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 Vocal Basics for the Beginning Singer

There’s a reason those “for Dummies” books are so popular – it’s because they’re so useful. If you’re the shy type, scared to open your mouth and show how little you know, invest in one of these beginners’ books, CDs and DVDs, and open your mouth to sing proudly! One major complaint of vocal instructors is those students who come to them with bad habits that they need to unlearn. With the products we have here, in our “Basics for the Beginning Singer” category, you can skip that whole learning-bad-habits thing and just learn how to do it right from day 1. How could that be a bad thing?

Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson Presents: Ultimate Voice Coach

Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson Presents: Ultimate Voice Coach

No matter what style you sing - Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Gospel, Jazz or Opera - the The Ultimate Voice Coach is right for you. Some of the world's most famous singers have benefited from these very same lessons. Now it's your turn! If you have the desire and determination to develop a voice with more power, control and style, the Ultimate Voice Coach is your answer. Follow the easy step-by-step directions and you will be on the path to achieving the voice you've always dreamed of. Learn to sing in tune with amazing power and range, develop a singing voice and have fun practicing karaoke songs (included), master professional singing techniques, customized training - beginner/intermediate/advanced and age-appropriate options. The Ultimate Voice Coach contains a DVD with over 3 hours of professional voice lessons with Gary Catona & Ron Anderson, one CD with over 1 hour of practice lessons, one CD+G: with 5 karaoke songs for CD, DVD or Karaoke machine: and an illustrated, in-depth manual containing important vocal fundamentals.

Gary Catona has worked with A-list clients that include some of the world's hottest singing stars. He is the voice coach for celebrities like Usher, Andrea Bocelli, Jennifer Lopez, Babyface, Seal, Liza Minnelli, Tony Bennett, Shakira, Boyz II Men, Sade, Brian Wilson, Kenny Loggins, Lisa Marie Presley and countless others. Gary's secret is his own internationally acclaimed Voice Building System based on a scientific excercise method that produces astounding results fast - just ask Paula and Randy.

Ron Anderson: International classical luminary turned world-famous voice instructor, Ron Anderson is American's foremost teacher of the timeless and renowned vocal technique, Bel Canto (Beautiful Sound). Ron is the "go to" voice teacher for multiple-platinum recording artists, major record labels and top music producers. His client list includes: Axl Rose, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Kylie Minogue, Enrique Inglesias, Chris Cornell, Ozzy Osbourne, Mary J. Blige, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bjork, Lisa Loeb and hundreds more.

6313 Book, DVD, CD $19.95

Mike Campbell: Vocal Basics

Vocal basics

Correct Breathing and Mouth Position
Vowel Exercises: The Key to Developing Vocal Control
How To Find Your Vocal Range
How To Use Your Technique in Different Styles
Exercises for Extending Your Vocal Range
"Chest Voice" and "Head Voice"
Ways To Interpret a Melody and Make the Lyrics Come Alive
Vocal Maintainance: Taking Care of Your Voice

Aspiring singers take note, this program from music instruction guru Mike Campbell lays down all the basics to get the most out of your vocal cords. Mr. Campbell's video is suitable for anyone, from beginners to experienced singers looking for the foundations for proper technique. Mr. Campbell provides vowel exercises, teaches correct breathing and mouth position, and advises how to find your own vocal range in this half-hour lesson, laying the groundwork for a successful foray into the daunting world of professional singing.

1163 DVD $14.95

Andres Andrade: The Complete Absolute Beginners Voice Course

The Complete Absolute Beginners Voice Course

The Parts of your Instrument
Your First Vocal Exercises
Warm-up Exercises
Agility Exercises
Resonance Exercises
Vocal Troubleshooting
The Parts of Your Instument
Before You Start to Sing
Posture and Alignment
Exercises to Achieve Correct Posture
Vowels and Consonats
Your First Vocal Exercises
How to Practice
Vocal Classification
About the Repertoire
Basic Music Notation
Glossary of Musical Terms and Symbols
Vocal Troubleshooting

The Absolute Beginners approach is designed to make learning to sing easier than ever before! Suitable for both male and female beginners, this step-by-step guide takes you through the basics, from how to stand and breathe correctly, to singing your first song. Includes a picture guide to learning the art of singing. Begins with diagrams of the head and chest, and explanations of different 'resonators' and 'articulators' that create speech and singing, followed by posture, breathing and relaxation exercises. Next comes vocal exercises - demonstrated for female and male singers on the first CD, followed by a backing tracks. Includes ten songs which are presented on the second audio CD in performance and accompaniment versions. Also includes a section on vocal troubleshooting and a pull-out chart detailing a five-week plan of vocal exercises. The complete voice course brings together a method book, two audio CD's and a DVD in a single multimedia package to provide a total learning system.

