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John M. Feierabend: The Book of Canons

A Boat
Aram Sam Sam
Ah, Poor Bird
All Praise To Thee
Himmel Und Erde Sie Musen Vergehn
Ave Maria
Benji Met A Bear
Path in the Garden
Derry Ding Dong
Donna Nobis Pacem
Early as I Was Walking
Autumn Winds
Daily Prayer
Friends Forget
Frere Jaques
Glory To God
Gone To Bed
Hashi Venu
Have You Seen The Ghost of John
Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
I Love the Mountains
and many more!

Directed by John M. Feierabend

Singing in canon is one of the oldest and easiest ways of singing in parts. Canons have survived both in the oral tradition as folk songs as well as in historical compositions. Canons are sung with one part beginning and other parts singing the same melody but starting at some point after the first part. Usually all parts will end or cadence at the same time creating a satisfying final chord. When brackets appear above certain notes in a canon they indicate where each part should cadence. Some canons work better sung as rounds where each part begins after the other but each part ends one at a time. This is a collection of songs which have been enjoyed by families as well as court musicians and their patrons and are special favorites of my family and friends. It is my hope that other families and friends will rediscover the pleasures of singing canons, in the car, as a grace before dinner, or anytime they gather. Canons bring harmony into peoples lives.

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