Various Arrangers: Wicked - Arrangements for Treble Voices (Sheet Music)

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Various Arrangers: Wicked - Arrangements for Treble Voices

Song Name   Composer   Arranger   Voicing   As Performed By
Popular   Stephen Schwartz   Mac Huff   SSA.   Wicked
I'm Not That Girl   Stephen Schwartz   Audrey Snyder   SSA   Wicked
For Good   Stephen Schwartz   Mac Huff   SSA   Wicked
Defying Gravity   Stephen Schwartz   Roger Emerson   SSA   Wicked
The Wizard and I   Stephen Schwartz   Ed Lojeski   SSA   Wicked
One Short Day   Stephen Schwartz   Roger Emerson   SSA   Wicked
What Is This Feeling?   Stephen Schwartz   Roger Emerson   SSA   Wicked

The Broadway hit Wicked continues to enchant audiences all across the country. In "The Wizard and I", Elphaba dreams of the life before her and her dreams for the future. The stirring ballad "For Good" reminds us of the positive influence we can have on others. ... I have been changed for good. "Defying Gravity" is a showstopper and will be an instant favorite with your choirs. Filled with hope and determination, the powerful lyrics speak to all ages. "What is this feeling?" Not love, but loathing, unadulterated loathing! Your SSA groups can show a little attitude with this fun and funny number from the Broadway smash hit Wicked. A fantastic change of pace! "I'm Not That Girl" is a delicate song of self discovery, this expressive ballad will be a wonderful selection for SSA groups. Piano accompaniement.

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