6812 BOOK, DVD & CD $29.95

Andres Andrade: Absolute Beginners Voice (DVD)

The Parts of your Instrument
Your First Vocal Exercises
Warm-up Exercises
Agility Exercises
Resonance Exercises
Vocal Troubleshooting

The Absolute Beginners approach is designed to make learning to sing easier than ever before! Suitable for both male and female beginners, this step-by-step guide takes you through the basics, from how to stand and breathe correctly, to singing your first song. Includes a picture guide to learning the art of singing. Begins with diagrams of the head and chest, and explanations of different 'resonators' and 'articulators' that create speech and singing, followed by posture, breathing and relaxation exercises. Next comes vocal exercises - demonstrated for female and male singers on the first CD, followed by a backing tracks. Includes ten songs which are presented on the second audio CD in performance and accompaniment versions. Also includes a section on vocal troubleshooting and a pull-out chart detailing a five-week plan of vocal exercises.

6811 DVD $19.95

Andy Waterman & Kate Reid: Glee - Vocal Method & Songbook

Can't Fight This Feeling
Don't Stop Believin'
Hello, Goodbye
Keep Holding On
Lean On Me
To Sir, With Love

A must for all Gleeks with an inner desire to belt it out like their favorite cast members, the Glee Vocal Method & Songbook teaches people how to become better singers and performers, all in the style of the show. The method teaches eight of Glee's most popular songs. Each tune highlights three specific vocal concepts with three uniquely developed vocal exercises designed to build vocal chops. Like taking private lessons with a professional vocal teacher, this new release lets students: learn the vocabulary of vocal study; understand how to use microphones in performance; read background info on the writers and original artists for each song; study what each song is about; analyze lyrics; and much more. The real fun comes in with the accompanying CD and the choreography instruction. Containing warm-ups as well as full-length backing tracks for performance, the CD lets budding vocalists sing in “live” performances along with experienced singers. The book offers choreography tips for each song, with Glee-inspired staging ideas designed for as few as three and up to 30 singers!

7302 Book & CD $12.95

Terri Brinegar: Sing!

Keep it Simple
Flexible Tension
Breath vs. Tension
Diaphragmatic Breath
Resonating Cavities
Resonance and Tone
Singing Vowels
Vocal Breaks
Emotional Expression
Sight Reading
Vocal Health
Vocal Exercises

The Book/CD package of “Sing! The Young Women's Guide to Success as a Singer and Performer” contains clear and easy-to-understand information for the aspiring young vocalist. The chapters are broken down into six sections. The most prominent chapter is on Vocal Technique, which includes Breathing, Range, Resonance, Pitch, Placement, Vocal Breaks, and Vibrato. Terri believes a strong foundation of vocal technique must be learned to achieve success in any style of singing. The other chapters include experienced guidance on Musicianship, Gigging, Working with a Band, Stage Performance Techniques, and much more.“Sing! The Young Women’s Guide to Success as a Singer and Performer” is a 58-page book, and includes 2 vocal exercise CD’s. CD#1 contains Voice and Piano tracks so that the young singer may sing along with Terri while learning the exercises. CD#2 contains Piano-Only tracks for the singer to use once she is comfortable with the exercises.

6707 Book & 2CDs $19.95

Teri Danz: Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer

Pop Singers Warmup Kit

Posture and Breathing
Vocal Resonance and Projection
Vocal Health and Maintenance
Music Theory Basics
Ear Training
Working With Microphones

What seems like natural talent in a great singer is in reality a mixture of skill, training, and experience. This book is a complete guide to helping aspiring artists develop and manage their voice, learn solid techniques for successful pop singing, and improve their stage presence. It also provides an overview of music theory and reading, and indispensable tips for forging a singing career. Topics covered include: posture and breathing; vocal resonance and projection; vocal health and maintenance; various singing and musical styles; ear training; performing live and in the studio; working with microphones; and so much more! The accompanying CD includes a terrific set of warm-up exercises for daily use, as well as vocal and musical examples of each of the concepts presented.

