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Lambert, Hendricks and Ross

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross


Few recording artists can claim innovation let alone revolution. The 1950's vocal trio of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross fit into that small category of performers who effectively turned a genre upside down. Expanding upon the technique known as ''vocalese,'' by which a jazz singer adapts an instrument to the human voice, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross applied the style beyond the usual intimacy of a small combo to full big band arrangements. Their sharp and witty vocals, energetic delivery, and stupendous harmonies took the jazz world by storm, making instant stars of the three performers and inspiring a host of similar acts, such as the Hi-Los, the King Sisters, and the Manhattan Transfer.

The trendsetting trio had its beginning in a partnership between Lambert and Hendricks during the mid-1950s. Lambert, a well-respected vocalist with a reputation as an adventurous performer, had made his mark on the jazz world during the 1940s. He and former partner Buddy Stewart had been among the first singers to work in modern jazz. They were best known for their hit ''What's This?'' with Gene Krupa. Hendricks, a singer and lyricist who had been working in vocalese for most of his career, had several R&B hits under his belt when he decided to tackle the project of writting lyrics to the famous Woody Herman tune ''Four Brothers.'' The arrangement, however, required more than one voice. Knowing Lambert by reputation only, he contacted his fellow vocalist and offered him the chance to help record it. The song was a success and the two men decided to form a team.

After several more recordings as a duet the singers decided to take on the music of Count Basie. Their daring plan called for the use of a 12-man vocal choir to recreate the full arrangement. One singer would represent one instrument. Unable to find enough talented vocalists who could sight read music, they decided to hire studio singers and contacted jazz vocalist Annie Ross to coach them. The results were disastrous and the idea of using a choir was dropped. Unwilling to give up, Lambert and Hendricks decided to experiment with the relatively new process of studio multitracking to create the same effect. They asked Ross to help. Ross could not sight read music but knew the original Basie recordings by heart.

Little was expected of the finished recordings, but when Sing a Song of Basie was finally released in 1957 on ABC/Paramount it became a smash hit. An equally successful follow-up album ensued, with Basie himself supporting the trio. The three singers were in high demand. In 1959, however, they decided to take a different direction musically. Realizing the limits of multitracking, they abandoned the gimmick and hired a rhythm section. The resulting effort earned them even greater accolades. The trio recorded four more albums together on the Columbia label and also pursued solo projects.

In 1962 Ross, tired of touring, called it quits. Lambert and Hendricks choose Yolande Bavan for the impossible job of replacing Ross. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan recorded three albums for RCA. None were as successful as those of the previous trio, and the group broke up in 1964. Sadly, Dave Lambert was killed in a car accident in 1966. Jon Hendricks continues to perform. Annie Ross also continued singing and working in films. Though they only graced the musical landscape for a few short years, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross left an indelible mark in the world of vocal jazz that has yet to be equaled to this day.


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Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Centerpiece : Showtrax CD :  : 888680660918 : 00211312

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Centerpiece

Review: This vocal jazz classic from the iconic group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross offers younger or developing mixed and treble ensembles a chance to build important performance techniques! Lots of unison or trade-off phrases over a walking bass line and easy scat section will make it easy and fun!


5500p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Vocal Jazz Arrangements : Sheet Music : 

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Vocal Jazz Arrangements

Review: Lambert Hendricks & Ross mastered the art of vocal bebop and the Jon Hendricks classic "Everybody's Boppin'" proves the point with its frantic tempo and the fast swing groove underneath. A vocal jazz tour-de-force! "Birdland" is a quintessential jazz classic with lyrics by the incomparable Jon Hendricks in a funky fusion setting by noted arranger Paris Rutherford. A perfect showcase for vocal jazz groups! Darmon Meader's arrangement of "Charleston Alley" pays tribute to Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, as well as Charlie Barnet, while expanding the voicings, and also placing the song in a much more "SATB-friendly" key. This arrangement is a great introduction to the classic vocalese style of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, and will work well for most medium to advanced vocal jazz groups.

Songlist: Charleston Alley, Birdland, Everybody's Boppin', Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune)

6736b | Sheet Music | $8.45 | SATB Vocal Jazz Arrangements

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Improvisations For The Human Voice  : 00  1 CD :  : 5013929316836 : WWELR931683

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Improvisations For The Human Voice

Review: Fans of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross specifically, and vocal jazz in general, have long heard about the early sides recorded before the trio came together in 1957. In fact, each member -- Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, and Annie Ross -- was separately a pioneer in bop-inspired vocal improvisation, the type of vocalizing that concentrated on the most purely musical aspects of singing. The El Records compilation, Improvisations for the Human Voice, compiles 25 of those early sides and provides a terrific complement to their best recordings, the string of LPs they recorded for Columbia between 1959 and 1962 (which were collected on an excellent two-CD compilation, The Hottest New Group in Jazz). These tracks comprise a wealth of seminal vocal sides by the most inventive minds in the art of vocalese.

