Instructional materials for Alto and Mezzo-Soprano Voices

An alto or contralto is a singer with a vocal range somewhere between a tenor and a mezzo-soprano. The term is used to refer to the lowest female singing voice, or to a kind of male singing voice utilizing falsetto called a countertenor. Alto pieces normally span between G below middle C to the E a tenth above middle C (i.e. G3-E5). At the bottom of their range, male altos sound almost like tenors. Some altos have even larger ranges; from the C below middle C to the C two octaves above (C3-C6 if middle C is C4), but like all singers, their vocal type is defined mostly by their "vocal center" and not by their range (a soprano for instance could technically possess the lower range of an alto, but would not be comfortable singing it). In four part choral harmony, the alto is the second highest voice. Alto pieces were originally written in the alto clef, but now use the treble clef.

Ferdinand Sieber: Vocalises - Alto

Thirty-Six Eight-Measure vocalises for Altos, complete with solfege.

6212 BOOK $4.95

Giuseppe Concone: Fifty Lessons - Low Voice

The sterling value and great usefulness of Concone's lessons have been so long recognized, that their extensive adoption caused the issue of numerous editions in almost every country where the study of the Art of Singing is cultivated. No edition, however, is as thorough and complete as his 'Fifty Lessons' series. The purpose of these lessons, in the author's own words, are 'to place and fix the voice accurately,' and 'to develop taste while singing broad, elegant and rhythmical melodies.' This is a vocal training series not to be missed!

6467 BOOK $9.95

Mathilde Marchesi: Elementary Progressive Exercises for the Voice (Mezzo Soprano)

This book is a collection of elementary exercises of progressive difficulty. 102 exercises for the mechanism of the Soprano and Mezzo Soprano voice and 12 for the execution. It comes complete with instruction and tips on how to execute them properly.

6483 BOOK $6.95

Estelle Liebling: Vocal Course for Mezzo Sopranos

The Breath System
The Phonating System
The Resonating System
The Articulating System
General Remarks
Fundamental Exercises
The Covered Tone
Agility Studies
Sustained Tone Studies
Chromatic Studies
Messa Di Voce
The Head Voice
Special Problems
English Diction
Foreign Language Diction
Glossary of Musical Terms
Songs for Baritone and Bass
Recordings of Great Singers

A method that has long been highly regarded among teachers and students alike. Each of these books consists of 3 parts: Part I describes the vocal mechanism and its function briefly and in simple, non-technical language. Part II consists of basic, fundamental vocalises carefully selected to develop the specific voices for which the book is written. Part III presents the important elements of diction in the 5 languages most commonly used in singing: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

6221 BOOK $9.95

Ferdinand Sieber: Thirty-Six Eight-Measure Vocalises for Mezzo-Soprano

Thirty-Six Eight Measure Vocalises comes complete with instructions on producing the tone and provides you with the solfege for each note

8548 BOOK $4.95

Nicola Vaccaj: Practical Vocal Method for Mezzo-Soprano or Baritone

Vaccaj's masterly Method won increasing popularity with time, and was eventually used in conservatories all over the world. Even today it is often used by singing teachers, who consider it a collection of attractive Ariettas, each serving a particular funtion. And it is quite easy material, perfect for the beginning student.

6490b BOOK $19.95

Susan Anders: The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 1

Breathing & Posture: Angel From Montgomery
Tone Placement, Resonance & Loosening Face and Throat: Centerpiece
Approaching Higher Notes: Sweet Dreams
Strengthening Low Notes: Wade in the Water
Understanding Singer’s Diction: I’ll Stand By You
Understanding Singer’s Diction Part 2: Unchained Melody
Looping, Consonants, Vibrato Development: Can’t Help Falling in Love
Register Navigation and Range Expansion: Willow Weep for Me
Developing the "Mix" Register: How Sweet it Is
Opening High Notes, the Inner Smile: Since I Fell for You
Building Sustenance & Volume: Dark End of the Street     
Pitch Work, Step-wise Movement: Walk Away Renee
Pitch Work, Chromatic Movement: All of Me
Increasing Tonal Richness, Articulation: Save the Best for Last
Working with Larger Melodic Leaps: Sunny Came Home     
Putting it All Together: Young at Heart
Belting: Crazy Baby 

This innovative method uses 17 fully produced songs and instructional tracks to teach singers how to develop and maintain good vocal technique. Detailed voice instruction is combined with pop, rock and jazz songs that gradually increase in difficulty. Singers can learn the essentials of contemporary singing technique OR use the song sequence with or without the recommended warm up sounds as a complete vocal warm up. Ideas and examples for song stylizing are also included. The CDs can be used with or without the guidebook.