7301 BOOK & CD $14.95

Shalee & David Schmidt: Gotta Sing Voice Lessons

Singers Alignment
Breath Management
Matching Pitch
Vocal Tract Tuning
Onset and Release
Passaggio and Vocal Registers
Messa di Voce
Stage Fright and Performance

Gotta Sing is the most comprehensive vocal training series available. The techniques and training in this series will take you from beginning techniques and skills to advanced professional exercises and capabilities. Whether you are just beginning or are already an experienced vocalist, you will enjoy learning from our professional training while improving your singing voice. DVD 1 will teach you the basics of singing. You will learn to stand like a singer, how to use your breathing in the most efficient way, how to sing on pitch and the basics of vowel formation. Lessons include: Singer Alignment, Breath Management, Matching Pitch, and Vocal Tract Tuning. DVD 2 takes you to the next level of your vocal development. You will learn to get through the “break” in your voice, sing longer phrases and how to articulate words for clarity. Lessons include: Onset and Release, Articulation, Legato, Passaggio and Vocal Registers. DVD 3 teaches advanced skills of singing to be learned after you have mastered DVD 1 and DVD 2. You will learn how to develop your vibrato, sing in different dynamic levels and to move quickly from note to note. The series ends with tips on performance routines and how to overcome stage fright. Lessons include: Vibrato, Messa di Voce, Coloratura, Stage Fright and Performance.

6708 3DVDs $39.95

Karen Surmani: Singing 101 - A Contemporay Approach to Singing

How to Read Music
Singing Posture
The Tongue and Throat
D.C. al Fine or Da Capo al Fine
The Jaw
Incomplete Measures
Repeat Signs
Singing Vowels and Consonants
6/8 Time Signature
Matching Pitches
Vocal Space
The Fermata
Breath Marks
More About Breathing
Vocal Resonance
Higher Pitches
Musical Expression
Legato and Staccato

Singing 101 starts with the very basics and gets you singing right away. Every lesson in the book is explained and performed by the instructor on the DVD. It's just like taking a class in the privacy of your own home. If you’re new to vocals and want a grasp of the fundamentals so you can start singing your favorite songs, pick this up today!

5431 BOOK & DVD $19.95

Sharon Stohrer: Singers Companion

Getting Started
Working with the Score
Health and Body Awareness
The Complete Singer/Musician
A Few Words About Technique
A Brief look at Performance Anxiety
Singing as a Career or Avocation
Philosophy of Singing
Performance Anxiety: An Annotated Bibliography
About The Author

The Singer's Companion is a basic text aimed at college-level students of singing covering all the basic issues faced by vocalists in all styles of music. The book begins with the nuts-and-bolts issues of finding a good teacher and basic steps in learning a song. Then, the author addresses the issue of how to practice, work with a score, audition and perform. Vital issues of vocal health are addressed, as well as career issues facing all singers. The book concludes with some issues in the philosophy of singing, including the psychology of singing. Throughout, the author offers practical advice, step-by-step instruction, and graded exercises that will guide even the novice singer to better understand her or his instrument.

5288 BOOK $29.95

Mary King / Anthony Legge: The Singers Handbook

The Singing Teacher
How The Voice Works
Some Basic Anatomy
How To Warm Up and Practice
Learning and Memorizing Music
Try-out Performances
Practice Techniques and Tips
Basics of Music Style
Evaluating your Progress
First Performances
Singing Coaches
Language Coaches
Exams, Competitions and Awards
Being Business Like
Practice and Self Discipline
The Singer's Job

Unique, informative and engaging, The Singer's Handbook is a must have for all aspiring singers! Drawn from their extensive experience in the professional singing arena, Mary King and Anthony Legge shine a light onto the fascinating world of singing and the music business, enabling any singer to discover the tools to develop their own talents. Indispensable to amateur enthusiasts and those with professional aspirations alike, The Singer's Handbook is packed full of practical information, technical advice and exclusive tips to provide guidance for every stage of a singer's development - from finding your first teacher to dealing with the pressures of a professional career. Highlights include: Useful tips on learning music, warming up and effective practice; Practical information on looking after your voice; Technical advice for singing in different musical styles, including classical music and musical theatre; Condsiderations regarding singing in foreign languages; Points of stagecraft; How to approach exams, auditions and career development.

