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Female Barbershop Music Arrangements

Sing in the Sweet Adeline style with these close harmony arrangements in the barbershop style which are suitable for both beginning and experienced quartets and choruses.

Individual Folios

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Africa : SSAA : Alex Morris : David Paich : Toto : 00241380 : 888680703530

Alex Morris : Africa

Energetic, rhythmic, and a joy to sing, Alex Morris has all the right ingredients in his arrangement of this beloved 1980s classic. Whether performing a cappella or with a percussionist or two, this arrangement is sure to be an audience favorite.

Arranger: Alex Morris | Composers: David Paich and Jeff Porcaro Performed By: Toto

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella |

Are You Lonesome Tonight? : SSAA : Steve Jamison : Elvis Presley : Sheet Music : 387668

Steve Jamison : Are You Lonesome Tonight?

The song was written in 1926 by vaudevillians Lou Handman and Roy Turk with three verses, followed by a spoken bridge. In April 1960, after Elvis Presley's two-year service in the United States Army, he recorded the song at the suggestion of manager Colonel Tom Parker; "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" was Parker's wife, Marie Mott's, favorite song.

Arranger: Steve Jamison Performed By: Elvis Presley

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella

Be Our Guest : SSAA : Steve Delehanty : Alan Menken : Beauty and the Beast : Sheet Music : 00151485 : 812817020894

Steve Delehanty : Be Our Guest

This marvelous song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a delight and this arrangement from Steve Delehanty is a winner. This is the female quartet version.

Arranger: Steve Delehanty | Composer: Alan Menken | Lyricist: Howard Ashman and Tim Ric | Musical: Beauty and the Beast

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Voicing: SSAA | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Can't Stop the Feeling! : SSAA : Aaron Dale : Justin Timberlake : Justin Timberlake : 00241605 : 812817021433

Aaron Dale : Can't Stop the Feeling!

Catchy, infectious, and downright fun to sing, this 2016 smash hit by Justin Timberlake, featured in the DreamWorks Animation film Trolls, is a must-have for your quartet or chorus repertoire. Aaron Dale delivers an accessible arrangement, suitable for any strong ead or Lead section, that stays true to the original and will bring your audiences to their feet, singing and clapping along!

Arranger: Aaron Dale | Composer: Justin Timberlake Performed By: Justin Timberlake

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella |

Change the World : SSAA : Deke Sharon : Tommy Sims : Eric Clapton : Sheet Music : 00234450 : 812817021280

Deke Sharon : Change the World

Originally recorded by Eric Clapton and produced by Kenneth Babyface Edmonds for the soundtrack of the 1996 film Phenomenon, this brand new arrangement from the powerhouse arranging team of Deke Sharon and David Wright breathes new life into this pop classic.

Arranger: Deke Sharon | Composers: Tommy Sims and Gordon Kennedy Performed By: Eric Clapton

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Fight Song : SSAA : Wayne M. Grimmer : Rachel Platten : Sheet Music : 00155683 : 812817020962

Wayne M. Grimmer : Fight Song

This song was a hit single from singer-songwriter Rachel Platten's debut album on Columbia Records. Both male and female arrangements of this pop classic are available.

Arranger: Wayne M. Grimmer | Composer: Rachel Platten

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Voicing: SSAA | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Happy Together : SSAA : Liz Garnett : Garry Bonner : 00151487 : 812817020931

Liz Garnett : Happy Together

This 1967 hit by the Turtles has become a vocal harmony favorite and this arrangement will indeed make your quartet be happy together. This is the female quartet arrangement.

Arranger: Liz Garnett | Composers: Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon

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Voicing: SSAA | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Hooked on a Feeling : SSAA : John Nicholas : Mark James  : 00155684 : 812817020979

John Nicholas : Hooked on a Feeling

The 1968 B.J. Thomas hit achieved new life in 1974 when the Swedish pop group Blue Swede covered the song adding the now-familiar "ooga-chaka" lyric. Appearing in numerous commercials, movies and television shows, the iconic song resurfaced again in the blockbuster film "Guardians of the Galaxy." This playful four-part a cappella arrangement from the Barbershop Harmony society is available in voicings for any ensemble - TTBB, SSAA or SATB.

Arranger: John Nicholas | Composer: Mark James

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Voicing: SSAA | $3.20 | A Cappella |

I'm Thru with Love : SSAA : Kevin Keller : 00251412 : 812817021495

Kevin Keller : I'm Thru with Love

Recorded by Bing Crosby in 1931, I'm Thru with Love quickly became a jazz pop standard that was featured in films and covered by such notable artists as Marilyn Monroe, Nat King Cole, Etta Jones and many others. This beautiful a cappella barbershop arrangement is available in both men's and women's editions and features classic harmony with tons of gorgeous major seventh chords.

Arranger: Kevin Keller

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Voicing: SSAA | A Cappella |

Little Saint Nick : SSAA : Jon Nicholas : Brian Wilson : 00218600 : 812817021266

Jon Nicholas : Little Saint Nicknew

You'll have 4-part a cappella harmony fun with this barbershop arrangement of the Beach Boys classic song!

Arranger: Jon Nicholas | Composers: Brian Wilson and Mike Love

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) : SSAA : Kirk Young : Billy Joel : Sheet Music : 00241607 : 812817021419

Kirk Young : Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

A cherished favorite from the BHS catalog, Kirk Young's setting of this Billy Joel ballad was performed by 1993 Quartet Champs, Gas House Gang. The arrangement is simple, elegant, and will be a special moment in any concert set.

