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Trio Esperanca

Trio Esperanca

Female Vocal Jazz Trio from Rio de Janeiro, BR, Brazil.

The history goes way back. When small Correa, even if small, were a scene of a box and a stick a microphone in the back yard family in the neighborhood of Gavea in Rio, imitating their three older brothers, whose group " Golden Boys "beat the records of the public hearing of the" Jovem Guarda "version of Brazil yeyes. To so and so, the singer, Eva and Regina eventually blow an idea to Roberto, the eldest of the family: why do not they would form a group too. There was still a little brother available, Mario.

Thus was born the Trio Esperanca, in the 60s. Body and brush remaining available to the baby of the tribe, Mariza .... waiting for better days, she could barely speak but sang like a lark. The Trio's first album. "Menino do Amendoim" goes unnoticed, the second "Filme Triste" true compilation of Portuguese international hits of the time (Like a Bridge Over Trouble Water has, Down Town, Gorgy Girl ...) is a triumph. Trio Esperanca followed suit with "Golden Boys". Suddenly, Dad Correa decides it is time to take care of her smala and exchange office to the bank to that of manager.

Between scenes, festivals, TV shows, studios and schools - "We went from two concerts ..." - Three kids accumulate tubes and success. Principal soloist of the Trio, Eva eventually leave to lead a solo career under close surveillance of his brother and composer, Renato. Mariza, little bow in her hair, white socks, black patent leather ballet flats, and already two 45s solo for children under his belt, replaces Trio Esperanca in this second version. "Casaco Marrom," the first solo album of Eva, the whole of Brazil tenderly called by a diminutive Evinha, place on top of local charts on the right taking the podium at the Festival International de la Chanson Populaire at Maracanazinho in Rio where she is crowned "Best Performer" in front of Julie London and its famous "Cry Me A River," Anthony Adamo, Rika Zarai already highly magnetic time, and other international celebrities.

The discs follow, spurred by success. Stakhanovists in the song, the three sisters furnish their idle time by the choirs of everything that moves and has a great name: (Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania, Gal Costa, Ivan Lins, Roberto Carlos ...). The 70s are coming to an end when Paul Mauriat, Brazil to record "A Grande Orquestra Paul Mauriat" application therefor "best singers" in place to participate in recording this album and tour to follow. Its conductor, Gerard Gambus then takes care of changing the course of this history by marrying Evinha ... who comes to live in France. The 80 are in full swing, Mariza, in turn marries a french and also moved to Paris. The trio disbanded. Endow a veterinary degree and a BA in English, Mario is now dedicated to animal health and education. Regina remained in Rio, connects the studio sessions: vocals, jingles, commercials.

Three months a year, the three sisters find themselves on tour with Paul Mauriat. It's short for those who love to sing so much! In 88, rings Eva recall and reform, with Mariza and Regina, Trio Esperanca, third incarnation, under the artistic direction of Gerard Gambus. That record-eaters fire in Paris, where they occur, in the 89 Bernard Lavilliers discovers and commits them. So. Regina came to Europe for three months, no more restarts. For a year they run with it and stand out on this occasion, by Patrick Bruel, who asked to participate in its own tours. It was at this time that Mick Lanaro, Bruel producer and production manager of Phonogram (now Universal since), offers them a contract with Major. Result? "A Capela Do Brasil", "Segundo", "Nosso Mundo", "preferidas, more than 500,000 albums sold and hundreds of concerts around the world.

In 2002, an overload of various concerts and promotions made them realize that it is time to pause and relax. Each share of his side, away from the show business so stressful. They make many trips to Brazil, but eventually, singing and being onstage ... is their life. Eva starts to solo concerts in Brazil, then recalls, in 2007, her sisters and her brother Mario, they re-formed the famous trio, first draft and make a new triumph in Rio. Also in 2007, and for the first time the whole family will occur on a large stage in Rio event as 7 brothers and sisters, all celebrated on the same stage is unique. A DVD of the show is released in late 2008. This was also the year of their return to France with their participation in the tour "50 years of Bossa Nova" and a collaboration with Christian Pegand Productions / Blue Lemon for new adventures that we'll talk .... very soon

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