5161 BOOK $18.95

Roma Waterman: The Handbook For Working Singers

How to warm up
Live work
Studio work
Choral works
Overcoming stage fright
voice problems and how to fix them...
and much more!

The Handbook for Working Singers is an easy-to-understand reference book on vocal training. Whether you are a professional performer, amateur singer or just starting to learn, this book is the ideal reference tool, and a must have for any vocalist aspiring to reach their full potential.

6854 BOOK $17.95

Bettina Sheppard: The Everything Singing Book

Top Ten Things You Should Know About Singing
Getting Started
Voice as an Instrument
Registers of the Voice
Voice Classification
A Basic Voice Class
Caring For Your Voice
Reading Music
Basic Music Theory
How To Practice
Finding A Teacher
Performance and Career Opportunities
Choral Singing
Popular Styles

The easy way to discover your best voice! You love to sing – but singing in the shower and singing well are two different things. This book provides the first step in your voice training. You'll discover your best voice with this no-nonsense guide to the basics of singing. With step-by-step instructions, you'll learn about breathing, body support, and sound placement for more power and focus, as well as ways to keep your voice healthy and strong. The accompanying CD gives you all the practice exercises you'll need to get started. This book/CD provides you with the skills and confidence you need to improve your voice and your performance. Best of all, you'll have fun singing!

5480 BOOK $19.95

Scott Miller: Anyone Can Sing

From the Top
Breath Marks
How To Warm Up
Imitating Styles
Microphone Technique
Amazing Grace
Red River Valley
What Child IsThis

This course is designed to help people of all ages and ability levels improve their singing. No previous musical training is needed to be successful with this method. You will learn correct warm-ups, proper breathing technique, breath support, awesome vibrato, and how to imitate your favorite singers! Throughout this DVD you will be singing along with the instructor, singing with musical backgrounds and applying the things you've learned.

6299 DVD $14.98

Hugo Pinksterboer: Tipbook Vocals - The Singing Voice

Tipbook Vocals - The Singing Voice

See and Hear What You Read
A Singer?
A Quick Tour
Learning to Sing
Singing Well
Voices Types and Ranges
Singing Methods
Voice Care
Microphones & Effects
Being Prepared
Reading Music

This easy-to-read and highly accessible Tipbook has been written in close collaboration with classical and non-classical singers and teachers, therapists, and other experts. Tipbook Vocals doesn't teach you how to sing, but it supplies you with valuable, practical information that will help you to understand and extend the possibilities of your voice, to appreciate and evaluate input from voice teachers and coaches, and to have easier access to other literature on the subject.

5065 Book $14.95

James Sleigh: Sing Today!

The Basics
Getting Started
Major and Minor
Complete Scales
Building a Song
Complete Song #1
Your First Pop Song
Complete Song #2
The Singer's Toolbox

This book/CD pack is designed to teach you how to get the most out of your singing voice. Whatever your taste in music – rock, blues, jazz, R&B, country, funk or Latin – Sing Today! will give you the proper start you need to sing lead or harmony. You'll learn how the human voice works, breathing techniques, how to read music notation, warm-up exercises, professional hints and tips, and over 70 great songs and examples. The accompanying CD includes 91 tracks featuring full demos and sing-along versions so you can perform with professional-sounding accompaniments.

6870 Book & CD $9.95

Carolyn Wilkins: Tips For Singers - Performing, Auditioning and Rehearsing

The Parts of Your Instument
Before You Start to Sing
Posture and Alignment
Exercises to Achieve Correct Posture
Vowels and Consonats
Your First Vocal Exercises
How to Practice
Vocal Classification
About the Repertoire
"All Through the Night"
"Auld Lang Syne"
"Aura Lee"
"Beautiful Dreamer"
"My Buddy"
"Scarborough Fair"
"They Didn't Believe Me"
"The Water is Wide"
"You Made Me Love You"
Basic Music Notation
Glossary of Musical Terms and Symbols
Vocal Troubleshooting

Learn the secrets to a successful singing career! A perfect complement to technique books, this essential handbook teaches how to: develop stage presence and musical identity; choose songs that showcase your voice; understand musical notation and create lead sheets; find the best key for your song; rehearse your band; choose and use mics and PAs; overcome stage fright; ace auditions; generate publicity; and more! Published by the prestigious Berklee Press.

6839 Book & CD $19.95

Judy Clark: Sing Like The Stars!

