Musical Expression, Vocal Health, Aphorisms for Singing, Feelings and Emotions, List of Illustrations

5134 01 Book $58.95

Kenneth H. Phillips : Directing the Choral Music Program

Review: Directing The Choral Music Program is a comprehensive introduction to developing and managing choral music programs from elementary through high-school and adult levels. Designed primarily as a choral methods text for the undergraduate music education curriculum, it is also useful for choral directors in schools, churches, and communities. Broad in scope and practical in orientation, the book is structured around three basic units: the administrative process, rehearsal and performance planning, and choral techniques. In addition to core topics - including recruitment and audtioning, classroom managment, vocal development, and curriculum and performnace planning - it features many subjects not covered in other texts, such as student discipline, philosophy of choral music education, and history of choral conducting. The author presents material on directing show choirs and musicals; organizing choir tours, festivals, and contests; working with adolescent singers; teaching sight-singing skills.

Songlist: Becoming A Choral Music Director, Developing A Philosophy For The Music Program, Promoting And Recruiting For Choral Success, Planning And Building The Choral Program, Processing The Flow Of Information, Managing The Choral Program, Optional Projects, Working With Adolescent Singers, Planning For Discipline And Choir Conduct, Choosing The Music, Preparing The Rehearsal, Organizing Performances, Popular Music Presentations, Optional Projects, Vocal Development Part 1, Vocal Development Part 2, Energizing The Choral Warmup, Teaching Sight Singing Skills, Rehearsing The Choir, Understanding Styles And Performance Practices, Presenting The Performance, Directing Other Choral Organizations, Optional Projects

6459 01 Book $57.95 Choral Methods

Lucie Manen : Bel Canto - The Teaching of the Classical Italian Song-Schools

Review: Lucie Manen's career - as lieder and opera singer and physiotherapist - uniquely qualified her to write this manual. Here are the findings of her extensive investigations into the "lost" art of Bel Canto, its history, and its techniques.

Songlist: Preamble, Introduction, Investigation of Bel Canto Voice-Production and Breath-Control, Characteristics of Bel Canto, Building the Bel Canto Instrument, Bel Canto Breath-Control and Voice Production, Fundamental Principles of Bel Canto, Mastery Of Bel Canto Technique, Coloratura, Articulation, Voice Types and Vocal Timbres, Appendix: Summary of Research, Bibliography

7076 01 Book $28.95

Michael Kemp : The Choral Challenge

Review: From common to not-so-common problems facing choral conductors of all experience levels (from "a" for agility to "y" for yawning), Michael Kemp brings a lifetime of experience living and working in the choral world to create a truly remarkable and practical book. Kemp starts with a myriad of quick-fix solutions to common "choral challenges" and then provides in-depth explanations for choir directors who need more. He follows with sections on planning and preparation (including 62 warm-up exercises), as well as an enlightening discussion on motivating and recruiting choir members. The result is a truly comprehensive handbook representing true best practices poured into a single incredibly useful and well-organized resource. Michael Kemp is an internationally respected choral clinician, conducting more than 300 workshops and festivals over 35 years. He is conductor of the choruses and orchestras of Germantown Academy in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania, and is a member of the legendary Kemp family of choral musicians.

Songlist: Introduction: The Human Voice, Ch 1: Loosening Up the Articulators, Ch 2: Posture And Spinal Alignment, Ch 3: Open Throat, Ch 4: Breath Support and Airflow, Ch 5: Tone Placement and Vocal Registers, Ch 6: Vowel Color and Diction, Ch 7: Vibrato, Ch 8: Other Concerns Related to the Voice, Ch 9: How To Place Singers into Correct Voice Parts, Ch 10: Considerations in Choosing Repertoire, Ch 11: Conductor Study Procedures, Ch 12: Warm-Up Exercises, Ch 13: Conductor Concerns Regarding Rehearsal, Ch 14: Additional Ideas for Energizing Rehearsal, Ch 15: What Is Different About Conducting Instruments?, Ch 16: Get Yourself Motivated First, Ch 17: The Discipline of the Conductor, Ch 18: Motivational Aspects of Rehearsing, Ch 19: Steps Toward Increasing Your Effectiveness, Ch 20: Stuck In A Rut?, Ch 21: Getting Ready for Rehearsals, Ch 22: A Successful Rehearsal Comes From A Stimulating Plan, Ch 23: Keeping Rehearsal Alive, Ch 24: Teaching Through Sports Analogies, Ch 25: People Skills for Choir Directions, Ch 26: Getting Singers to Aim Higher, Ch 27: Developing Teamwork, Ch 28: Building The Support System, Ch 29: Motivating Yourself Past Problems, Ch 30: Adopting a New Perspective, Ch 31: Developing Worthy Goals, Ch 32: Marketing Your Philosophy, Ch 33: Tips For Interviews with Potential Supporters, Ch 34: Stimulating Curiosity, Ch 35: The "Hit List": Gathering Names To Go After, Ch 36: Recruiting Strategies for Youth, Ch 37: A Recruiting Credo

6659 01 Book $39.95

Paul F. Roe : Choral Music Education - Second Edition

Review: Unusually comprehensive coverage! This highly regarded volume covers the many facets of vocal music education. It is a practical tool for those preparing to be choral conductors and vocal music educators. It is abundant in constructive and insightful information and will remain an important source of many useful ideas and solutions. Special features include: addresses nuts and bolts administrative concerns such as budgets, music, supplies, and equipment; offers particular insight to the challenges of junior high vocal music education; presents topics related to conducting, rehearsal technique, style, and performance so that students of conducting may be introduced progressively, starting with the basic skills and leading to the finer points of style and performance.

Songlist: Promotional Activities and Recommendations for Scheduling and Curriculum, Organizing the Singers, Extra-Class Responsibilities of the Teacher, Vocal Fundamentals, Vocal Fundamentals, Continued, Sight-Reading, The General Music Class and Some Junior High Problems, Conducting, Class Control and Rehearsal Techniques, Style and Musical Traditions, Performances

6393 01 Book $37.95 Beginning Choral Educators

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