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OK, ladies, we've got the room to ourselves, let's let our hair down. We've got exercises and lessons aimed directly at training and enriching the voices of you sopranos and altos. We've got songbooks for you, we've ever got parts-tapes of some of the best a cappella hits, and it's all made specifically for you. It's like buying a pair of shoes made for you personally - this is what a "good fit" sounds like.

Ellen Johnson: The Vocal Warm Up CD - Female High and Low Voice

The Vocal Warm UP CD is a great way to improve your singing skills and ear training abilities! The CD has seventeen vocal exercises designed to give you the mamimum warm up for your voice range. The CD's are divided into Male and Female low and high voice versions with an ear training section that follows. There is a book that explains all of the exercises and each exercise is demonstrated by a singer on the CD so it is easy to use. Once you hear the exercise you will be accompanied by piano to sing along with the CD. The CD was compiled by Ellen Johnson, a professional singer of many musical generes who has been teaching for over twenty years. She holds a Masters degree in Vocal Performance and has been a Professor of Voice at universities and colleges as well as teaching for the Old Globe Theater's M.F.A. program. She currently resides in the Los Angeles area where she has her own private studio and gives workshops and classes. "Use of this warm up tape done correctly over a period of time will result in better vocal production, strength, and coordination of muscles. Many of my professional students use this tape prior to their performances. The ear training part of the CD is to help you develop better pitch and recognition of notes and patterns. You will find that your musicianship skills will increase over time by listening to the exercises and identifying what you are singing."

6320 BOOK & CD $19.95

Female Voice

Darlene Rogers with Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram: Sing, Baby, Sing! - Vocal Warm-Ups for Women's Voice Vol. 1

Breath Art
-2 Exercises ('inhale, suspend, exhale', and 'sip, sip, hiss, hiss')
Mid Range
-Ascending Exercises
-Slow Descending Slides
- 5 Note Pattern on Nyah
High Range
-Oo Oh Ah
-Oo Oh Ah Extended
-Alternating 4ths and 5ths
Stretch Break
Mid to Low Range
-Moh moh moh moh
-Ming ah
-Vah Vah
-Ee eh ah

Sing, Baby, Sing! offers a comprehensive vocal warm-up for women. Both the demonstrations and instruction exemplify the vocal production we're all seeking and will make you believe you can achieve both the full range and vocal freedom! This is Vol. 1! Mention Peggy Gram to members of Sweet Adelines, and you might hear her described as a well known and admired musician, a long time leader, teacher and role model in the organization, a 30+ year quartet member who has sung as a lead, a baritone and a bass. Once Peggy finally discovered her smooth and mellow bass voice, she quickly became a two-time international quartet champion. Dale has been a member of Sweet Adelines for 42 years, and has directed for 31 of those years included the acclaimed Rich-Tone Chorus. All three ladies are highly regarded and much in demand coaches for chorus and you are sure to find much to value in this CD.

6410 CD $14.95

Darlene Rogers with Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram: Sing, Baby, Sing! - Vocal Warm-Ups for Women's Voice Vol. 2

Breath Exercises
Range Exercises
Flexibility exercises
Agility exercises

Sing, Baby, Sing! offers a comprehensive vocal warm-ups and exercisesfor women. Both the demonstrations and instruction exemplify the vocal production we're all seeking and will make you believe you can achieve both the full range and vocal freedom! This is Vol. 2!

6412 CD $14.95

Darlene Rogers with Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram: Sing, Baby, Sing! Vocal Rx - A First Aid Kit For The Voice

Front of Mouth Sounds
Back of Mouth Sounds
Open Mouth Sounds
Forward to Open Sounds
Transferring Vowel Sounds to Words
Sign Off

More great vocal exercises with a particular emphasis on taking care of your voice and to help with the recuperation of damaged voices. A very useful resource for all singers and highly recommended.

6431 CD $14.95

Darlene Rogers with Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram: The Maturing Voice

Sign Off
Lady Luvs, Ark Angels & Tiffanys

It is always important of course to take care of your voice and vocal exercises are a great way to keep your instrument in top form. This is even more important as we age and it is possible to sing with a strong and vibrant voice into our most senior years. These exercises by these acclaimed Sweet Adeline directors, coaches and performers are specially designed for the more mature voice and will help you to keep singing in fine fettle for years to come.

6432 CD $14.95

Darlene Rogers with Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram: Sing, Baby, Sing! The Book

A Springboard To Artistry
Light Mechanism
Heavy Mechanism
Forward Placement
Vocal Warmups
Developing Vocal Skills
Vocal RX
The Maturing Voice
International Phonetic Alphabet
Singer's Tea

It’s true. With this book in your hands, you can experience the end of worry, angst, fear and frustration about being the singer you wish you were, and start radiating the possibility of becoming that singer. Springboard to Artistry is intended for singers, teachers, and directors who long for the surest route to the Land of Good Singing, without traversing the often unintentionally circuitous paths of formless vocal experimentation. The 16 Weeks to Vocal Artistry incorporate proven principles of vocal freedom and pedagogy that the authors have used in the teaching of artistry to the singer. There are 16 weeks of planned vocal warm-ups providing opportunities to reinforce good vocal production habits.

6999 BOOK $14.95

Liz Lewis: Pop Singers First Aid Kit for the Female Voice

What's In This Book
Why I Wrote This Book
Vocal Health
The Right Teacher
Rehearsing Your Performance
Ready, Set. Perform
No Clones
CD: Why, When & How
CD: Breath Control
CD: The Exercises
About The Author

This book/CD pack by veteran vocal coach Lis Lewis (Steve Miller, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Gwen Stefani) will help singers of all styles of music: warm up their voices, increase their endurance and range, correct bad habits, and sing longer and better! It is divided into two sections: The Singer's Troubleshooting Guide covers vocal health, finding the right teacher, practice, auditions, rehearsing, recording and performing, and The Singer's Warm-Up CD features helpful exercises to prepare the voice for serious singing.

