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Various Arrangers: World Folk Songs for Women's Voices

Song NameArrangerVoicing
Danny BoyPhillip LawsonSSAPreview
Geordie (How the Lady Saved her Man)Stephen HatfieldSSAAPreview
Whitest Stockings, Whitest Roses (Aunu, Aunu Balti Kajas)Imant RaminshSSAA
KumbayaKirby ShawSSAAPreview
Three Flower SongsMrs. H.H.A. Beach SSAA
Gabi, GabiWilliam C. PowellSSAAPreview

Beautiful lyric lines and warm harmonies are the centerpiece of this stunning a cappella setting of the beloved Irish folk melody "Danny Boy" and this work is sure to leave your listeners spellbound! A colorful and lively Scottish ballad "Geordie" and tells the tale of Lady Ann, gone to Edinburgh to save her man Geordie from wrongful execution. Each of the four vocal parts has its chance to sing! The second selection "Whitest Stockings" is from a set of Five Latvian Folk Songs, this song tells of a young woman picking the whitest of garden roses for a wreath. Its rhythmic 2/4 is playful, with off-the-beat accents strewn in and the melody line weaving through the four-part women's arrangement. Featured in the 2001 National ACDA concert, this makes a fine festival or competition selection. Moderately difficult. The a cappella classic "Kumbaya" starts with a vocal rhythm pattern behind a solo, gradually building in intensity into a duet, a trio and finally a triumphant SSAA 4th verse. All the parts have interesting vocal lines, the drama is constant and the lyrics are inspiring - a unique and powerful arrangement! "Scarborough Fair" is one of the most famous of British folk songs and with good reason which this arrangements showcases and the "Three Flower Songs" are American classics and these arrangements are published by the Library of Congress.

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