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2013 - Barbershop Quartet Champions

Lead: Patrick Haedtler. Tenor: Rob Menaker. Baritone: Alan Gordon. Bass: Brett Littlefield.

Masterpiece... a supreme artistic achievement; sometimes the work of one, sometimes a collaboration of many. In the world of vocal music, it is the marriage of multiple efforts to seamlessly become one. Rob, Patrick, Alan, and Brett have enjoyed success in various groups over their varied musical histories, and have finally come together to share a unique sound and experience with their audience.

Rob Menaker, Tenor... began his singing career more than 30 years ago in his hometown of Columbia, Maryland. After moving to California, Rob sang many musical styles with the UCLA Men's Glee Club, touring the U.S. and Far East while expanding his vocal abilities. After graduating, his effortless tenor voice made him a valuable commodity to many groups, culminating in a 1996 International Quartet Championship with Nightlife. In the Masters of Harmony, his vocal consistency and color have served as a model for the tenor singers for all 6 chorus championships. Rob lives in Gardena, CA, with his wife, Pat.

Patrick Haedtler, Lead... was introduced to barbershop at the age of 12 when he joined the San Jose Chapter in Northern California with his father and brother. He moved to Southern California to attend Cal Poly and complete his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. After his move south, Patrick promptly joined the Masters of Harmony and the 2007 International Chorus Champions, The Westminster Chorus. Most recently Patrick sang with The Crush, 2-time FWD Silver Medalist, 2007 Collegiate Quartet Silver Medalist, and 2009 International Semi-Finalist. Patrick resides in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Alan Gordon, Baritone... is a "barbershop brat," having been introduced to the avocation through the involvement of both parents in San Jose, Ca. With music in the family room almost every night, it wasn't a surprise that he was harmonizing with his sister at age 5. That early start has imbedded in Alan a vocal flexibility that allows for chameleon-like blending through a wide range. After moving to Southern California, he joined the Masters, leading in various positions and ending up with the formation of Gotcha!, who became Quartet Champions in 2004. Alan and his wife, Cyndi, live in Fullerton, CA, with their daughter, Molly.

Brett Littlefield, Bass... is the only native Southern Californian in the group. Hailing from Westminster, Brett started his barbershop singing straight out of high school, and the vocal world has been thankful. Demonstrating the depth of a gospel singer with the warmth of a crooner, Brett anchored the 1996 Champions with Rob in Nightlife. Brett has been active with the Masters for 20 years, serving as bass section leader, director, and assistant director. Brett and Rob share a distinction of being among few men who have won a chorus and quartet championship on the same day! Father to Johnathan, Cody, and Sara, Brett makes his home in Orange, CA, with his wife, Karen.

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Masterpiece : Nice and Easy : 00  1 CD

Masterpiece : Nice and Easy

Rob, Patrick, Alan and Brett have all enjoyed great success with other Barbershop groups. Tenor Rob Menaker graduated from the UCLA Men's Glee Club to a number of groups, culminating in a 1996 International Championship with Nightlife. He also won 6 chorus championships with The Masters of Harmony. Lead Patrick Haedtler sang with 2007 International Chorus Champs The Westminster Chorus, and with 2009 International semifinalists The Crush. Baritone Alan Gordon also sang with the Masters, which led to his joining Gotcha!, 2004 Quartet Champions. Bass Brett Littlefield anchored Nightlife's 1996 Championship with Rob, and sang with the Masters for 20 years. Brett and Rob are among the few men who have won a Barbershop Quartet and Chorus Championship on the same day! Now singing together as Masterpiece, the new group attracted a lot of attention by placing fourth at this year's Portland Convention, and they celebrated by releasing their debut album, "Nice & Easy." Every one of these 12 songs, including favorites "Nice & Easy," Blood, Sweat & Tears' "Hi-De-Ho," "Deed I Do," "Stormy Weather," "San Fernando Valley," "Tennessee Waltz," "Sweet Pea," "Joyfully I'll Travel On" and "At the Crossroads;" is masterful, if you will--funny, poignant, nostalgic, powerful and filled with unbelievable ringing chords and harmonies. It adds up to great entertainment-don't miss this one!

Songlist: Bang Goes the Drum, Nice & Easy, Deed I Do, The Heather on the Hill, Stormy Weather, Hi-De-Ho, San Ferdando Valley, Tennessee Waltz, Where've You Been?, Sweet Pea, Joyfully I'll Carry On, At The Crossroads

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2128c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Masterpiece : Old Friends : 00  1 CD

Masterpiece : Old Friends

Masterpiece, Brett, Rob, Alan and Patrick, won the Barbershop Harmony Society's 75th Anniversary International Quartet Championship in Toronto in 2013, and also won CASA's "Best Barbershop Album, "Nice & Easy," and Best Barbershop Song, "Stormy Weather," that year. Our wait for their second album has finally been rewarded with brand new release "Old Friends!" The secret to their 2013 success, combining three veteran, past-champion singers with a hot young lead, created a winning sound, a rich, powerful blend that still works for Masterpiece and their happy live audiences. Some of our many favorites among these dozen tunes are Sondheim & Styne's "Everything's Coming Up Roses," Learner & Lane's "On a Clear Day," Boyd Atkins' "Heebie Jeebies," Leon & Otis Rene's "Sweet Lucy Brown," Lewis & Wooten's title tune, Hammerstein & Kern's "Old Man River" and Stephen Foster's classic "Oh! Susanna." You'll love the selections, arrangements, leads, harmonies, breathtaking held notes... in short, "Old Friends" is a, well, Masterpiece!

Songlist: Everything's Coming Up Roses, On A Clear Day, I Heard You Singing, Everyone's Wrong But Me, The Wind, Drown In My Own Tears, Heebie Jeebies, Not While I'm Around, Sweet Lucy Brown, Old Friends, Old Man River, Oh! Susanna

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22264c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

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