Vox One: Say You Love Me (00 1 CD)

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Vox One: Say You Love Me

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
My Cherie Amour   Paul Stiller
Time After Time   Yumiko Matsuoka
Say You Love Me   Vox One
Shenandoah   Steve Prosser
Whisper When I Speak    Paul Pampinella
It's Too Late   Yumiko Matsuoka
Autumn Leaves   Paul Pampinella
Lovin' You   Yumiko Matsuoka
Out There   Paul Stiller
White Christmas   Irving Berlin   Yumiko Matsuoka

Produced by Kohsuke Ichihara / Vox One

This Japanese release features seven songs not before released in the U.S.. For fans of Vox One, we are already preaching to the choir, but for the uninitiated, this contemporary jazz quintet has all of the technique of the Real Group, with a compelling edge of intensity and emotion. Therefore, a traditional such as "Shenandoah," using brilliant dynamics, phrasing and an admirable combination of tension and release, is transcendent, whereas classic pop - Carol King's "It's Too Late" - is given a heartbreaking harmonic complexity and richness. The arpeggiated chord accompaniment in the verse, so simple, yet effective, shows why a talented arranger can elevate the ordinary to greatness. When Vox One swings into the standard, "Autumn Leaves," they prove that they do no less than weave straw into gold.

Listen to Shenandoah in RealAudio.

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