Breathing Exercises
Intermediate Resonance Exercises
Beginning Vocal Gymnastics Exercises
Intermediate Vocal Gymnastics Exercises
Lutgen Exercises
Use vowels sounds mi-mah-no
Accentuate vowels and resonate in the head register
Enunciation and diction
Vaccia Exercises
Determining Your Best Vocal Range
Caring For Your Voice
Personal Style and Phrasing
Perfect Singing
Rules For Success
Practice Regimen

A unique compilation of voice exercises that includes a 110-page spiral bound book, demo CD and Pitch Exercise CD. Most exercises printed in Key of C as a reference. The Pitch CD consists of nine intonation exercises in five musical keys, allowing the singer to improve pitch and also develop range (total of 45 exercises). The materials contain the fundamentals of voice training, following step-by-step order. Demo CD is a useful tool for personal players or in the car.

9814 Book & 2CDs $39.95

Ferdinand Banda: Singing For Beginners

Singing For Beginners

Introduction to Singing
From the Shower to the Stage
Easy Songs to Sing
Your Singing Voice
Understanding Music
Reading Music
More Songs
Intervals and Harmony

This book teaches everything you need to know to get started singing the music you love. After an introduction to vocal technique, the author takes you from proper posture and breathing techniques to strengthening the vocal chords through intoning. You'll learn how to sing without strain, and have fun practicing vocal exercises and singing songs. No matter what kind of music you prefer, if you want to sing, this is the book for you!

6037 Book & CD $17.95

Pamelia S. Philips: Singing For Dummies

So You Want To Sing
Getting In The Right Frame Of Spine
Breathing For Singing
Toning Up The Voice
Matching Voice Types
Aquiring Beautiful Tone
Exploring Resonance
Shaping Your Vowels For Clarity
Exercising For Articulation
Developing A Practice Routine
Discovering The Parts Of Your Singing Voice
Raising The Roof On Your Range
Guys And Dolls: What's Unique About Your Voice?
Tuning Up Your Speaking Voice For Belting
Finding The Right Voice Teacher For You
Training For Singing
Selecting Your Music Material
Acting The Song
Confronting Your Fear Of Performing
Auditioning A Song For Musical Theatre
Ten Performers With Good Technique
Ten FAQ About Singing
Ten Tips For Maintaining Vocal Health
Ten Tips For Performing Like A Pro

Whether you enjoy singing in the shower or on the stage, this how-to guide will help you calm your nerves, match pitch, increase your vocal range, and develop a strong singing technique. You get expert advice on keeping your voice healthy, choosing a voice teacher, selecting the right material, and giving a stellar performance. The companion CD includes singers demonstrating every exercise so you can hear how it s done allowing you to develop agility, pop riffs, and dynamic control, exercises to help you strengthen your chest voice, head voice, middle voice, and falsetto, and you will able to put your singing skills to the test with a song recorded on the CD. Recommended.

6304 Book & CD $24.95

Phyllis Fulford and Michael Miller: Complete Idiot's Guide to Singing

So You Want to Be a Singer
Your First Singing Lesson
Employing Vocal Imagery
Finding Your Range
Developing Your Technique with Vocal Exercises
Learning to Sing Properly
Let's Get Physical
Straight and Tall: Why Posture Makes a Difference
Waiting to Exhale: Learning Breath Control
Finding Your Focus: Vocal Placement and the Even Voice
Basic Vocal Theory
Do, a Deer: Using Solfeggio Techniques
Practicing Your Sight Singing
Phrasing and Dynamics
Learning and Practicing a Song
Choral Singing
Classical and Musical Theater
Pop, Rock, and Country
Gospel and R&B
Taking Care of Your Voice
Finding a Teacher
Singing on Stage and in the Studio
Follow Your Dreams

You're no idiot, of course. You're always singing along with what's playing on the radio or CD player. However, you are afraid to share your vocal abilities with your family and friends - and performing on stage is merely a fantasy. This easy-to-read guide teaches you how to overcome your stage fright and become a better singer! Topics include finding an ideal singing range, tips on how to stand and breathe properly, techniques for singing in various styles, advice on overcoming stage fright, and much more. Also includes an audio CD with examples of different techniques and accompaniments for the singing exercises in the book.

