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Martini Quartet

Martini Quartet

2012 - Sweet Adelines Queens of Harmony

Lead: Michelle Shoemaker. Tenor: Corinna Garriock. Baritone: DeAnne Haugen. Bass: Shannon Harris.

Martini Quartet formed in July 2007 over a round of cosmopolitans at Sandy Marron's home in Tacoma, Washington. Singers Sandy Marron (tenor), Lisa Myers (lead), Shannon Harris (bass) and DeAnne Haugen (bari) knew right from the beginning that they had a special blend! Yet this Martini has been shaken AND stirred not just once, but three times during the group's four year journey to become Sweet Adelines International's 2012 International Quartet Champions!

Martini v1.0 (Original Blend): In April 2008, despite intensive rehearsal travel requirements (members hailed from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Milwaukee), Martini competed at the Sweet Adelines International Region 26 Convention in Vancouver, BC where they placed first with a regional record-breaking score of 623 points. Later that year, they made their International Competition debut in Honolulu, HI, placing 8th in the world. In October 2009, Martini was returned to the International stage in Nashville, TN where they jumped four places and finished 4th! In early 2010, this original version of Martini also recorded their debut CD 'It's Martini Time!' to the delight of their fans.

Martini v2.0 (Southern Variation): In early 2010, lead Lisa Myers turned her attention to family life and Michelle Shoemaker joined the group as her replacement, traveling all the way from Atlanta, GA to rehearse with the foursome. In October 2010, after just a few months of rehearsal, Martini v2.0 made their first International appearance in Seattle, WA and placed 5th overall! What a beginning!

Martini v3.0 (Crown Royal Blend): In January 2011, tenor Sandy Marron made the difficult decision to step out of the group in order to focus on her role as musical director of Lions Gate Chorus. Corinna Garriock, former tenor of Mojo Quartet, joined the group in March 2011 and after six rehearsals, Martini v3.0 debuted on the International stage in Houston, TX. The result was magic as Martini was named the 2012 International Quartet Champions!

During their four years together, Martini has had the opportunity to be coached by some amazing people including Carole Kirkpatrick, Jim Arns, Renee Porzel, Sandy Marron, Judy Pozsgay, Joni Bescos, Marcia Pinvidic, Dale Syverson, Ase Hagerman, Elaine Cotton, Beth Smith and Sean Devine. All four singers in Martini are long time members of Sweet Adelines International and active in their choruses, regions and in international programs. Corinna and Shannon sing with Lions Gate Chorus in Vancouver, BC. DeAnne sings with the 2012 International Chorus Champions, Melodeers, and lives in nearby Wisconsin. Michelle is a member of the Song of Atlanta Show Chorus in Atlanta, GA.

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Martini Quartet : It's Martini Time

"It's Martini Time!", recorded in January 2010, features the original mix of Martini Quartet - Sandy Marron (tenor), Lisa Myers (lead), Shannon Harris (bass) and DeAnne Haugen (bari). Several of these tunes were performed on stage at the Sweet Adelines International Finals. 13 songs, some of our favorites are the title tune, 'All the Way,' 'Puttin' On The Ritz,' the live cut 'How Are Things in Glocca Mora,' 'Love Me,' Annie Lennox's iconic 80s anthem 'Sweet Dreams,' 'The Nearness of You,' 'Don't Break the Heart that Loves You,' 'Nighttime in Dixieland/One Step Dixieland Medley' and Leonard Cohen's deathless hit 'Hallelujah.' Wonderful harmonies, strong leads, great arrangements. This Martini is definitely shaken and stirred!!

Songlist: It's Martini Time, All The Way, Puttin' On The Ritz, How Are Things In Glocca Morra?, Love Me, My Baby Just Cares For Me, Sweet Dreams, The Nearness of You, Don't Break the Heart That Loves You, Lover Come Back to Me, My Immortal, Nightime in Dixieland, Hallelujah

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9837c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Martini Quartet : Shaken, Stirred and Crowned : 00  1 CD : 2.4

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Charmed Life

Martini Quartet : Shaken, Stirred and Crowned

Sweet Adelines 2012 International Quartet Champions, also known as "Queens of Harmony" Martini is actually an international voices across the border phenomenon, with Bass Shannon Harris and tenor Corinna Garriock hailing from Canada, and lead Michelle Shoemaker and baritone DeAnne Haugen from the United States. The group first got together in 2007 with a different tenor and lead, and placed 8th in the world 2008 in Honolulu. Michelle joined the group in early 2010, and Martini placed 5th in Seattle after just a few months of rehearsal. Then in January 2011, Corinna joined the group, and 6 rehearsals later, created magic in Houston, being crowned Queens! "Shaken, Stirred & Crowned" is a 13-song "best-of" collection that celebrates Martini's remarkable rise. Favorites are a pair of live standards, "How Are Things In Glocca Morra" and "My Baby Just Cares For Me" (with some very funny asides); a nice arrangement of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," the Mancini brothers' "Sometimes," M. James' pop hit "Hooked On A Feeling," C. McVie's "Songbird," Lerner & Lowe's "If Ever I Would Leave You," George Gershwin's "Somebody Loves Me," a nice cover of J. Lynne's "Mr. Blue Sky," R. Gaylord's "I Will Never Pass This Way Again" and the lovely traditional tune "The Parting Glass." Martini has the song selection, tight harmonies, sweet leads, powerful stage presence and ringing chords of which champions are made. Don't miss this "best-of" by Sweet Adelines' Best!

Songlist: Mr Blue Sky, Somebody Loves Me, If Ever I Would Leave You, Songbird, Hooked On A Feeling, Sometimes, One By One, Charmed Life, Hallelujah, How Are Things In Glocca Morra?, My Baby Just Cares For Me, I Will Never Pass This Way Again, The Parting Glass

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2679c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Martini Quartet : Straight Up!

I like my music as I like my drinks - that's straight up with a twist. And that's exactly what the talented ladies of The Martini Quartet serve up on this intoxicating release. These bi-national Queens of Harmony sing songs like they should be sung - beautifully, crisply and with feeling. The harmony is pure, tight and seamless with voices that soar. So make yourself a cocktail, sit back and let the warm glow of the music lift your spirits. Cheers ladies!

Songlist: Let's Live It Up, Sweet Dreams, Bumblebee, Come On Get Happy, I Will Go Sailing No More, Deed I Do, Fix You, Life Is A Highway, The Folks Who Live on the Hill, Defying Gravity, Irish Blessing, Canada's Really Big

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22312c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

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