Swing Street

Group members: Sylvia Karpinsky - Tenor, LeAnn Hazlett - Lead, Sue Snow - Baritone, Sharon Cassell - Bass


Street of Dreams

The Chordbuster March
I’m Beginning to See the Light
Weekend In New England
That’s My Weakness Now/That Certain Party Medley
Last Night Was the End of the World
For Sentimental Reasons
Jazz Baby
Low Gravy
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
Boy Medley
Blue Champagne
Andrews Sisters Medley

This is performance material sung by the 1991 Queens of Harmony! From the opening chords of "The Chordbuster March" to the fabulous final chord (nail it, Ladies!) of the "Andrews Sisters Medley" you will be treated to the finest in barbershop singing. Yes, of course there is jazz added to the mix on "Jazz Baby," "Low Gravy" and the aforementioned "Andrews Sisters Medley," but this recording is chock full of tradition. "I'm Beginning To See The Light," "For Sentimental Reasons," "In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree" and "Last Night Was The End Of The World" are some of the songs which would fall into that categorization, but Swing Street reinvigorates tradition to the delight of our ears.
5510 CD $14.98

Swing Street

Great Day Medley
I Can Dream, Can't I
Little Jazz Bird
All of My Life
Ella Medley
Swing Street
Let's Get Away From It All
River of No Return
If We Ever Needed The Lord Before (We Sure Do Need Him Now)
Heart's Desire
As If We Never Said Goodbye

As their name implies, this is super Sweet Adelines barbershop with bounce. Winners of the 1991 Internationals, this foursome is obviously well-grounded in the fundamentals of jazz - listen to "Let's Get Away From All," or "Little Jazz Bird" to hear them scat and trill; if there was any doubt, the "Ella Medley" brings it home. However, these embellishments are the icing; the chord voicings are solidly barbershop, and each part works vertically as well as horizontally on its own merits. It's the relationship of each part to the whole that elevates an arrangement from the pedestrian to the exceptional. These ladies also have a way with a coda: "Swanee" and the afore-mentioned "Little Jazz Bird" are thrilling.
5512 CD $14.98

Moving Violations

Let's Get Away from It All
When You Look in the Heart of a Ros
Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm
Gospel Medley
It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
The Old Songs/Medley
When I Fall in Love
Zombie Jamboree
My Honey's Lovin' Arms
Swing Medley

With a sense of whimsy erupting in song and on the written notes, Swing Street takes us on another tour of barbershop, jazz, gospel, popular and contemporary songs in their Championship style. Though there are plenty of very finely performed barbershop numbers on this recording, it is the contrast with the unusual selections that makes it so enjoyable. "Birdland" is a jazz tune with lyrics obliquely referring to the 'Bird,' Charlie Parker. "The Gospel Medley" is performed in the four square barbershop tradition. In "The Old Songs/We Kinda Miss The Good Old Songs we are treated to a spoken and sung humorous section just before the Rap break. Har Har. Then they regale us with a seasonal tune, "Zombie Jamboree" (hey, Halloween is seasonal). What we have here is great singing and good fun.
5511 CD $14.98

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