6428 Book & 2CDs $24.95

Susan Anders: The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2

Facial Resonance (Placement): I Can See Clearly Now
Breathing & Posture: Dear Prudence
Combining Correct Breathing and Placement: Why Don't You Do Right?
Approaching Higher Notes: You Gotta Be
Strengthening Low Notes: Summertime   
Understanding Singer’s Diction: One of Us
Understanding Singer’s Diction Part 2: Get Here   
Diphthongs, Looping, & "R" & "L": I'm Beginning To See the Light
Range Expansion & Vibrato Work: Don't Know Why  
Developing the "Mix" Register: Sunday Kind of Love
Opening High Notes with the Inner Smile: Thank You
Pitch Work, Step-wise Movement: You're Still the One
Building Sustenance & Volume: Tracks of My Tears
Pitch Work, Chromatic Movement: Ms. Celie’s Blues (Sister)  
Increasing Tonal Richness, Articulation: Alison
Ending Phrases on High Notes: I Hope You Dance       
Putting it All Together: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Belting: Cry

This follow-up to Volume One of Susan Anders’ Vocal Workout includes 18 fully-produced pop, rock and jazz songs and instructional tracks, and is the same level of difficulty (so using Volume One is not a prerequisite). Beginning singers can learn how to sing correctly and develop their voices by singing through the workout at their own pace, with or without the guidebook. Experienced singers can skip the audio singing lessons and use the workout to warm up and maintain their vocal technique and strength. Song stylizing concepts are included, as well as chapters on staying healthy on tour and how to keep aging vocal cords strong.

6428 Book & 2CDs $24.95

Various Composers: Mezzo-Soprano Classical Contest Solos

An Die Musik - Schubert
The Blue Bell - MacDowell
He Shall Feed His Flock 0 Handel
My Lord What A Lovely Morning - Spritual
Now Is The Month Of Maying - Morley
Nymphs And Shepards - Purcell
Ombra Mai Fu - Handel
Porque Toco El Pndero - Rodrigo
Silent Noon - Williams
Vergin Tutto Amor - Durante

This outstanding series is an encouragement to young singers in preparing a vocal solo. Songs have been carefully chosen for each voice type, after consulting many official state contest repertoire lists. Each volume includes Five art songs in English, one African-American Spiritual, one art song in Spanish, one art song in German, two art songs in italian, new editions and engravings of all songs, historical notes on each composer represented, interpretive suggestions for each song, translations for study and a preface on 'learning a song.' Each enhanced CD includes beautiful performances of each song by talented professional artists, excellent recorded accompaniment tracks for practice, pronunciation lessons in German, Italian and Spanish. In addition to piano accompaniments playable on both your CD player and computer, the enhanced CD also includes tempo adjustment and transposition softward for CD-ROM compute use only. This edition is for Mezzo-Sopranos/Altos.

8526 Book & CD $15.95

Joan Frey Boytim: The First Book of Broadway Solos for Mezzo-Sopranos

As Long As He Needs Me - Oliver
Bali H'i - South Pacific
A Cock Eyed Optomist - South Pacific
The Earth And Other Minor Things - Gigi
Falling In Love With Love - The Syracuse
Getting To Know You - The King And I
I Enjoy Being A Girl - Flower Drum Song
I Love Paris - Can-Can
If I Ruled The World - Pickwick
In My Own Little Corner - Cinderella
It Might As Well Be Spring - State Fair
Maria - The Sound Of Music
My Favorite Things - The Sound Of Music
My Funny VAlentine - Babes In Arms
On My Own - Les Miserables
People - Funny Girl
Simple Little Things - 110 In The Shade
Something Wonderful - The King And I
The Song Is You - Music In The Air
What's The Use Of Wondering - Carousel
Where Or When - Babes In Arms
A Wonderful Guy - South Pacific