Songlist: What's This, A Cent and a Half, Perdido, Charge Account, Gussie G, Hawaiian War Chant, Jolly Jo, Twisted, Farmer's Market, Annie's Lament, Jackie, Four Brothers, Cloudburst, Standin' on the Corner (Whistlin' at the Pretty Girls), Two for the Blues, Little Pony, One O'Clock Jump, Fiesta in Blue, Blues Backstage, Tickle-Toe, Doodlin', The Spirit-Feel, Lil' Darlin', Rusty Dusty Blues, Popity Pop

3201c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 Vocal Improvisation

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : The Hottest New Group In Jazz : 00  1 CD :  : 07464649332-8 : C2K64933

Listen to

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : The Hottest New Group In Jazz

Review: Of course, Lambert Hendricks and Ross are no longer new, though they were the epitome of cool jazz in the 1950's. This re-issued double CD set contains a career retrospective - 39 songs worth, though not everything that was on the (unfortunately) discontinued "Twisted" CD - and is a fabulous value. The three personalities of Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks and the British Annie Ross complimented and balanced each other uniquely, pushing the jazz envelope, while always retaining their warmth and sensuality. Accompanied by a rhythm combo, and sometimes horns, songs such as "Caravan," "Moanin'" and "Centerpiece" are just as vital now as they ever were. Highly recommended.

Songlist: Disc 1:, Charleston Alley, Moanin', Twisted, Bijou, Cloudburst, Canterpiece, Gimme That Wine, Sermonette, Mummertime, Everybody's Boppin', Disc 2:, Cottontail, All Too Soon, Happy Anatomy, Rocks in my Bed, Main Stem, I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I've Got, Things Ain't What They Used to Be, Midnight Indigo, What Am I Here For?, In a Mellow Tone, Caravan, Disc 3:, Come On Home, The New A B C, Farmer's Market, Cookin' at the Continental , With Malice Toward Nono, Hi-Fly, Home Cookin', Halloween Spooks, Popity pop, Blue , Mr. P.C., Walkin', This Here (Dis Hyunh), Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home, Twist City, Just a Little Bit of Twist, A Night In Tunisia, A Night In Tunisia (Alternate Version)

6263c | 00 1 CD | $24.95 | Accompanied Mixed Vintage CDs

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Boppin' at the Blue Note

Review: In a live recording at The Blue Note in New York City, John Carl ("Jon") Hendricks, the father of vocalese, is complimented by a singing team made up of wife Judith, daughters Michele and Aria, Kevin Burke and trio, and augmented by fine horn arrangements played by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, trombonist Al Grey and saxophonists Red Holloway and Benny Golson. Hendricks maintains his remarkable knack for spontaneous invention amidst the company of stalwart sidemen, whose splendid single and mingled horn renderings are woven into Hendricks' vocals. Much to the amusement of the audience, Hendricks' challenges Wynton Marsalis to an amazing fast-paced scatting match on Hendricks' original, Everybody's Boppin'. Hendricks' inspired vocal team enhances this live recording, together with Michele, the three vocalists stretch and stop, bleet and bop through their horn-like vocal improvisations, much in the manner of 1940s "cutting" sessions. From bluesy ballads to racing bebop, Hendricks, along with his singing team, stirs up a tightly blended jazz jam of classically Hendricks-embellished popular tunes. Over the course of his career, he has worked with the jazz greats - Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington. Hendricks shows he is still on top with this superb live release.

Songlist: Get Me to the Church on Time, Do You Call That a Buddy? , Good Ol' Lady, Contemporary Blues, Everybody's Boppin', Almost Like Being in Love, Roll 'em Up Pete, It's Sand, Man, Since I Fell For You, Shiny Stocking, One O'Clock Jump

3020c | 00 1 CD | $9.95 | Some a cappella Vocal Jazz CDs

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Everybody's Boppin' : 00  1 CD :  : 886972469225 : 4A724692

Listen to

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Everybody's Boppin'

Review: To listen to this trio reveals what a great influence this group has been on so many artists, in terms of choice of material and style. The most sophisticated and hip vocal treatments - Hendricks was a foremost developer of the vocalese technique - they change moods on a dime and are impossible to predict. Ross takes the lead on "Midnight Indigo," a sultry trickle of sweat on the back of the neck. "Moanin'" mixes up roadhouse blues with the sweetest of refrains. "Summertime" is just on the inside of a discordant wail, an eerie lament. Also included: "Cloudburst" and "Centerpiece."

Songlist: Charleston Alley, Moanin', Twisted, Bijou, Cloudburst, Centerpiece, Gimme That WIne, Stemonette, Summertime, Everbody's Boppin', Home Cookin', Blue, Come On Home, Cottontail, Midnight Indigo

4254c | 00 1 CD | $11.95 | Accompanied Mixed Vintage CDs

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross : Sing a Song of Basie

Review: The first album that launched their career, the trio of Jon Hendricks, Dave Lambert and the English Annie Ross pioneered the use of voices patterned on instrumental parts. The daring of this group creates a giddy excitement, which can be heard on tracks such as "It's Sand, Man," whereby the three voices (accompanied by piano, bass and drums) gain altitude in a series of ascending patterns that thrill the senses. Though Ross in particular possesses a fine voice, the attraction is not in the prettiness of the sound as much as the interplay of the voices, and the utter originality of their interpretations. Every song is enchanting.

Songlist: Everyday, It's Sand, Man!, Two For the Blues, One O'Clock Jump, Little Pony, Down for Double, Fiesta in Blue, Down for the Count, Blues Backstage, Avenue C, Four Brothers, Cloudburst, Standin' On The Corner

4256c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 | Accompanied Mixed Vintage CDs

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