Minnesota Boychoir: Until We Meet Again (00 1 CD)

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Minnesota Boychoir: Until We Meet Again

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Thuma Mina
Niska Banja   Nick Page
Bashana Haba-A   Nurit Hirsh   V. Pasternak / Henry Leck
from Three Hungarian Folk Songs:   Matyas Seiber
The Handsome Butcher   Matyas Seiber
The Old Woman   Matyas Seiber
Freedom is Coming   Matyas Seiber
The Lion Sleeps Tonight   Roger Emerson
Non Nobis, Domine   William Byrd   Jean Ashworth Bartle
Da Pacem Domine   Melchoir Franck   Mary Goetze
And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time   C. Hubert / H. Parry
Sound the Trumpet   Henry Purcell   James Erb
Al HaNissim   D. Frimer   J. Jacobson / H. Netsky
Beautiful Savior   Frederick Wick
Haleluya!Pelo Tsa Rona
I Hear America Singing   Andre Thomas
Who Can Sail   Carl-Bertil Agnestig
O Sifuni Mungu   David Maddux
Blessing   Katie Moran Bart

Directed by Mark S. Johnson

Until We Meet Again, by the Minnesota Boychoir, contains folk songs from around the world, including many from South Africa. Also included are several hymns such as "And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time" and Beautiful Savoir. This highly regarded group is led by Mark Johnson.

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