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Brad Green: School Rules

Say Your Name
Clean Up
The Golden Rule
Be Careful
Be Still
A Song To Pass Things Out
Always Share
Before You Speak, Raise Your Hand
Buenos Dias
Clap One Time If You Can Hear My Voice
Come To Attention
Criss-Cross Applesauce
Do You Have What You Need?
Don't Forget Your Homework
Everybody Listen
Find A Partner
Follow Instructions
Get Ready To Start The Day
Give Me The Magic Five
Go Back To Your Place
Hocus Pocus Everybody Focus
It's OK To Have Different Feelings
It's Time To Say Goodbye
Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Life Is Better With Friends
Make A Choice
Make A Circle
Make A Line
Marshmallow Mouth
Move In 5-4-3-2-1
Please And Thank You
Polka Dot Spot
Rules Song
Show Respect
Stand Up, Sit Down
Stay In Your Seat
Take Turns
There Are Two Minutes Left
Walk, Don't Run
Wash Your Hands
When You Move Around The Room
When You Say Hello
When You Use Good Manners
You'll Need Your Book For This Activity

Rather than say it, why not sing it! School Rules is packed with attention grabbers, songs about good behavior, manners, lesson openers and closers, self esteem, procedures, sharing, being a good student and much more - 46 songs in all! For added value, the music pages are reproducible with melody line and chord symbols, and each song offers helpful teaching tips and a host of cross-curricular activities. So, tell the elementary classroom teachers in your school! They'll find these songs helpful, too! A performance/accompaniment CD is also available separately or in a Classroom Kit with the Teacher book. There are helpful demonstration tracks to help learn the songs and accompaniment tracks when teacher and students want to showcase their own voices! Suggested for Grades K-4.

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Mini Musical | 64 Pages
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