Sound Of The Rockies: Sound Of The Rockies (00 1 CD)

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Sound Of The Rockies: Sound Of The Rockies

Song Name   Arranger
Waiting for Robert E. Lee   David Wright
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?   David Wright
Great Day   David Harrington
Ave Maria   Franz Biebl
How To Build A Chorus   Val Hicks
There Goes My Heart / Broken-hearted Medley   Ed Waesche
The Pirate Song   Darin Drown
Bring Him Home   Darin Drown
Ya' Got Trouble   David Briner
America the Beautiful   Sean Milligan
Armed Forces Medley   Darin Drown
Star Spangled Banner   Jim Clancy

Directed by Darin Drown

Denver-based Chorus Sound of the Rockies, Mile High Chapter, directed by Darin Drown, has an intimacy in their sound, and their arrangers take the kinds of chances that we're only used to hearing in the best barbershop quartets. 12 great songs, "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee," "Brother Can You Spare a Dime," "Great Day," "Ave Maria, "How to Build a Chorus," "There Goes My Heart" medley, "The Pirate Song," "Bring Him Home," "Ya Got Trouble," "America the Beautiful," "Armed Forces Medley," and "Star Spangled Banner. Truly exquisite!

Listen to The Pirate Song in RealAudio.

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