Santa Fe Desert Chorale: Harmony of the Heavens (00 1 CD)

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Santa Fe Desert Chorale: Harmony of the Heavens

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Kyrie   Tomas Luis de Victoria
Ave Maria   Giovanni Palestrina
Elegit eum Dominus   Gaspar Fernandes
Ich lasse dich nicht   Johann Christoph Bach
Richte mich, Gott   Felix Mendelssohn
A Hymn to God the Father - from Five Motets for Unaccompanied Choir, Op. 37   Edmund Rubbra
Lord, When the Sense of Thy Sweet Grace   Kenneth Leighton
Salvator Mundi   Herbert Howells
Requiem Aeternam from Requiem
Angel Vopiyashe   Mily Balakirev
S nami Bog   Alexander Kastalsky
Voskres iz Groba   Sergey Rachmaninov
Vzbrannoy voyevode from Vespers, Op. 37
The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee   Robert Edward Smith
Alleluia   Randall Thompson
La Lluvia   Stephen Hatfield
Be Music, Night   Bradley Ellingboe
Come Away to the Skies - Three American Hymns    Traditional    Alice Parker
The Hebrew Children - Three American Hymns    Traditional    Alice Parker
Wondrous Love - Three American Hymns    Traditional    Alice Parker/ Shaw
I Can Tell The World   Moses Hogan

Directed by Linda Mack

21 works from the summer festival that span a wide range of choral styles - from the early Renaissance to the Russian masters to Be Music, Night, the beautiful new work by New Mexico composer Bradley Ellingboe. Also includes the seldom-heard arrangement of Randall Thompson's Alleluia for women only.

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