6023 BOOK & CD $19.95

Seth Riggs: American Idol Singers Advantage (Female Voice)

Introduction To Speech Level Singing
Stuff you need to know:
Voice Evaluation
Customized Lesson Plans
5 Secrets For Mastering Any Song
Amazing Grace
Can't Buy Me Love
Danny Boy
My Funny Valentine

Sing along with your favorite American Idol hits! Each songbook provides the lyrics, music notation, and chords to 8 great hits, along with lyrics-only pages. The contents of each book were taken from actual songs that were performed on the shows of seasons 1 through 5. Each of the 5 books comes with a pull-out color centerfold of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the contestants. There is also a pull-out lyric booklet so the singer can sing-along with the CD or the pianist. There are two versions of every song on the CD: a full-performance track with an amazing sound-alike recording, and a professional instrumental accompaniment track so you can sing along. When you use the CD in your Mac or Windows-based computer, the TNT (Tone 'N' Tempo) Changer lets you easily change the key and tempo to individualize the playback for just your voice and style.

6465 7 CDs, DVD and Workbook $49.95

Bob Rose: Contemporary Singing Techniques - Female Voice

Figure References Index
Vocal Instrument Identification
Vocal Hygiene
CD Book Application Key
Warm-up exercises
Singing Performance Sessions
Session Aids
Glossary of Terms
Reference Texts
About the Author

Tried and proven by known industry professionals, Bob Rose's method for men and women will show you how to vitally improve your singing performance in all styles of music. These book/CD packs include live singing sessions demonstrating specialized techniques, and warm-up exercises to stretch, align and build your vocal instrument. They are designed to aid you in releasing, directing and controlling your singing, eliminating your problems and replacing them with working solutions.

7402 BOOK & CD $19.95

Frankie Armstrong: Well-Tuned Women

Joan Mills - A Vocal Album: Snapshots from Vocal History
Kristin Linklater - Overtones, Undertones and the Fundamental Pitch of the Female Voice
Cicely Berry - Transforming Texts: The Power of Shakespeare's Heroines
Ysaye M Barnwell - The Voice of African-American Women
Frankie Armstrong - Bodies Under Siege
Julie McNamara- Voices of Hope
Patsy Rodenburg - Powerspeak: Women and Their Voices
Annie Neligan - Releasing the Spirit: The Voice in Self-defence
Roz Comins - The Voice of the Teacher
Jenny Goodman - When Communities Find a Voice
Jenny Pearson - The Sound of Stories
Vayu Naidu - Sound Advice: Women and Storytelling from India
Noirin Ni Riain - And Deep Things Are Song
Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock - The Healing Voice
Michele George - Language of the Heart, Voices of the Self

Celebrated folk singer Frankie Armstrong is also one of our leading voice trainers, whose work is grounded in the voice's capacity to empower the individual. Here, with therapist, writer and storyteller Jenny Pearson, she has gathered essays from leading women artists and voice trainers around the world to offer a range of approaches and contexts for personal growth through awareness of the voice. Through anecdote, examples and exercises, the artists and teachers in Well-Tuned Women have assembled an essential guide for all those interested in liberating themselves through song, speech and sound.

6847 BOOK $22.95

Jeffrey Allen: Secrets of Singing for the Female Voice

Part One: Unleashing Your Vocal Power
The Basics of Breathing: Less Is More
Mastering Breathing
The pathway of Singing
Elevating the Voice
Focusing the Voice
The Focused Mouth Position
Anchoring Tone
The Five Basic Vowels
The Initiation of Tone
Vocal Exercises: Endurance Group
Blending Vocal Colors
The Ultimate Vocal Workout (Messa Di Voce)
Part Two: The Upper Voice
Counterbalancing and the Singer's Point of View
Vowel Modifications
Exercise: The Great Scale
Endurance Exercises: Group 2
Part Three: The Power of an Open Throat
Advanced Exercises: Endurance Group 3
Part Four: Phrasing - The Mark of the Professional
The Elements of Phrasing
Compound Vowels
Exercise: Singing on Vowels Only
Maintaining Intensity
Breathing for Phrasing
Part Five: General Reference
Voice Types
Practice Guide
Voice maintenance
Questions and Answers
Troubleshooting Guide
Part Six: Appendices 1-5: The Anatomy of Singing
Appendix 1: The Breathing System
Appendix 2: The Vocal Apparatus
Appendix 3: The Resonators
Appendix 4: The Articulators
Appendix 5: List of Exercises
Common Vocal Terms

A complete step-by-step guide, "Secrets of Singing" provides everything needed to gain technical and musical vocal mastery. Some of the highlights include: Basic principles of singing, mastery of the upper voice, achieving the power of an open throat, and phrasing and diction on a professional level. Jeff has developed a hard-hitting vocal method designed to bring out the unique qualities in any singer's voice. Through his process of technique and performance analysis, he has fine-tuned the voices of thousands of solo artists and bands now performing and/or recording throughout the musical world. Jeff's experience as a coach, band consultant, and producer allows him special insights into the problems of singers at all levels. Whether you're singing for pleasure or for profit, "Secrets of Singing" will give you the know-how to practice, audition, perform and record professionally.The package contains two CDs (one for high voice and one for low voice) and an almost 400-page information-packed book.

1167 BOOK & 2 CDs $44.95

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