This is the perfect first collection for many voice students, whether they are teens or college singers or adults. Joan Boytim has selected songs appropriate for each voice type, and has chosen keys that suit the vocal needs of novice singers studying in traditional, generally classical lyric singing. The editions of the songs in these collections are short and straight-forward. Teachers have found these books invaluable. To make the collections even more useful, each volume is offered in a book/companion CD edition with piano accompaniments recorded by pianist Laura Ward.

8539 Book & CD $24.95

Various Composers: Contemporary Theatre Songs - Belter / Mezzo-Soprano Collection

Someone Else's Story - Chess
Nothing Really Happend - Is There Life After High School
Old Friend - I'm Getting My Act Together And Taking It On The Road
Sooner Or Later (I Always Get My Man) - Dick Tracy
I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You - Evita
Just A House Wife - Working
I Dreamed A Dream - Les Miserables
My Husband Makes Movies - Nine
Tell Me On A Sunday - Song & Dance

10 songs from contemporary stage productions, including the shows Evita, Les Miserables, Nine, Miss Saigon and Dick Tracy. The companion CD offers wonderful performances by talented artists and accompaniments for practice. Many of the songs have never been recorded apart from the original cast albums.

8538 Book & CD $22.95

Various Arrangers: Singer's Library of Musical Theatre - - Mezzo Soprano / Alto

And All That Jazz- Chicago
Another Op'nin', Another Show - Kiss Me Kate
Anything Goes - Anything Goes
Back to Before - Ragtime, The Musical
Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast
By the Sea - Sweeny Todd
C'est Magnifique - Can-Can
Change - A New Brain
Don't Rain on My Parade - Funny Girl
Easy to Be Heard - Hair
Everything's Coming Up Roses - Gypsy
Goodbye, My Love - Ragtime, The Musical
Hernando's Hideaway - The Pajama Game
Home - Beauty and the Beast
I Get a Kick Out of You - Anything Goes
I Got Rhythm - Girl Crazy
I Just Want to Be a Star - Nunsense
I Love Paris - Can-Can
I Wish I Could Forget You - Passion
I'm Not at All In Love - The Pajama Game
Johnny One Note - Babes In Arms
Life Story
Miss Byrd - Closer Than Ever
My Big Mistake - The Will Rodgers Follies
My Funny Valentine - Babes In Arms
No Time At All - Pippin
People - Funny Girl
Rose's Turn - Gypsy
Send In The Clowns - A Little Night Music
The Story Goes On - Baby
Sunday In The Park With George - Sunday In The Park With George
Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets) - Damn Yankees
When I Look at You - The Scarlet Pimpernel
When You're Good to Mama - Chicago
With You - Baby

Alfred's Singer's Library of Musical Theatre features a treasury of the finest musical theatre songs. Presented in their original keys and authentically transcribed from the original vocal scores, the songs were selected for each voice type with careful attention to the vocal range of the song, as well as the voice of the character from the original Broadway cast. Each volume includes a variety of shows, spanning every important decade of musical theatre. This authoritative series features historical and contextual commentary, audition tips, and 16-bar cut suggestions for each song, making it the most useful and relevant collection of its kind. This is the Soprano Edition.

