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Talisman A Cappella

Talisman A Cappella


Talisman A Cappella was founded by Stanford University students to research and perform culturally substantive music. From its inception in October 1989, Talisman has been committed to the belief that harmoniously blending cultures of diverse origins creates the richest and most beautiful experience both in music and in life. Thus the group embraces varied musical genres and traditions, celebrating cultures not ordinarily represented by vocal ensembles.

To challenge social and political injustice with both its music and its message has been an ambition central to Talisman since the group's founding. In its fourth and fifth seasons, not only was Talisman asked to sing for Nelson Mandela during his visit to Stanford University, the group also perfomed at a memorial service for Amy Biehl, a Stanford student slain while in South Africa promoting women's rights. The music from that service was later featured on the ABC news magazine program Turning Point. During March of this past year, the group continued to share its music as it journeyed east to colleges and universities throughout the New York, Boston, and Providence areas. Talisman then finished the season on the air for National Public Radio: Representatives from the weekly radio program West Coast Live invited Talisman to perform for their listeners throughout California and around the country.

Although such exposure has placed Talisman in extreme demand both on and off campus, the group continues to share its music with those who would otherwise be unable to experience it. Thus Talisman often gives either free or benefit performances in hospitals, elementary schools, retirement homes, and community outreach centers throughout the San Franciscio Bay area.


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Talisman : No Murmur, No Zealots : 00  1 CD : 

Talisman : No Murmur, No Zealots    onsale

Review: Consistently once of the most interesting and talented collegiate a cappella groups in the country this title is one of their earlier releases and possibly one of their finest

Songlist: Keep Your Lamps, If We Ever, Denko, Hombe, Ikhaya Lamaqhawe, Shirt Of Lace, Higher and Higher, Go Tell it on the Mountain, A La Nanita Nana, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Zombie Jamboree, View That Holy City, Shut De'Do', Three Blind Mice, By The River Of Babylon, Dahil Sa Iyo, Something Within Me, Circle Chant

1774c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 ON SALE $2.95 | A Cappella

Talisman : Passage : 00  1 CD : 

Talisman : Passage

Review: Talisman was founded in 1989 to bring African and African-American music to the Stanford University community. 12 years later they've expanded musically to include traditional songs ranging in origin from India and Ireland to the songs of Apache and Tuscarora tribes. "Passage," their fifth CD, takes them full circle back to the music of Africa, blending urban soul with contemporary African rhythms. There are 16 songs here, from songs sung in native dialects like "Akwaba" and "E Hatta A Beta Apebba," to traditional spirituals like "Beulah," "This Little Light of Mine" and "Eyes On The Prize," this is all great, soulful stuff. A particular favorite is "Going Home," a Hawaiian celebration of eternal strength and love. Some accompaniment by African drums. Beautiful liner notes with words and pictures

Songlist: Akwaba, Human, Beulah, Sixolele Baba, Famine Song, Soon Ah Will Be Done, E Hatta A Beta Apebba, Rafiki, Go Tell It On the Mountain, Pata Pata!, This Little Light of Mine, Kube, Eyes on the Prize, Woza Mfana, Going Home, Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing

1724c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Talisman : Shine : 00  1 CD : 

Talisman : Shine

Review: Diversity in people, through songs we unite. Talisman, collectively Stanford's best singers, marked its genesis in 1990 and realized success in great proportions even through times of uncertain destiny. Shine captivates the decade long history of Talisman A Cappella with a double cd featuring tribes of Talisman past and present and an excellent mix of cultural music adaptated from songs by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Bill Withers, Ulali, Miriam Makeba and Hans Zimmer. Every song will send shivers down your backbone, but keep your ears open for "Sechaba" "Babethandaza", "No Mirrors", "Wanting Memories", "Paycheck", "Lean On Me", and "The Rainmaker". Diversity in people, through songs we unite. A phrase worth repeating.

Songlist: Babethandaza, Akanamandla, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Siyaya eJerusalema, Sechaba, Lean on Me, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Adiemus, When I Die Tomorrow, Hombe, Hallelujah, Baba Yetu, Zulu Seliyaduma, If We Ever, Glory, Glory, Amazing Grace, One by One, N'kosi Sikelel' Africa, No Mirrors, Makh Jchi, Anina Jiame, Denko, Tell My Feet, Dubula, Zombie Jamboree, Paycheck, Summertime, Sharanu Ninnage, Senzenina, Wanting Memories, Keep Your Lamps, The Rainmaker

1713c | 00 1 CD | $24.98 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Talisman : The Quick Day Is Done : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to

Talisman : The Quick Day Is Done

Review: Stanford University's world-class mixed ensemble Talisman is dedicated to the sharing of stories through music, specifically the musical traditions the African diaspora. "The Quick Day" is the group's 7th spirited recording, and features the 2003-4, 2004-5 and 2005-6 groups-each with fifteen to twenty singers. 14 powerful, rhythmic songs, some with non-vocal African drums. From the first cut, "Before This Time," we are drawn into the soulful current of this music: "Frekoba," "Majhi," "Soweto Blues," the soaring "Ohureo," the dramatic Native American song "Xihtecuhtli," the joyous, hand-clapping spiritual "Way Beyond the Blue," the vocal percussion gem "Belgo Zairoise," the plaintive spiritual "No More My Lord," the heartbreaking "Stimela," the marvelous "Akekho Ofana No Yesu,' and stunning (although orchestrally accompanied) bonus track "Baba Yetu." We were deeply moved by every one of these songs, and consider "The Quick Day Is Done" one of the best of the year-don't miss this one!

Songlist: Before This Time, Frekoba, Majhi, Soweto Blues, Ohureo, Ndiredi, Xiuhtecuhtli, Way Beyond The Blue, Sombawo, Belgo Zairoise, No More My Lord, Stimela, Akekho Ofana No Yesu, Baba Yetu

1765c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

Talisman : Watch Me Fly : 00  1 CD : 

Talisman : Watch Me Fly

Review: Founded in 1990 with the purpose of bringing African and African-American music to the Stanford University (CA), community. Since then the 17 to 18-member mixed voice a cappella group has recorded several excellent, critically acclaimed albums, of which "Watch Me" is number six. 14 spirited, beautifully-arranged tunes, some favorites: the People's Movement of South Africa song, "Toyi Toyi," "Free," a new arrangement of "Swing Low," "Chant of the Islands," "Strange Fruit," "Sum'Bulala," "Be Like Him," the celebration of motherhood "Fifa," "Tumba," "On Children," and the title tune. Rhythmic, powerful, sweet, heartfelt-we have loved Talisman's previous CDs and "Watch Me" is their most poised, most confident yet. Outstanding!

Songlist: Toyi Toyi, Free, Swing Low, Chant of the Islands, Strange Fruit, Sum'Bulala, By the Rivers of Babylon, Wahjeeleh-Yihm, Be Like Him, Motherless, Fifa, Tumba, On Children, Watch Me Fly

1747c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Collegiate A Cappella

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