6558 Book & CD $24.95

Karen Surmani: Teach Yourself To Sing

Teach Yourself To Sing

Getting Started
The Basics of Singing
More Basics of Singing
Interpreting Vocal Music
Performing Music

For beginners with no prior musical training. Learn the basics of singing including breathing, posture, warming up and more. Includes an easy and comprehensive approach to reading music. The Enhanced CD has an audio portion with practice exercises, demonstrations by professional singers and exciting accompaniments to sing along with. The software portion includes an interactive song player, which lets you adjust tempos, mix accompaniment tracks, record your performance and transpose song accompaniments to any key! There are 40 all-time favorite songs included in the book in a variety of styles, from Popular, to Jazz, Classical and Musical Theater. Book & CD
6054 BOOK & CD $19.95

Jerald Stone: You Can Sing

Vocal Coaching Session
Pop Placement
The Middle Register
Basic Vowel Sounds
Selecting Music
Using Consonants
Using a Microphone
Comic Delivery
Phrasing and Dynamics
Song Form
The Diaphragm
Daily Vocal Warmup
Voice Lesson
The Head Voice
The Throat and Jaw
The Tongue
Technical Guidelines for Singers
Single Vowel Sounds
Double Vowel Sounds

In just a few weeks, you can master the vocal techniques used by professional singers and unlock your true creative potential with this superb book and CD pack. Accompanying CD demonstrates invaluable exercises, warm-ups, and professional song arrangements.

6164 BOOK & CD $17.95

Karen Oleson: You Can Teach Yourself To Sing

Your Vocal Instrument And How To Care For It
The Speaking Voice And The Singing Voice
Finding Your Natural Posture
Managing Your Breath
Developing Resonance And Vibrato
Articulating Vowels And Consonants
Finding Your Vocal Range
Singing Popular Music

Most of us know only our speaking and untrained singing voices. This book will help you discover your 3rd powerful, trained singing voice through exercises that can be applied to any vocal style. The author presents a complete guide for discovering your vocal range and developing breath control, resonance, and vibrato. Includes chapters on the voice as an instrument including care of the voice, the relationship between one speaking and singing voice, and the cultivation of correct singing posture. You'll learn how to articulate and use the voice effectively in different styles of singing as well as how to sing with a microphone. A great number of vocal exercises and complete songs in various styles are presented, making this book an enjoyable learning experience as well as an effective tool for voice development.

6307 Book & CD $19.95

Adam St. James: Teach Yourself To Sing

Water Water Water
Not All Drinks Help
Singing In The Wild West
Watch What You Eat
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
This Is Your Voice On Drugs
Removing Mucus
Physical Fixes
Colds And Sore Throats
Not In My Mouth
Don't Touch Me There
Sing Through Your Sickness
Clearing Your Throat
Quick Fix For Dry Mouths
After The Gig
It Hurts When I Go Like This
and many more...

Ready to take your singing to the next level? This book presents valuable how-to insight that singers of all styles and levels can benefit from. The text, photos, music, diagrams and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, including: Vocal exercises, breathing exercises, the singer's health, preparation, technique, understanding music, singing harmony, microphones, career advice, and much more!

6368 BOOK $14.95

Jeffrey Allen: Guide to Karaoke Confidence

Beyond Singing in the Shower
Do's and Don'ts of Karaoke Performing
Creating "Singerly" Lines
Building Confidence
Conquering Stage Fright
The Microphone
Breathing For Singers
Breath Support and Control
Mouth Position
Thinking Like A Singers
Blending Vocal Colors
Anchoring Tone
Never Fear High Notes Again

A quick, simple and fun course for everyone who loves to sing. Designed for all vocal ranges and styles, Jeffrey Allen's Guide to Karaoke Confidence offers numerous, invaluable performance and singing tips to insure that each and every moment in the Karaoke spotlight is successful.

6538 Book $8.95

Amparo Bellon-Champ: Gotta Sing - Learn To Sing in Multiple Genres

Lesson 1: Register and Placement
Somebody to Love
We Belong Together
Piano in the Dark
Lesson 2: EQ and Breath Density
Love No Limit
The Game of Love
Lesson 3: Vibrato, Vibrato speed, vibrato width
A Sunday Kind of Love
I've Got You Under My Skin
I Could Not Ask for More
Lesson 4: Vowel Formation
A Thousand Miles
Lesson 5: Texturing and Stylization Techniques
Saints and Angels
What the World Needs Now

