Women's Chorus of Dallas: Our Turn (00 1 CD)

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Women's Chorus of Dallas: Our Turn

Song Name   Composer
Echo Song
Sound the Trumpet!
Alleluia   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ave Maria   Johannes Brahms
Come In
Ching-A-Ring Chaw   Aaron Copland
Nigra Sum
A Birthday
For The Beauty of the Earth   John Rutter
Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti   Gioacchino Rossini
Women's Medley
God Loves a Woman   Walter Hawkins
I'm Goin' Up A Yonder
Les Miserables
Wind Beneath My Wings
The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Directed by Timothy Seelig

The 90 singers of the WCD, ably directed since 1994 by Dr. Selig, present a subscription concert series in addition to touring nationally. "Our Turn" is a sampling from their 5th Anniversary concert in June of 1994 called "We're Five!" There are 16 songs, with some light accompaniment by piano and other instruments. "Echo Song," "Sound the Trumpet," Mozart's "Alleluia," Brahms' "Ave Maria" Arron Copland's joyous "Ching-A-Ring Chaw," John Rutter's "For the Beauty of the Earth," Rossini's "Duetto Buffo di due Gatti," "Women's Medley," featuring the title tune, Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" and David Shire's "I Want It All;" Suzanne Buhrer's hilarious "God Loves A Woman," Walter Hawkins' spiritual "I'm Goin' Up A Yonder," "Les Miserables" and Henley and Silbar's "Wind Beneath My Wings" are favorites. "Our Turn" is a strong collection of sweet sounds from the Lone Star State! Some light accompaniment.

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