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Red Army Choir

Red Army Choir

The history of legendary Russian singing choir began in 1929. Since than it has been traveling all over the world and performing arts of Russian culture. Step by step, the choir has extended its team of the ballet part. They all have been cheered by audience all around the world (for example in Austria, Algeria, Great Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Vietnam, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland etc.). In 2007, they are going to perform again in Kosice and Bratislava. It will be their first performance after more than 20 years since their last visit.

The strength of their show lies in world-known songs like "Kalinka", "Donci-Molodci" etc. Alexander's were the first who sung the song "Sojuz nerusimyj", the anthem of Soviet Union. Along the Russian classical music you can hear Verdi's hymn Immenso Jehova of Nabucco, Mosorskij's "Raschodilas, razgujalas", Meisn's "Delilah" and many more. The choir survived many influences like Communism, Perestroika, wild Russian capitalism, difficult 90-ties, Saga of Putin and so on. Their interconnected emotions are expressed by their Russian professionalism. They have never used playback and emotionally they perform as the last one. Mit has been told who has never heard Alexander's, cannot understand Russian spirit.

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