Gotta Sing: Learn to Sing Multiple Genres is a great tool for the professional and novice singer alike. The CD focuses on what makes a singing style unique by combining vocal elements and ingredients in different ratios of placements and resonances. Each lesson is followed by a demonstration of three songs in different genres. The genres discussed are Alternative, Country, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Rock. The song selections were chosen from hits within each specific genre. The works of Jefferson Airplane, Mariah Carey, Brenda Russell, Sarah McLachlan, Mary Blige, Michelle Branch, Etta James, Diana Krall, Sara Evans, Vanessa Carlton, Aretha Franklin, and Wynonna are highlighted and broken down into vocal components. All songs are performed by Amparo with the purpose of demonstrating to the listener that learning and adding new genres to their repertoire is possible. A worksheet is available for download to help the listener identify and score the stylistic changes within each sample song.

6802 CD $19.95

Blake Neely: Fast Track - Lead Singer

How Your Voice Works
Teach Yourself To Read Music
Keys To Success
Maintenance and Care
Training Your Ears
Taking The Stage

Transform your shower singing into some real talent! This cool book/CD pack teaches reading music, scales and different keys, and provides all the essential info on how to train your vocal cords. Plus, you'll learn warm-up techniques, tips on handling a microphone, breathing exercises, and many more helpful hints. The accompanying CD includes more than 80 recorded songs and examples.

6217 BOOK & CD $7.95

Frederic Fay Swift: Fundamentals of Singing

We Are All Singers
Our Singing instrument
Suggestions for Breathing
Producing Tones
Vibrating Exercises
Speech and Singing
Vowel Sounds
Singing Vowels
Vocalizing Vowels
Vowel Sounds of Songs
Singing Words
Singing Consonants
Vocalizing Upward
Vocalizing Downward
Voice Classification
Quality of Voice
Reading by Interval
Elements of Music
Stage Technic
A Cappella Singing
Suggestions for Singers
Common Faults of Singers
Cures for Common Faults

Not everyone is endowed with a beautiful voice... but everyone can learn to use their voice instrument correctly. In the pages of this book, the fundamentals of singing will be state in simple language. Children as well as adults can learn to sing correctly. As they mature, they will continue to sing correctly. This book is intended to lay the foundation for voice culture based upon common sense and reason.

6529 BOOK $7.95

Penny Nichols: Singing! Basic Vocal Technique

This course will benefit anyone who likes to sing! Whether it's rock and roll, bluegrass, folk, pop or show tunes, these lessons are guaranteed to increase your vocal range, tone, power and stamina. Through essential relaxation and warm-up exercises, Penny Nichols helps you to develop breath control, articulation, volume and projection. You'll improve your ear as well as your voice, and "transform your body" so that your singing becomes natural and easy. Learn to summon the energy you need to sing properly; get rid of annoying vocal cracks; develop a b vibrato; create a "ribbon of sound" to do trills, melismas and other vocal ornaments; add rhythm and phrasing to your vocal performance; work on scales and intervals to reach those "hard to hit" notes, and much more.
1169 6 CD SET $49.95

Anne Peckham: The Contemporary Singer

Studying Voice
Breath Management
The Larynx
Enhancing Tone Quality
Vocal Registers and Blending
Maintaining Vocal Health
Beyond the Basics
Practice Songs
Diction Guide

This comprehensive guide based on the curriculum of the Voice Department of Berklee College of Music is a must-have for every vocalist! Covers all the essentials, including: an overview of the singing process, treating voice as an instrument, tips for getting started & overcoming stage fright, proper posture and breathing, tone, discovering resonance, belting, diction, maintaining vocal health," mic techniques, and exercises for all voice ranges and types on the accompanying CD. Includes lead sheets for such standard repertoire pieces as: Yesterday"; "I'm Beginning to See the Light"; and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine". Maximize your vocal potential with this outstanding guide!

1159 BOOK & CD $24.95

Audrey Hunt: Practice Guidance and Singing Tips

Getting Motivated
How to learn New Material Fast
Learning From Experience
Lots of Tips

At last, here is a program for the singer who wants to become a pro and doesn't know where to start. The singer will learn how to: Create an act, Gain experience as a singer, Build a bio, resume and press kit, Learn the difference between an agent and a manager. Form a band, Build an audience, Make a demo, Promote and publicize, Build vocal Excellence…and much more!

