Finzi Singers: Howells Choral Music (00 1 CD)

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Finzi Singers: Howells Choral Music

Song Name   Composer
Behold, O God our Defender
Here is the Little Door
Sing Lullaby   Herbert Howells
A Spotless Rose   Herbert Howells
Te Deum
The Scribe
Thee will I Love
Blessed are the Dead
Even Such is Time
Heac Dies
God is Gone Up

Directed by Paul Spicer

This is another exemplary addition to the Finzi Singers' ever-expanding discography. The earliest offerings here include "Even Such Is Time," an unpublished effort from 1913, and spans all the way to 1970, with "and Thee I Will Love," a heartfelt setting from 1970 with words by Robert Bridges, "commemorating the massacre of the monks of the Abbey of Medehamstede - now Peterborough Cathedral - in AD 870". As we have now come to expect from this partnership on record, these are splendidly fervent, finely disciplined performances (one readily forgives the occasional raw sonority from the sopranos). Excellent Chandos engineering, too. A hearty recommendation.

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