Choral Cross-Ties: Lauridsen - The Complete Choral Cycles (00 1 CD)

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Choral Cross-Ties: Lauridsen - The Complete Choral Cycles

Song Name   Composer
Lament for Pasiphae   Morten Lauridsen
Like Snow   Morten Lauridsen
She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep   Morten Lauridsen
Mid-Winter Waking   Morten Lauridsen
Intercession in Late October   Morten Lauridsen
Ov'e, Lass', Il Bel Viso   Morten Lauridsen
Quando Son Piu Lontan   Morten Lauridsen
Amor, Io Sento L'alma   Morten Lauridsen
Io Piango   Morten Lauridsen
Luci Serene E Chiare   Morten Lauridsen
Se Per Havervi, Oime   Morten Lauridsen
En Une Seule Fleur   Morten Lauridsen
Contre Qui, Rose   Morten Lauridsen
De Ton Reve Trop Plein   Morten Lauridsen
La Rose Complete   Morten Lauridsen
Dirait-On   Morten Lauridsen

Directed by Bruce Browne

Choral Cross-Ties, a mixed 24-singer chorus directed by Bruce Browne who founded the group in 1985, bring us 3 choral cycles by composer Morten Lauridsen, "Mid-Winter Songs," on poems by Robert Graves; "Madrigali: Six Fire-Songs," on Italian Renaissance poems; and "Les Chansons Des Roses," on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke. Reading the beautiful poetry which inspired Lauridsen in the extensive liner notes, the Graves in English, the Madrigali in Italian and the Chansons in French (all with translations), adds to our appreciation and feeling for the music. Lightly accompanied on piano, "The Complete Choral Cycles" is an extensive, demanding work made to look easy by a wonderfully versatile chorus.

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