6635 CD $14.95

Paul Schmeling: Berklee Music Theory, Book 1

Rhythm Notes And Rest
Eighth Notes, Dots, and Ties
Notation And Time Signatures
The Staff Accidentals And Key Signatures
Half Steps And Whole Steps
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Harmonic And Melodic Scales

Learn music theory based on over 40 years of music theory instruction at Berklee College of Music. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn music theory or are looking to expand the depth of their musical knowledge. This essential method features hands-on and "ears-on" practice exercises that help you explore the inner workings of music, presenting notes, scales and rhythms as they are heard in today's music styles. The included CD will help reinforce lessons as you begin to build a solid musical foundation. CD with lessons and examples included

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Paul Schmeling: Berklee Music Theory, Book 2

Triads And Chord Symbols
Inversion And Voice Leading
Seventh Chord Types And Symbol
Seventh Chord Inversions And Voice Leading
Harmonizing And Accompaniment Patterns
Melody Writing
What's Next
About The Author

Berklee Music Theory 2 features hands-on exercises and ear-training activities to help you use chords effectively. You will learn basic triads and seventh chords, inversions, voice-leading, how to use chords to accompany melodies, and how to create melodies that grow out of chord progressions.

6410 BOOK & CD $19.95

Teach Yourself to Read Music: A Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers

Covers everything any singer needs to know to read music! Includes examples, exercises, songs, answers and an assignment for each chapter. This book starts slowly with the basics and adds more complicated elements one by one. It uses visual images to help you hear in your head what you see on the page. Unlike most other sight singing books, it is specially geared to the singer of pop music. Once you learn the system, you can sight sing in any given key. The accompanying CD will help you to monitor your efforts.

1162 BOOK & CD $19.95

Tipbook - Vocals: The Best Guide To Your Singing Voice

This easy-to-read and highly accessible book in the respected Tipbook music series has been written in close collaboration with classical and non-classical singers and teachers, therapists and other experts. Tipbook Vocals doesn't teach you how to sing, but it supplies you with valuable, practical information that will help you to understand and extend the possibilities of your voice, to appreciate and evaluate input from voice teachers and coaches, and to have easier access to other literature on the subject. Perfect for singers of any style and at any level, it covers: singing well, registers and voice types; voice care; lyrics; microphone selection; and much more.

1146 BOOK $9.95

Anne Peckham: Singer's Handbook

The Berklee in the Pocket Singer's Handbook is a must-have guide that sets a perfect 45- to 60-minute practice routine for you. Use it as your practice manual for a total vocal workout, from warm up to cool down. Covers: breathing exercises, tips for productive practice, mental practicing, breathing for relaxation, cool down techniques and more. Learn new tunes, clarify diction, and improve all aspects of your singing!

6027 BOOK $9.95

Jeffrey Allen: The 'Hip-Pocket' Book of Vocal Know-How

This handy pocket-sized book covers all aspects of vocal technique and performance. It's the ultimate concise, convenient and indispensible guide to inspiration and information for singers on the move. Drawn from Jeffrey Allen's highly-acclaimed books' Secrets of Singing' and 'The Guide to Karaoke Confidence.'

6537 BOOK $9.95

Victor M. Barba: Aprende Ya!: Canto

Aprende Ya!: Canto
Lo que Significa Cantar
Elementos Basicos de Notacion Musical
El Estudio De La Voz
Ubicacion de la Voz
Voz de Pecho
El Pasaggio
Ejercicios de Calentamiento
Recursos de la Interpretacion
Variaciones Melodicas y Ritmicas
Adornos Melodicos
La Dinamica
Otros Elementos
Formas De Las Canciones
Cielito Lindo
El Uso Del Microfono
Conozca Su Voz

Una guía ilustrada que le muestra los conceptos básicos del fascinante mundo del canto. Los ejemplos se presentan en forma de ejercicios y fotografías que se demuestran en el disco compacto de acompañamiento.

6831 BOOK & CD $8.95

Victor M. Barba: Aprende Canto Facilmente

Aprende Canto Facilmente
el Registro de la Voz
Melodias Como Estas
Escalas Mayores
Canciones Completas Sencillas
Como Usar el Microfono
Melodias Muy Simples
Melodias Mas Avanzadas
Lista Individual de Temas Musicales
Primer Nivel: Aprende Canto Facilmente
Nota Biografica Del Autor

En este libro aprenderas ritmos y canciones de los estilos: norteno, banda, cumbia, bolero, balada, rock, mariachi, ranchera y muchos otros estilos mas.

6830 BOOK & CD $14.95

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