Arranger: Kirk Young Performed By: Billy Joel

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella |

My Romance : SSAA : Burt Szabo : Richard Rodgers : Sheet Music : 00251414 : 812817021518

Burt Szabo : My Romance

Featured in films and covered by such notable artists as Doris Day, Frank Sinatra and Dave Brubeck, Rodgers and Hart's 1935 hit has become one of the most beloved standards of all time. This beautifully crafted a cappella barbershop arrangement is available in men's and women's editions. It features a refined, elegant setting that is both accessible and emotional.

Arranger: Burt Szabo | Composer: Richard Rodgers

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella |

Old Familiar Faces : SSAA : Diana Franceshi : Gus Edwards : Sheet Music : 380718

Diana Franceshi : Old Familiar Faces

"Them There Eyes" is a jazz standard first published in 1930. One of the early recorded versions was performed by Louis Armstrong in 1931 and It was made famous by Billie Holiday,).

Arranger: Diana Franceshi | Composer: Gus Edwards | Lyricist: Billy Rose

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella

Smile : SSAA : Dot Calvin : Charles Chaplin : Sheet Music : 387588

Dot Calvin : Smile

"Smile" has become a popular standard since its original use in Chaplin's film "Modern Times". Its timeless theme will be pleasing us for generations to come and a wonderful addition to any quartet's repertoire.

Arranger: Dot Calvin | Composer: Charles Chaplin | Lyricist: John Turner and Geoffrey

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella

Stars and Stripes Forever : SSAA : David Wright : John Philip Sousa : Sheet Music : 00234456 : 812817021341

David Wright : Stars and Stripes Forever

John Philip Sousa was an American composer and conductor best known for his military and patriotic marches. Sousa has over 100 marches to his credit, but this is his most successful and influential piece. A great challenge for your ensemble, you are sure to energize and impress your audiences with this most marvelous of marches!

Arranger: David Wright | Composer: John Philip Sousa

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Suddenly I See : SSAA : Robert Rund : KT Tunstall : The Devil Wears Prada : Sheet Music : 00251416 : 812817021525

Robert Rund : Suddenly I See

A tribute to "female power," this KT Tunstall hit was featured in the film "The Devil Wears Prada" and countless other TV shows, films and video games. This bluesy country hybrid has been distilled into a four-part a cappella arrangement in the classic barbershop style for Sweet Adelines and women's ensembles.

Arranger: Robert Rund Performed By: KT Tunstall | Musical: The Devil Wears Prada

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Voicing: SSAA | A Cappella |

Text Me Merry Christmas : SSAA : Adam Scott : Adam Schlesinger : Kristen Bell : 00218599 : 812817021204

Adam Scott : Text Me Merry Christmas

Added to the Published catalog by popular demand, Adam Scott has re-voiced his original arrangement for female voices! Originally written for Kristen Bell and contemporary a cappella group Straight No Chaser, this chart is a fun, flirty option for the holidays with a pop sensibility. Brand new Learning Tracks available produced by Katie Taylor.

Arranger: Adam Scott | Composers: Adam Schlesinger and David Javerbaum Performed By: Kristen Bell

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella |

That Old Gang of Mine : SSAA : Ann Minihane : Sheet Music : 129028

Ann Minihane : That Old Gang of Mine

"That Old Gang of Mine" is a 1923 popular song composed by Ray Henderson with lyrics by Billy Rose and Mort Dixon, and published by Irving Berlin, Inc. It was introduced in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1923 by the vaudeville duo Van and Schenk. The song became a million-seller.

Arranger: Ann Minihane

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella

Thinking Out Loud : SSAA : Kirby Shaw : Ed Sheeran : Ed Sheeran : Sheet Music : 00234448 : 812817021389

Kirby Shaw : Thinking Out Loudnew

This brand new offering from master arranger Kirby Shaw combines the romantic lyric and thoughtfully crafted and singable melody with the arranger's own signature treatment. The result is a stellar chart featuring a strong lead part that stays true to the original 2015 smash hit.

Arranger: Kirby Shaw | Composer: Ed Sheeran Performed By: Ed Sheeran

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Titanium : SSAA : Deke Sharon and David Wright : David Guetta : Sheet Music : 00151483 : 812817020887

Deke Sharon and David Wright : Titanium

Wow. Two of a cappella's most highly acclaimed arrangers collaborate on this stunning arrangement of vocal pop sensation Sia's hit song. This is an arrangement that should be in every quartet's repertoire.

Arranger: Deke Sharon and David Wright | Composer: David Guetta

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Voicing: SSAA | $3.20 | A Cappella |

Unforgettable : SSAA : Mary K. Coffman : Irving Gordan : 420818

Mary K. Coffman : Unforgettable

The great Irving Gordan song was made famous by Nat Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole and is surely one of the great American standards. Mary Coffman does her magic here to create an arrangement that;s fun to sing.

Arranger: Mary K. Coffman | Composer: Irving Gordan

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | A Cappella

Warm and Fuzzy : SSAA : Peter Benson : Billy Gilman : Billy Gilman : Sheet Music : 00218597 : 812817021235

Peter Benson : Warm and Fuzzy

Originally recorded by country singer Billy Gilman for his gold-certified album entitled Classic Christmas. Peter Benson's arrangement is a fresh, fun, and friendly option for your holiday repertoire and is available in both men's and women's keys!

Arranger: Peter Benson | Composer: Billy Gilman Performed By: Billy Gilman

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Voicing: SSAA | A Cappella |

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