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Vocalises for Singers

A vocalise is a vocal exercise (often one suitable for performance) without words, which is sung on one or more vowel sounds. An exercise, composition, or arrangement in which a performer sings solmization syllables or other meaningless vocal sounds rather than a text. Vocalise dates back to the mid-18th century. Jean-Antoine Berard's 1755 compilation L 'art du chant includes a selection of songs (sans paroles) by composers such as Lully and Rameau, chosen for their value as exercises in vocal technique. Accompanying the exercises were instructions on mastering the technical challenges they posed. By the 19th century vocalises were commonly composed specifically for pedagogical purposes rather than being adapted from existing songs

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Victor Herbert : 50 Vocalises

Review: These vocalizzi were specially devised to exercise the vocal muscles and build up strength, stamina, and flexibility. Few singers know that some sixty muscles are embedded in the larynx itself for operating the vocal cords. Most of the vocalizzi are suitable for all voices; however, Nos 7, 37-45, are more for the coloratura and light sopranos, Nos 46-49 are quite exacting, but great voice-builders if employed judiciously.

Songlist: 50 Vocalises (Vowelisation Exercises)

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