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Side Street Ramblers

Side Street Ramblers

1983 - Barbershop Quartet Champions

Lead: Brian Beck. Tenor: Keith Houts. Baritone: Earl Hagn. Bass: Dennis Malone.

The Ramblers won the International Gold Medal in Seattle in 1983 after several years of competing. In 1975, Stage Door Four baritone Dennis Malone's company transferred him to California although he wanted to continue singing in a Dallas quartet . That left two other members of the disbanded Stage Door Four, tenor Keith Houts, and super lead, Jim Law looking for a bass. One night in late 1975, 6'5" Earl Hagn appeared at a Vocal Majority rehearsal. With very obvious 6'3' bass vocal chords, Earl was approached by many three man quartets. As luck would have it, Earl agreed to audition for a quartet whose bari was in California and might not return. Lead Jim Law decided to retire from his law practice and moved to New Mexico and they had to step down from the competition. Losing a lead singer would kill almost any quartet, but not the Ramblers. This was just about the time the Dealer's Choice were breaking up and lead Bill Thornton (also the Rambler's coach) was looking for another quartet. Mter passing the audition, they picked up where they left off Their championship year included several special events. In addition to attending the Int'l Mid-Winter convention (that year in Hawaii - nice timing, guys) they also toured Europe. In 1984 they made an appearance on the Phil Donahue Show.

Group members: Keith Houts, Brian Beck, Dennis Malone, Earl Hagn

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