Hartsmen: Love at First Sound (00 1 CD)

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Hartsmen: Love at First Sound

Song Name   Arranger
Shenandoah   Rudy Hart
Macshla   Rudy Hart
Happy Heart   Rudy Hart
Here's That Rainy Day   Rudy Hart
For The Good Times   Rudy Hart
Tomorrow Is My Friend   Rudy Hart
If   Rudy Hart
Lost In The Stars   Rudy Hart
She Touched Me   Rudy Hart
Early In The Morning   Rudy Hart
A Million Miles Away Behind The Door   Rudy Hart
The Song Is Ended But The Melody Lingers On    Rudy Hart

The first song on this recording, "Shenandoah," will tell you that this is a uniquely talented male chorus with some incredible soloists. The Hartsmen, based in Michigan City, Indiana, have given us a real feel-good tape, with soaring leads, rich flowing harmonies, and arrangements that turn a pop song such as "Happy Heart" into something akin to a symphony. Other favorites: "For The Good Times," "She Touched Me," and "Early In The Morning." Give it a listen, you'll probably find that it's Love at..well, First Sound!

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