Choral Development Resources

A good choral group makes it all sound so easy, as they sweep you away with their music. With these instructional and developmental works, your choir, too, can fool the audience into thinking it's a breeze. From the basic beginnings of forming the choir, up to the complexity of gaining that world-class sound, in every genre of choral music, it's all here, in book, video & DVD format.

the Choral Conducting

As any singer knows, a good conductor makes or breaks a choir. But if you don’t have the time, money or skills to go to a university program to study to be a conductor, where can you learn those important skills that will help you lead your group to the excellence you know is buried within? We’re glad you asked! You’ve come to the right place… Here you can learn how to conduct with feeling, how to encourage communications or evoke just that sound you’re looking for, we’ve got the books for you. You can learn basic conducting skills or advanced techniques, so we’re good for the beginners and the experienced!

the Choral Techniques and Methods

Choral arrangements aren’t that difficult to find – what can be a lot harder to find are manuals and instructional guides, not on what to do, but on how to do it. Everything from rehearsal technique to tone and intonation, singing in multiple languages to music with changing anchor notes. This is the chance to pick up insider techniques - we’ve got books from educators in a number of countries, imparting the techniques they’ve used to teach their students for decades. What could be better than learning from the experts who have been teaching this stuff for years?

Handbook for Beginning Choral Educators the Instructional Material for the Beginning Choir Director

The choir director does more than conduct and lead a choir, he is also tasked to make sure the members attend rehearsals and be at their best when performing. He carefully chooses the pieces that the group will perform and makes sure everything is in order; from the vocal harmony down to the stage formation. A good choir director is one who has strong leadership skills. He must be able to motivate and inspire the group, be firm and creative. A choir director sometimes acts as an accompanist, is a good singer himself, knows rules and techniques that make a vocal performance stand out. Choir directors usually have a background in teaching, music theory, conducting, harmony and vocal production. He is also knowledgeable of various musical styles that can be performed by the group. Here is a selection of material that will help you become this kind of choir director.

the Choir Warm-Ups and Excercises

Any good choral director or singer knows that there’s more to choral work than just singing – you need to know how to warm-up properly, and what exercises to do to improve your vocal quality, tonality, breathing and all the other things that go into making you a good singer. Isn’t it nice, then, that there’s so many different books and CDs on the subject? Books with favourite warm-up exercises from dozens of choral directors around the U.S. and the world, from people who are respected experts in their fields, books that will teach you all the insider tricks & techniques that will make all the difference in your choir.

the Choreography and Movement

Outside the a cappella and choral worlds, people don’t realize what a major role in vocal music choreography has begun to take in the last two decades, but we insiders know it.  It adds an element of life, personality and spirit to a performance, it makes your concerts visual delights as well as auditory ones, and rounds out the whole picture. The problem is learning, how to incorporate movement into the performance without doing it wrong. It’s an area that is not difficult to get wrong – too much, too little, too inappropriate to the music, you name it, there are so many ways it can go wrong. So aren’t you glad to see that we carry more than half a dozen books & DVDs to instruct you?

the The Choral Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect! So the expression goes and of course we all know that to get the best from your choir one really does need to rehearse a great deal. To help encourage singers to reach their potential we offer here several techniques and methods to get the most from the rehearsal time and to make it as enjoyable and productive as possible.

the Teaching and Learning Sight Singing

Have you ever seen someone pick up a chart and deliver an almost flawless performance on their first reading? Sometimes it's talent, but you did know that it's also a learned skill, right? And here's your chance to learn it. We've got books for teachers of primary and secondary-school singers, as well as those written for the adult singer. You wouldn't think sight-singing could be made easy, but that's because you haven't read these books (or listened to the accompanying CDs & tapes) yet.

the Instructional Choral DVDs and Videos

An entire category of workshops-in-a-box! Prestigious choral instructors from all walks, universities to professional choirs, have created these DVD and Video sets that allow you to not only read the works of the greats, but see them in action. They oughtta be in pictures – and they are! Whether it’s Basic Conducting Technique, Creating Artistry Through Movement, The Choral Warm-Up, Fine Tuning Your Conducting Skills, Teaching Kids To Sing, Arranging for choral groups, or learning the techniques of some the most senior, well-respected, internationally known & loved ensembles, we’ve got it all for you here in pictures.

the Development Material for Children's Choir Directors

There’s more to keeping a group of children interested in singing than just having fun arrangements, as we’re sure our customers who direct choirs are well aware. There are techniques and styles that are useful to learn if directing a children’s choir is something you’d like to do one day, or are even doing now. And fortunately for our customers who are in need of this learning experience, Primarily A Cappella has gathered a selection of products that will teach you what you need to know to keep the kids interested, and singing those beautiful clear, pure sounds only a children’s choir can produce.

the Development Material for Church Choirs

The experience of singing in a church choir is often how many people first learn how much they enjoy singing hamony and the church choir is usually open to all levels of singers. There are therefore unique challenges for the church choir director who might have a more varied group of singers than perhaps a auditioned choir to work with. We offer here a selection of material that will help you get the most musically from your choir.

the Choral Pedagogy

We’ve all had that music teacher or choir director who made music fun for us. We’ve admired these people, and their knowledge. They had that spark we wanted to share… and here, we can. Some of the most important things for a healthy singer to know about producing a clear, strong and reliable voice are here in these books – and more importantly, they will teach you how to teach it to others. Whether you’re teaching adult sopranos or kids, teaching sight-singing or Jazz, take a wander through this section and enjoy.

the Choral Singers Resources

Singing in a choir is certainly lots of fun but there is not always the time or opportunity for the individual singer to improve their voice. Here we offer a selection of books that are specially designed for the choral singer to help make them better singers.

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