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Ariella Vaccarino

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Ariella Vaccarino

Opera singer, Cantorial Soloist, and actress, Ariella is passionately pursuing a career in both opera and stage. She has premiered the role of Miranda in L.A. Opera's Journey to Cordoba and Maricella in Opera Pacific's Camino de Fey. Singing in the Czech Republic Ariella performed in the Verdi centennial celebrations. There she sang Gilda from Verdi's Rigoletto with the Zlin Philharmonic, and Violetta from La Traviatta with the Karlovy Vary Symphony orchestra.

She Sings Out, Inc. is a corporation created by Ariella Vaccarino. More than a performer Ariella is an entrepreneur and teacher who is focused on making products that help bring music and independence into people's lives at affordable prices.

Ariella Vaccarino has been teaching Voice and Piano for over 15 years in the Los Angeles area. She is an accomplished Opera singer, having studied voice at USC. Ariella has also performed on many movie sound tracks.

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Ariella Vaccarino : Vocal Repairnew

Review: Vocal Repair is a singing curriculum specifically designed for the tired, over-taxed, and recovering voice. Whether you have been over-singing, yelling at a game or party, or have had to take time off from singing due to an illness or injury, Vocal Repair can help you gently get your voice back into good health. And it is an excellent supplement to vocal therapy or voice lessons. Vocal Repair emphasizes the importance of singing "mezza voce" (half voice), not pushing or straining, and slowly building the strength to sing through the entire CD. Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go, guides you through the singing exercises, providing explanations and vocal examples to piano accompaniment. Singers, Actors, Teachers, Speakers, Dancers - This is an inexpensive tool to help maintain and recover a healthy voice. Vocal Repair can be an excellent companion to Ariella's other Voice Lessons To Go CDs for when your voice feels tired and needs a gentle tune-up. It is also a wonderful program to gently warm the voice down after a long day of speaking or singing promoting good long lasting vocal health.


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2224 | 1 CD $19.95 Vocal Health

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go for Kids

Review: This CD is designed for young elementary school aged singers to learn how to warm up their voice in a healthy fun way. The volume begins with advice on healthy singing, including words on posture, breathing, and diction. Vocal warm ups follow in patterns broken up into three separate vocalizes: Singing numbers, Singing syllables and Singing solfege. Musical terms such as major scales, chords, octaves, staccato and legato are sung through and explained. The goal of Voice Lessons To Go for Kids is to develop good healthy confident voices as well as to develop children's theoretical knowledge about music, creating good singers on the road to being young musicians.

Chapters: Never Push, You will improve, Your Vocal Assessment, Posture, Diction, Breathing, Confidence, Vocal Warm-Ups

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9890 | Vocal Warm Up Exercises $19.95 Vocal Warm Ups

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go - Complete Set

Review: All four of the "Voice Lessons to Go Series" in one affordable Package.

Chapters: Vocalize and Breath, Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training, Pure Vowels, Stamina

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6617 | 4 CDs $54.95 Vocal Warm Ups

Ariella Vaccarino : Vocalize!

Review: Vocalize! is the transcribed compilation of the popular Voice Lessons To Go CD series. Four full singing lessons by Ariella Vaccarino put into sheet music form. Her vocal exercises range from simple to difficult with much variety within. Ms. Vaccarino has written words of instruction preceding each particular exercise which will further your success in singing and mastering them. As a plus, the vocalizes are broken down for the piano player to understand in the beginning pages of the book. Vocalize! is perfect for voice teachers to resource, and singers to train from.

Chapters: Piano Fingering And Warm-ups, Voice Lessons To Go v.1 Vocalize And Breath, Voice Lessons To Go v. 2 Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch, Voice Lessons To Go v. 3 Pure Vowels, Voice Lessons To Go v. 4 Stamina

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6663 | Book Warm Up $24.95 Vocalises

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go - Vol 2 - Do Re Mi, Ear And Pitch Training

Review: Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training is the second CD to Ariella Vaccarino's series of Voice Lessons To Go (Please read about Volume One- Ocalize and Breath). Do Re Mi trains the ear through vocal exercises. First, start simple with tone recognition. Next, the heart of the CD, Solfedge, (Do Re Mi...)- In that you will concentrate on forms of the major and chromatic scales graduating into chord recognition. Finally, Do Re Mi ends with, Hearing Your Note, showing you how to sing specific notes out of a group. This CD will be amazing in aiding you in your musicianship skills while continuing to strengthen your voice! Do Re Mi is perfect for all levels of singers. Whether you are just a beginner who is interested in developing as a musician, or an advanced singer wanting to refine your musicianship skills.

Chapters: Introduction, Solfedge Exercises, Chord Exercises, Hearing Your Note

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6333 | 1 CD Vocal Warm Ups $19.95 Ear Training

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go - Vol 1 - Vocalize and Breath

Review: Vocalize and Breath is the first CD of the Voice Lessons To Go! series. It consists of a half hour of vocal warms ups, then fantastic breathing exercises, and finally excellent advice on posture and training. You will be guided through the exercises with vocal examples and piano accompaniment by Ariella Vaccarino an excellent experienced voice teacher and professional singer from Los Angeles. Ariella's explanations are clear and easy to follow.

Chapters: Vocal Exercises, Breathing Exercises

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6332 | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises $19.95 Vocal Warm Ups

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go - Vol 3 - Pure Vowels

Review: Pure Vowels ist the third of four CDs in Ariella Vaccarino's Voice Lesson to Go series. This volume is a voice lesson compiled of vocal exercises concentrating on the different vowels we sing and their proper vocal production. The vocalizes are separated by the vowels: ah, ey, ee, oh, oo, and i. The first half of the CD is a walk through and explanation of each new exercise with examples. Part two is straight piano accompaniment to all the exercies to giving the singer complete independence.

Chapters: Introduction, Part 1: Vocal Exercises with Explanations and Examples, EE (as in READ): 4 tracks, EY (as in PRAY): 4 tracks, I (as in WIN): 2 tracks, AH (as in SAD): 5 tracks, OH (as in HOPE): 4 tracks, OO (as in COOL): 4 tracks, Ah Ee Ey Oh Oo: 3 tracks, Final Thoughts, Just Piano Accompaniment for All Above Vowel Practice Tracks

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6616 | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises $19.95 Vocal Warm Ups

Ariella Vaccarino : Voice Lessons To Go - Vol 4 - Stamina

Review: Stamina is the fourth CD in Ariella Vaccarino's Voice Lesson to Go series. It is compiled of vocal exercieses designed to challenge and strengthen any singers' abilities. The vocal program in Stamina will train the singer, like an athlete, in building abdominal strength and vocal endurance. This is the most advanced of the series and is designed to challenge the singer. In part 1 of Stamina, Ariella Vaccarino introduces, and walk ou through each new exercise. Once mastered, you can sing freely without any interruptions to part 2, which is straight piano accompaniment to all the vocalizes.

Chapters: Introduction, Vocal Exercises, Explanations and Examples, Final Thoughts, Just Piano Accompaniment

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6617 | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises $19.95 Vocal Warm Ups

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