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Vocal Sampling

Vocal Sampling

Male Contemporary Sextet from Havana, Cuba.

Vocal Sampling may sound like a full salsa band - but in reality their unique sound is created by a six piece all-male Cuban a-capella group. With minimum technology, they use only their voices, their cupped hands and their own bodies to create a full range of timbres and textures. All the instruments of the Latin Orchestra - percussion, horns, keyboard, bass - are vocally reproduced with astonishing accuracy for their hugely entertaining set of classic boleros, rumbas, and salsa, as wells as more contemporary compositions.

Largely based on traditional Cuban music but also heavily influenced by modern salsa and jazz, Vocal Sampling perform a variety of original compositions as well as new arrangements of classic tunes. The group's virtuoso singing and technical ability combined with their dynamic stage presence guarantees an exuberant and colourful evening. Cuba's rich musical heritage provides them with plenty of inspiration for their dynamic journey. From modern salsa through to son - a style of dance music rooted in the Spanish and Afro Cuban traditions - Vocal Sampling's show captures the lively colours and rhythms of this diverse culture.

The six members of Vocal Sampling, all accomplished instrumentalists and arrangers, met at Havana's Instituto Superior de Arte while studying music. Looking for ways to provide music for ill-equipped house parties inspired to unorthodox solutions and soon the unique sound of Vocal Sampling was created.

Since then the group have gained the attention of artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon. In 1996, at the artists' invitation, Vocal Sampling performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival alongside artists such as Chaka Khan, Phil Collins, Mick Hucknall and Toots Thielemans to celebrate Quincy Jones' 50 years in the music business. The group has continued to tour successfully throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia ever since. Recent highlights have included the Vancouver Jazz Festival, the London Jazz Festival and the Nuit des Choeurs spectacle in Belgium.

In between touring breaks, Vocal Sampling are currently working on a new album, to be released later in 2006, and set to be pushing the boundaries of vocal performance even further.

Vocal Sampling : Una Forma Mas : 00  1 CD : 61792

Vocal Sampling : Una Forma Mas

When Vocal Sampling first became members of the a cappella scene everyone, simply everyone was blown away. Never before had we heard such complex rhythms made by vocally recreating a traditional Cuban dance band. Fabulous! This is their first album and an absolute must for a capellan literacy. It is full of the best known Cuban songs. Good notes give us understanding of the context of these songs in Cuban life, but the music is so rich as to carry us away with the horn sections, seeming endless varieties of percussion, and guitars. Styles include the bolero, comparsa, palo monte, rumba, salsa, son and trova. Wow!

Songlist: Montuno Sampling, La Negra Tomasa, Ojos Malignos, Dolor Y Perdon, Que Bueno Baila Usted (Castellano), Congo Yambumba, Una Forma Mas, Exclusiva, Soy Del Monte, Del Caribe Vengo, Canto Al Chango, Canto Al Beny More, Radio Reloj

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