8596 BOOK $19.95

Richard Walters: Standard Vocal Literature - Mezzo-Soprano

When Daises Pied - Arne
Come Again Sweet Love - Dowland
Flow My Tears - Dowland
Weep You You No More Sad Fountains - Dowland
If Music Be The Food Of Love - Purcell
Nymphs And Shepards - Purcell
Fair House Of Joy - Quilter
It Was A Lover And His Lass - Quilter
Love's Philosophy - Quilter
Silent Noon - Vaughan Williams
Ouvre Ton Coeur - Bizet
Clair De Lune - Faure
Mandoline - Faure
Plaisir D'Amour - Martini
Immer Leiser Wird Mein Sculummer - Brahams
Als Luise Die Briefe Ihres - Mozart
Ungetreuen Liebhabers Verbrannte - Mozart
An Die Nachtigall - Schubert
Der Tod Und Das Madchen - Schubert
Du Ring An Meinem Finger - Schumann
Zueignung - Strauss
Dolente Immagine Di Fille Mia - Bellini
O Del Mio Amato Ben - Donaudy
Cara E Dolce - Scarlatti
Se Nel Ben Sempre Incostante - Stradella
El Pano Moruno - De Falla
La Maja Dolorosa - Granados
Voi Che Sapete - Mozart
Che Faro Senza Euridice - Gluck
When Frederic Was A Little Lad - Sullivan
Qui Sedes Ad Dextram Patris - Vivaldi

This series is an introduction to art song in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Each volume has a different song list, and includes 30 selections in appropriate keys. Beyond art song, each collection includes two carefully chosen opera arias, an oratorio aria, and an operetta aria by Gilbert & Sullivan. Also included are two enhanced CDs, giving you the ability to not only play the accompaniments on both your CD player and computer, but they are also CD-ROMs that are capable of playing the tracks at different tempos and in different keys when played on the computer. This edition is for Mezzo-Sopranos / Altos.

8530 Book & CD $19.95

Joan Frey Boytim: Easy Songs for the Beginning Mezzo-Soprano / Alto Part II

The Bonny LIghter Boy
Cradle Song
Go From my Window Go
Johnny has Gone for a Soldier
Just for This
Kiss Me Again
Little Boy Blue
Love's own Sweet Song
The Mission of a Rose
My Days Have Been so Wondrous Free
Second Hand Rose
Soft-footed Snow
Solder Sill You Marry Me?
Somewhere a Voice is Calling
Spring Sorrow
The Stranger-Man
A Swan
Twas in the Lovely Month of May

This series now has a new “Part II” for each voice type, at the same level as the original volumes. This is preparatory material for The First Book of Solos series, with modest ranges and all songs in English, including very easy art songs, folksong arrangements and vintage popular songs. The song selection is completely different for each voice type with 18-20 songs per volume.

8523 Book & CD $16.95

Various Composers: Cantolopera - Arias for Mezzo-Soprano Vol. 1

Che faro senz Euridice - Gluck - Orfeo e Euridice
O don fatale - Verdi - Don Carlo
Re dell'abisso affrettati - Verdi - Un ballo in maschera
Stride la vampa - Verdi - Il trovatore
Voi che sapete - Mozart - Le nozze di Figaro
Di tanti palpiti - Rossini - Tancredi
Oh mio Fernando! - Donizetti - La favorita
Una voce poco fa - Rossini - Il barbiere di Siviglia
Non so piu cosa son, cosa faccio - Mozart - Le nozze di Figaro

Cantolopera is a series that proposes a totally new way to approach the great opera repertoire: versions for voice and piano of the most famous arias, accompanied by a compact disc containing the corresponding orchestral bases, recorded with a 130-piece orchestra, to allow the professional, the student and the opera fan to practice, as well as a version sung by an established artist for reference. Each volume contains the lyrics of the arias plus a short summary and background information on the 'Compagnia d'Opera Italiana' Orchestra and the performers.

8567 SONGBOOK & CD $24.95

Various Composers: Cantolopera - Arias for Mezzo-Soprano Vol. 2

Connais-tu le pays? - Thomas - Mignon
L'amour est un oiseau rebelle - Bizet - Carmen
Pres des remparts de Seville - Bizet - Carmen
Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix - Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila
Voie lo sapete, o mamma - Saint-Saens - Cavalleria rusticana

Cantolopera is a series that proposes a totally new way to approach the great opera repertoire: versions for voice and piano of the most famous arias, accompanied by a compact disc containing the corresponding orchestral bases, recorded with a 130-piece orchestra, to allow the professional, the student and the opera fan to practice, as well as a version sung by an established artist for reference. Each volume contains the lyrics of the arias plus a short summary and background information on the 'Compagnia d'Opera Italiana' Orchestra and the performers.

8571 SONGBOOK & CD 24.95

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