Sound Of The Rockies: Joy In My Soul (00 1 CD)

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Sound Of The Rockies: Joy In My Soul

Song Name   Arranger
When I Lift Up My Head   David Wright
I'm Gonna Sing Til The Spirits Moves In My Heart   Darin Drown
Deep River   Greg Lyne
Gospel Medley   Jay Giallombardo
Amazing Grace   Denny Malone
Beautiful Saviour   Joe Liles
Good Bye World, Good Bye   David Wright
I'll Fly Away   Don Gray
I'm Feeling Fine   Darin Drown
America The Beautiful   Sean Milligan
There's Gonna Be A Devil To Pay   Greg Volk
Great Day   David Harrington
Tribute To World Peace   Jay Giallombardo

Directed by Darin Drown

This five-time International Barbershop Top Ten chorus continues to warm hearts and bring smiles with this wonderful new recording. Your spirits will be lifted by these inspirational songs with arrangements by Greg Lyne, Joe Liles, David Wright, Jay Giallambardo and barbershop luminaries. The collective voices of this fine chorus will delight all aficionados of the genre. Highlights include "Deep River", "Amazing Grace". "Great Day" and "Beautiful Savior."

Listen to Good Bye World, Good Bye in RealAudio.

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